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  1. Just ordered a new modern PSU & i won't use it again until it's arrived. I have also ordered an SDrive Max for some gaming fun!!
  2. Thanks for the advice 👍 iv'e ordered a new PSU from Ebay just to be on the safe side.
  3. So here's the pics of the clean up i performed yesterday. first picture is how it arrived condition wise then i tore it down.
  4. It's been delivered & i'm pleased to say it works!! I have totally stripped it down, removed keys and Aluminium cartridge slot covers, blew it all out & washed the case. It looks like new now & i'm so looking forward to building this system up. I'll post some pictures of before & after clean up soon. Thanks for all your help everyone 😊
  5. I'v brought an 800XL from Ebay with cassette deck, power supply, Manuals, 2 Joysticks for £130.00 plus 12.95 delivery. it's untested but the light comes on!! wish me luck 😄 but either way, i'm happy i'm now the proud owner of an Atari 800XL ☺️
  6. I'v been a member on here for years on and off & i'v always had a soft spot for the atari 800 but now i would like to buy one. I'v been on ebay and the prices are ridiculous for untested machines so, has anyone or does anyone know where i could buy a working 800XL for a reasonable price? i'm based in the midlands united kingdom.
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