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  1. Does it work fine on an Atari Flashback X? I suspect it does.
  2. I figured out how to get it to work with Windows 10. You have to manually install the driver. Update the driver of the unknown device that shows up when you plug in the flashback in device manager. Then, get to the part where you select a driver. Then select the have disk button. Go to the driver directory of the driver install software and go into the x64 and then Win10 directory. Select the rockusb.inf file in there. Windows will complain about installing the driver. Say yes. Win10 had trouble matching this driver to the Flashback. You have to force it.
  3. Yeah. AT Games dropped the old instructions. They probably shouldn't have done that.
  4. The instructions have changed for this. Now AT Games is saying to put the firmware on the root of the usb drive, hook it up with the Y cable and start the system. Then, it will prompt to update the firmware.
  5. I it funny how it is such a pain to get an old Atari game working. Some of these games must have licensing issues.
  6. Unfortunately, I did not get a Deluxe one. Still, it seemed like allot of the extra games on the Deluxe are homebrew.
  7. I found one new on Mercari for $69. I am pretty annoyed there is no SD card slot. You have to open it up and do an elaborate process to update the firmware. I wonder if having an SD slot got them into legal trouble. It is getting pretty silly that they can't perfectly support paddles.
  8. At Games is never going to get this right. Might as well play the paddle games on the PS4 collections or with a mouse on the PC. What is annoying is that this is something that is not complex to do. I think they intentionally don't do things right so they can release more systems.
  9. I am having a hard time finding a decent priced Atari Flashback X Deluxe online. The lowest I can find is $89. These sort of vanished. I was thinking of getting one since the paddle controllers work.
  10. I have only found an Atari Flashback X Deluxe on Amazon and it is like $225. These seem to have sold out and vanished.
  11. I think I may have to rename the cue files as bin files and then running them. This is kind of awkward. Might as well run it in Retroarch on a computer.
  12. I can't get the Sega CD games to work. I have the bios, bin, and cue files. The system does run the bios fine, but I don't see a way to load the cue files.
  13. I put the bios files and the bin and cue files in the game directory on the SD card. I can run the bios files, but I don't see an option to select the cue files. If I select a bin in the SD card menu it does nothing. The cue files do not show up in the menu. How do you run a Sega CD game?
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