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  1. Great implementation. Found clearing a match kind of slow. Consider adding audio during that time and making it disappear quicker. Maybe for final win screen, another audio treat. Cheers.
  2. Hey that's a great game, but would you consider changing the controls so each note is directly a single Left/Right/Top tap? The way it is now, you don't really get into the groove, as you have a random number of left/right shifts before tapping the actual 'beat' (fire button) each time. So it kills any rhythm you're enjoying. -- EDIT. Sorry I misunderstood the controls. I see the joystick doesn't position as described, but points momentarily. That's great. Would still be interesting to try without the needing the fire button though.
  3. Nice job. Simple intuitive interface and challenging!
  4. Not entirely sure. Seems to be broken down by author. But the home console section does include descriptions of atari xe, lynx, and jaguar.
  5. Bday got a little nicer with this gift yesterday:
  6. The video in the original posting in on that site, in full color, if anyone's interested. Had to search Advertisements, in the US, by Atari US
  7. rbairos

    Movie Cart

    I've logged these notes as an enhancement request issue on the git. Cheers.
  8. rbairos

    Movie Cart

    I'll definately keep it in mind but to start I'm going to focus on any possible graphics changes. That's interesting about combining audio. Also should mention I just changed the mvc format as it still had an old color swapping section that is no longer needed with @Thomas Jentzsch changes. I didn't change any internal version number as its still pretty early in its release hopefully.
  9. rbairos

    Movie Cart

    Yah the original project was five complete in box movie titles from the 70s, imagining Atari had gone into the home movie business. Each two hour movie is about 2GB
  10. rbairos

    Movie Cart

    Im aiming to put out a quick how-to video to create more soon
  11. rbairos

    Movie Cart

    If anyone's interested, I've added some more sample moviecart files you can try it out with: https://github.com/lodefmode/moviecart/tree/main/output/colorizer
  12. rbairos

    Movie Cart

    Okay, I finally got this kernel implemented. Took me a while, as it forced me to clean up some surrounding parts, and fix a missed audio sample. This is really amazing as you've freed up plenty of cycles that I can now use to explore changing background color per line to enhance the encoding. Thank you very much!! Rob.
  13. rbairos

    Movie Cart

    That's good info. Im reading 5 blocks of 512 bytes each field. So 2.5K * 60 = 150 K second. I think I recall it having trouble reading much more. I remember having to lower the SPI speed to something like 4MHZ. 8MHZ was giving it trouble. I bet different SD cards might have better performance though. The one issue with regular file system is that I would have to keep going back to some pre-defined area to find out where the next blocks were, meaning more block reads. Maybe doable. Though it would really simplify things alot in that you could just dump the file onto the SD card, instead of needing a little utility to encode it in. Maybe for version 2.0
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