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  1. Latest language pack is available here: http://qtz.toshiba-3.com/atari/laura/laura_konstruktor_language_pack.7z
  2. Here are additional levels names translations tables for cartridge owners: http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=764&page=12#Comment_100310 Polish / English -> English -> Polish -> French -> Italian (so far).
  3. Italian version of Laura has been released: http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=4582&page=1 Also updated language pack for level editor - Laura Konstruktor is available: http://atarionline.pl/forum/?PostBackAction=Download&AttachmentID=9847 (it's only on atarionline.pl this time)
  4. Czech and French versions arrived: http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=4560&page=1 http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=4561&page=1 Download: http://arsoft.netstrefa.pl/laura.htm#pliki I have also updated Language Pack for Laura Konstruktor: http://qtz.toshiba-3.com/atari/laura/laura_konstruktor_language_pack.7z Now it's possible to save own Laura levels in Polish (with fixed fonts), German, Russian, English, Czech, French, so create own game in all officially available languages (to be completed we need to translate own level names). Also unofficial English exec of Laura Konstruktor is bundled in this package (instead of two packs available previously). Look included readmes for details. ----- Philsan on atarionline.pl you have wrote: "Spanish and Italian translations for Laura are ready too." So if you or devwebcl have translated text or want to translate I can help to prepare text for game (as I done with Russian, English [other work], Czech and French versions) .
  5. @Devwebcl - I have downloaded your files from "Chomik". You have put wrong files. Level 1 is included only in test.xex (can be extracted), but Level 2 is missing completely. To save your levels open it in Laura Constructor (select level you want to save) and press "Save level as..." button then enter filename which must start from "LETAP.", so for example "LETAP.1.DEVWEBCL.GREGORIO DREAM", the same with second one. The competition is over, but I hope author will not disqualify your work if you send him proper files as soon as possible. Cheers. PS1: My packs are updated (Polish, English, German version are RC, when Russian require subtitle graphics). PS2: Laura has won the "Kaz Kompo" competition for the best game of year 2016!
  6. Hello, since everyone looking busy... Here is my unoffical English version of Laura Konstruktor translated with hex editor: http://qtz.toshiba-3.com/atari/laura/laura_konstruktor_en.7z Here is my unofficial, but using official translations - Laura wyprawy language pack, still in development - TEST VERSION: http://qtz.toshiba-3.com/atari/laura/laura_konstruktor_language_pack_test.7zfor testing purpose only. In this pack menus are not yet translated, also translators credits are missing (look included text file for details) This pack will be updated and expanded soon (I hope).
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