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  1. I'm booked for a room as of right now for Friday and Saturday night. Beery
  2. Yes and no. Last year, I dumped all the messages and them "processed" them so the individual message archives were still readable and searchable in a message forum on my BBS. I did this for the Geneve group as well. My BBS is telnet accessible at 9640news.ddns.net:9640 or you can go in through the web interface at http://9640news.ddns.net:8080 Beery
  3. Neurosurgeon - she had surgery on her skull to install a shunt to assist in the removal of fluid off the brain into her abdomen. Not removing one's foot from the other party's backside <grin>. Beery
  4. OK, thanks for the info. Gotta run things by the wife tonight to decide on whether to make reservations tomorrow. She had surgery about 10 days ago and we are due for a follow-up visit with the neurosurgeon this coming Monday. Things are looking good, I just do not know if she will be able to be on her own for that length of time or not. Beery
  5. Just want to confirm, if we book and then are unable to show up, if we cancel 24 or 48 hours before, we are not charged??? Got several things going on here on my end and not sure if I can make it this year. Beery
  6. Matt, It's been awhile since the subject has been brought up. What's the status of a Geneve version of the software for ftp, disk file management, etc? Beery
  7. The assembly language source code for Advanced Basic for the Geneve 9640 as well as the source code for any routines Advanced Basic may call is out there free to use. So, if someone really wants an assembly language interpreter for basic, what is really involved is modifying the code to the confines of either existing hardware for memory management or developing new hardware for the TI-99/4A to use this new interpreter. As it is, someone is already looking at a Geneve 2 to fit inside a TI-99/4A console so if that comes about, you would not even need to do anything if one went that hardware upgrade route. Otherwise, one's options are to tweak the code to be able to be run in a FinalGrom and/or another memory device. Of course, Myarc Extended Basic already exists and it is written in assembly language. Has anyone run those test programs on a Myarc 512K / Myarc Extended Basic II setup? Just curious what kind of speed one may achieve for comparison's sake. I do not know if Myarc Extended Basic II uses any GPL code from the original TI-99/4A groms. Myself, I would never wish upon anyone to write or rewrite something as complicated as Extended Basic into a new language. I think the value should be placed in using existing platforms to develop new software. My 2 cents. Beery
  8. Tim, Is heatwave running under Abasic now? Or was that just a test?
  9. To my knowledge, nobody at this moment outside of perhaps Lou Phillips, that may have the source code for Myarc Extended Basic II. Myarc Extended Basic was written in assembly. If it uses any GPL, and I use the word "if", it would have to be in the TI-99/4A groms as the cartridge was 8K ram only at >6000 to >7FFF that was populated with a module header and enough code to load the the Myarc XB program image files from a storage device. That module header and code was "copied" into the 8K cartridge ram space by the power-up routine of the Myarc 128/256/512K card containing an XBII flavored DSR eprom. Beery
  10. After reading things over in the PDF, what is the maximum capacity a Geneve can use? Can it use the full 8 MB's?
  11. I don't know how, but I can tell you a few things here. One switch on the GenMod switches memory pages >00 to >3F from the Geneve to use of the memory on the Memex. I think this was called TIMODE ON/OFF. This is only available if you a GenMod system. To do this, requires having a GenMod Eprom, otherwise the memory scan fails at page >3A and would also fail at page >3C if the memory scan proceeded if it had a Rave Speech card, or the old A/D card in the PEBox. Not sure if there were other cards that mapped into those page boundaries. If TIMODE was OFF, then one could not go into GPL mode because the gate array required page mapping to be on the Geneve rather than using the same memory pages on the Memex. Unmodified cards, which I think were frequently the older Horizon ramdisks, and some Myarc and CorComp cards also required modification as they would also answer on pages >3A, >7A, and >BA. By default, DSR access maps in page >BA which is generally not present in an unexpanded system. Pages >F0 to >FF are already unuseable on the Memex as the Eprom occupies two of those pages. The AMD/AME necessary decoding is shown on directions for use cards not fully decoded for use with the Memex/GenMod. I'm pretty sure they are on whtech, if not, I can scan them again. There is also a switch on the Memex to allow you to use those cards without modifying them, but it blocks out all pages with a >xA above page >40 so you lose a good chunk of memory. I know memory testing pages >4A, >5A, .... >EA shows no ram. I don't know if it turns off power to a bank of chips, or blocks the signal somewhere. As I recall, if you had added the extra 32K ram to a stock Geneve, the addition of the GenMod required the extra 32K to be removed.
  12. So, if I can save about 0.5 watts of power/hour, with the TI-99/4A on for 2 hours a day, 7 days a week, the MK-2 unit will pay for itself in.......247 years with power at $0.20 KW. Beery
  13. The CRU >1EE0 sounds familiar. Is it possibly used in some XMODEM routines as a timer waiting for a timeout during byte transfers? If not there, maybe I have seen it in the Eprom source code though it may be just to set a state and not actually used anywhere. I was looking at Tim's PORT source code last night and it seems like I came across that CRU in something when trying to debug the Xmodem upload capability with the TIPI. I've got downloading working, just struggling with the uploading with a timeout issue I haven't identified yet. Beery
  14. I would be happy if the F18A could support all 9938 or potentially 9958 capabilities. Beery
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