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  1. Tim, What would a fully expanded system Ramdisk look like on a Geneve? Will it require a MDOS update? Beery
  2. Is there a place to download the version that works on a Raspberry PI 4? Beery
  3. Well, I was able to upgrade finally. I forgot to mention in the above post that I had told the TIPICFG program to Reboot which also ended up with the spinner spinning. I logged into the localhost and told it to do a "sudo reboot now" and gave the login credentials. I exited the Telnet program giving it enough time to reboot. I then went back into TIPICFG and then told it to Upgrade and it worked. Right now, not sure what happened. Just reporting so you know. Beery
  4. For the Rave Speech, it needs page >BC decoding to work. If the Rave Speech card is not modified and you are using it with a Memex system, you need to pull the Rave Speech card and not use it. Otherwise, any code/program/data ever loaded onto that page is subject to being modified. This could be something as simple as a one byte change to a program to a program, etc. during a file copy process. There is a chance the later versions of MDOS may have mapped out page >BC so this may not be an issue. As I think about it, I think Tim did commit that change. If you run the MEMTEST program from a fresh Boot with no Ramdisk installed, you should not see a page >BC mapped as an eligible memory page. Beery
  5. Matt, I've got a TIPI at PI-Version 1.49 on my Geneve. I typed the following program in from Extended Basic and ran it. Program executed, and got my prompt. 10 OPEN #1:"PI.CONFIG",DISPLAY,VARIABLE 80,OUTPUT 20 TZ$="AMERICA/LOUISVILLE" 30 PRINT #1:"TZ="&TZ$ 40 CLOSE #1 I then went into TIPICFG and went to upgrade. The spinner keeps spinning and never stops. Thinking something was an issue with the time, I went into telnet localhost/23 and typed the following: sudo timedatectl set-timezone America/New_York Command executed. A program I wrote is still reading time properly. Went back into TIPICFG to try and Upgrade. Spinner keeps spinning and unable to upgrade to 1.50. Scratching my head, I realized I probably should have mixed case in my TZ$ string above as "America/Louisville". I made the change, and reran the program. In this case. the program hangs and does not return to the prompt. Repeated the attempt to Upgrade from TIPICFG, and not able to upgrade. The spinner keeps spinning. I ge the Starting to Upgrade, and then the Upgrade Running, and things never stop spinning and the Version does not change. The TIPI is still useable, just not updating. I know my program differed from your example as you had an Input statement. Could the lack of the use of the <ENTER> key be the issue if the above program created a problem? Or is there something else potentially amiss? Beery
  6. At this point I know two of the TIPI's I have updated, the time zone changed on them. The third is sitting in a PEBox and needs to be upgraded, but haven't done it yet. It's possible some other event could have caused it, but if there was another trigger, the only thing those two TIPI's have seen is a Re(B)oot from the TIPICFG menu. I assume the timedatectl should be "permanent" across reboots...………. Beery
  7. I've noticed on at least two upgrades, the time on the TIPI is being changed to another timezone. It is not keeping my Eastern Timezone for New_York that I set with the timedatectl.
  8. I sent him a note and he indicated he never saw the message. His direct email that he sent me is: [email protected]
  9. I'm using Windows 10 with Edge. Also tried with Internet Explorer. Neither played the video file. Outside chance my home system may play it as I use it for a lot of video editing and it may have other codecs installed. Beery
  10. My browser says this type of video file isn't supported.
  11. The complete system is on display at Clarksville Peddler’s Mall in Clarksville Indiana. The guy sent me these photos for anyone interested.
  12. I want 2 x 8M units, but that is on the 'finished' board that doesn't require any wires. I can prepay if you are setup, etc. Beery
  13. The version I have does not work with any peripherals. That is Eric's next release I am working on. I have not heard whether he has the interface board built for that portion of the interface working/built yet. Beery
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