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  1. Thanks for the update. Yah, I would suggest a jumper, physical switch etc for hard selecting between 2600 mode and enhanced mode. I have to assume there's way to much legacy code that relies on those upper address lines being ignored, in their execution.
  2. Ironically, I wrote some code a few months ago that can only access the fire button every 4th field, so this latching option is actually useful.
  3. What specifically happens when you try to read a color register for example? I know the values aren't returned, but does it reliably return $00 or $FF, or is it an unstable value? Im wondering if something like DEC COLUP0 would work to set it to $00 for example when your A,X,Y registers aren't available? Thanks.
  4. Is it safe to assume by the lack of replies, that this is a rarely used feature?
  5. But generally it works out so that you get full eight bit resolution using scanlines within one field? That's useful.
  6. Can anyone describe typical number of scanlines a fully turned paddle requires? Ie. Is full range of motion 20 lines, 100 lines etc? Thanks.
  7. I notice the fire buttons leading to the tia can be configured to be latching. My question is, is this used much in practise? I assume most games would sample the joystick once per field. Is 16.6ms too long for quick action play? Thanks, Rob.
  8. I defer to his posts for lots of useful information, that's why I wanted to make sure. Thanks.
  9. Right, it makes sense, but what about the original post by Andrew Davie: $0000 - $007F TIA registers $0080 - $00FF RAM $0200 - $02FF RIOT registers $1000 - $1FFF ROM How can $0200 be both RIOT and TIA ? Should the $0200 be $0280 ? Reason I necro-bumped was speccing a new circuit, and wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong from the get-go. Thanks.
  10. Hate to revive such an old thread, but I was using this and a reference, but something seems wrong: $0200-022F [shadow] TIA Isn't this 0x0200 - 0x02FF RIOT registers ?
  11. Cool project. Still following. Any updates?
  12. For fun, prices 7 years later:
  13. Old thread, but I have a heavy sixer with 449 on it. (late 1979 it would appear).
  14. I'm actually using the IDT7130LA and a pic for another atari 2600 related project, work in progress. The thing about the IDT7130LA to remember is that you cannot write to an address while that specific address is being read. (The write will be rejected, and a 'busy' pin asserted). If you can organize your access to that chip with that in mind, it works well.
  15. Ah, that makes sense. Was really puzzled. I just ordered a sega extension cord from aliexpress to use the connector. 30 to 60 day delivery time, but only $2.46 !
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