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  1. also there are a few FB groups that try to arrange trades and/or trade/want lists. Rick
  2. PRGE don't mind Attendees trading as long as you keep it to like bringing in a small bag full of stuff, as for vendors, many will if you have something they want and you're looking for a fair trade. we don't have any official "meet up" places to do trades! but you can work that out with a vendor you might want to do a trade with.. most vendors are willing to do it at their booth.. good luck! and enjoy our show! Rick
  3. can't wait! need to start saving my pennies! you do accept pennies right? LOL Rick
  4. Rick Weis

    Rick Weis

  5. not my item, but a store I go to a lot in Oregon. https://www.ebay.com/itm/132626735324? Thanks for looking, Rick
  6. up to 4K games. I used mine a lot waaaay back when, love stuff like this. Rick
  7. never been to this show but I hear it's a good show. wish it was going 30 years ago! it would have been a 10 min drive from where I grew up! Rick
  8. it's March 31, 2018 John must of cut and pasted that from a few years ago and forgot to check it. LOL Rick
  9. LED HEAD a small first release NWCGE did of it in 2006. Correct!
  10. Al, are you confirming on coming for next year already? Rick
  11. hehe.. I'll never tell! I wish you could go too! Rick
  12. I'm going to bribe 500 people, so be ready! LOL you don't need to be there for the whole 45 minutes, just show up at the start and sign all the ones that are there. when those are done you can go back to your booth. Rick
  13. Rick Weis

    Chunkout ROM?

    I think the fact that we sold 100 of these before AA got them, has a lot to do with that. Rick
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