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  1. Looking good. I'll be looking it over tomorrow to see how MyTerm handles things. Beery
  2. Going to throw this out there if someone has an interest. Does someone have interest in writing a Save/Restore function for MDM5 that does a sector read (or file I/O) of a MFM drive, and a Record Save/Read function out to the TIPI that would allow backing up and restoring a MFM drive? Much of the underlying code is already written except some changes would be need for the TIPI side of things. I personally never liked saving backups to floppies as one bad floppy screwed everything up so I copied from one drive to a second drive. Myself, I do not have that requirement so it is not a pressing issue for me as I have a DREM. Beery
  3. Thanks for pulling the information. I'm pretty sure it is John Birdwell's backups I likely received from either you or Mike Maksimik. I have two versions of the Backup and Restore functions, a "C" and a "D" version. One of the "C" files has a missing label for the source file CB-BACKUP at line 540 (Label is ABRT which I am fairly sure is a 15 character string). Not sure if the two versions originated from John, or if the D version originated elsewhere (you, me, etc.). I also have a few files in the main program that have duplicates with a "1" added to the filename. Not sure if that was my handiwork, or if that was the way they originally came. Now, I understand why I never could get 1.50 to work on my system from the distribution archive. I'll stick with keeping 1.29 as 1.29, but I am going to update the version number. The final source package I put together will require GenASM/GenLINK. Not so much of a need for GenASM, but GenLINK allows the various pieces to be saved in appropriate image files the system requires.
  4. If you have the capability, can you telnet in with a Windows Telnet client and report back the results? Curious if you have Dbase II or WordStar installed whether they will display correctly, etc. If they don't, then unlikely the F18A or a 9938 will display anything other than the basic level of scrolling text. Beery
  5. I wonder what the screen looks like with a 9938 screen???? Are you using Matt's Telnet client? If so, my MDOS Telnet client (MyTerm) will likely be sufficient if everything is contained within 80 columns. I know there is some PI apps that use more than 80 columns that won't work. Beery
  6. Looks like I need to revisit my 1.50 notes. Sounds like I probably moved page >BA into the mapper for the Geneve. The source code I am dealing with is 1.29, the only source I ever had. The source has been available for probably 20+ years. I agree, MDM5 is better than CFORM as I had problems with it at times formatting the DREM when it was testing the formatted image. Where can I find details on the EB Suite cartridges? This is the first I have heard of it. That's got me wondering that if perhaps MDM5 may be able to be added as a FinalGrom99 cartridge...…………….
  7. I've been going through the Myarc MDM5 source code laying out the pieces to properly assemble the program. Is there anyone still using MDM5 these days? I've got one module left to test the assembly process, then I will upload the source code with the necessary control files for assembling and linking a package. Does anyone have any notes on what may have been changed/fixed across the released versions? Are there any other programs that run on the TI-99/4A that allows a user to format a MFM disk drive to be used with the HFDC? I know with the Geneve, there is CFORM. Beery
  8. Rather than writing DIS/VAR 80 files, or some other record format, you could setup your PAB to save a block of memory say something like 4K or 8K as a Program Image file. Your filename could be the construed as the "Project name" & "Bank Order#", so something like SUPER001 to SUPER255. That way, one PAB call after copying the data to VDP, and you save a whole block at one time. Then, when you go to load the project, you are loading the Filename "SUPER" which could be the "control" block that lets your program know how many blocks you have and any other pertinent details you may want to have to load. Beery
  9. With the DREM, each image whether it be a hard drive image (supports 2 for our systems) or floppy image (supports 2 as well) has a CFG and a DSK file. The CFG file gives information about the image including the controller type it is interfaced to, and all of the disk geometry. The DSK file is basically a sector by sector dump of the image. I've got an image setup for 64 MB which is 8 heads, 1024 cylinders, 32 sectors/track, 256 bytes/sector. I have had issues stepping up to 2048 cylinders, but that I believe is on the formatting side of things, not with the DREM itself. At the time, I do not believe there was anything on the market with 2048 cylinders to allow us to step to 128 MB even though MDM5 allows you to enter a higher cylinder count. There was another way to step up to 128 MB, and that was to go to 16 heads, but that requires a hardware modification to the HFDC that Barry Boone had published in Micropendium. At this point, I really do not need anything above 64 MB anyways. I do recall back in the 80's, there were a couple of users that indicated they had 80 MB drives. Not sure if they ever filled the drive that full to use most of the space or not. Myarc did claim the HFDC could do either 120 or 128 MB, but do not know if they had an actual drive and proved it, or just assumed it. Beery
  10. The Tape interface never had software/etc. that was developed to work with it, if it even worked at all. Some of the later HFDC's had some of the chips for the tape interface removed as well. With the DREM, you just power down your system, pull the SD card, insert it into the PC, and copy your files. Takes about 20 seconds to backup 2 x 64 MB images. Beery
  11. That is beyond me to answer. I know in past years they have streamed the event, but I do not know what tool(s) they use. Myself, I always enjoy the camaraderie meeting everyone and getting away from home for a couple of days and look forward to the trip. It also gives me the opportunity to pick up a few items that others are selling. Beery
  12. I'm asking the above poll to get a feel how many die-hard TI'ers are still going to show up this year as there were some postings in the last 2 weeks where a couple of people indicated the health risk was too high for them personally. Between "quarantines", individuals with personal health issues, and international travel restrictions, trying to gauge whether to personally commit to a demonstration myself. Beery
  13. Trying to gauge individual interest in the Chicago 2020 fair this year with the pandemic issues we are all experiencing. If you are going, please post a note where you may be staying as Allen indicated he would not be organizing a Friday evening gathering. If you were planning on demonstrating something, please post what the subject content may be. Thanks.
  14. It's great there is something else out there. I just hope there is someone out there that make it fully compatible with the TI-99 as it took Oleksandr a lot of time and back and forth testing to get the DREM fully functional. I seriously doubt it will be just a few tweaks as the HDC9234 chip did have enough differences from the WDS emulation it will take some effort on someone's part. At least with the DREM, it is fully functional on hard drive capability. I'm running 2 x 64 MB images with my setup. Beery
  15. Another simple way to paste code, etc. If the source code is on the TIPI already, use TIDIR on your PC to open up the source code file and do a copy/paste to Atariage of the segment in question. The nice thing about pasting code, versus photos, is that others can paste the segments into either their code or test your code out trying to help you through an issue. Beery
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