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  1. I'll be sure to post an update when it arrives next week. Thanks for the replies!
  2. Thanks for the feedback though. The 5200 is my final Atari frontier as far as consoles go, I have a solid collection of 2600, 7800, XE GS, Jaguar and Jag CD stuff but 5200 just doesn't show up here. Never in my years collecting classic games and systems and working in the lead Retro Game store in my country have I seen any 5200 stuff. It's starting to seem to me that nothing about this system is a walk in the park...
  3. The button, I can live with. It's the casing I'm nervous for. I have a thing for restoring my consoles to factory-new condition, it's one of my favorite persuits and a huge part of my job. Now I'm afraid I won't be able to add a nice-shape 5200 to my Atari display :'( Oh the humanity!
  4. The shipping was high, but it was always going to be. I live in a country far from anywhere I've seen with 5200's "readily" available. I'm getting the console so I can mess around and tinker with it, and see how well I can restore it. I agree the button looks awful, but I know a 3D printer guy. I didn't notice any signs of further damage to the casing, but I'm now concerned... I can live with a dodgy board but if I'm to display the console with the rest of my collection this is s potentially serious issue...
  5. I'm not sure if it's pal-1, I'l check tomorrow. It's tuned to a fairly new flatscreen as I'm in the process of replacing my CRT monitor. Could it be an issue with the RF on the consoles behalf? Either way, I'm planning to mod it so I can hook it up with composite.
  6. I was given a PAL 7800 recently. The unit came as-is, untested with neither the power supply or controller, but 2 games including DKJr (One of my favorites), so I was pretty chuffed. I searched online for some info on a quick fix, and ended up hardwiring a SEGA MegaDrive 2 PSU. The console powers on and plays games! However, after a minute or two of play, the screen will crackle and the picture will disappear, only to glith back to normal seconds later. It repeats this process every few minutes. This issue has reoccurred every time I've tested the system. Any pointers folks?
  7. I just bought a 4 Port version of the 5200 on eBay. The listing was for $40, included the console, 2 controllers (going to assume they don't work), and 9 Games: Pac Man, Boxed(not for resale),manual Kangaroo, manual Choplifter Galaxian, Defender, manual Centipede, manual RealSports Soccer Pole Position, manual Super Breakout, manual "Tested only console with Power and Adapter and got wavy lines, so no further testing done. Probably the Antennae box is bad as it looks wack, but still could be the console. Did not test controllers or games" I'm not too worried about faulty controllers or problems with the power/RF box as I'm hoping to work on these myself, or at least try. Did I score on this or should I have held off until a better offer?
  8. Why he moved here, I have no clue. Maybe he heard there was this awesome game store here and just had to relocate... A lot of creators in music and film spend significant amounts of time here hanging out. Perhaps the think they will draw insperation from the place...
  9. It definitely doesn't work, just made sure. I'm certain the issue is between the Jag and cd
  10. I actually used a very thin but strong dental-pick thing. I don't know what to call it, it was in my toolbox for years I imagine any VERY thin tool would work.
  11. So long as you're very careful (Never use brute Force) you don't have much to lose. Just try to gently jimmy it back into position, I've found they re-shape easily enough.
  12. Just a quick little Jaguar story from a couple weeks back... I was hosting a stall at PlayersExpo (a gaming convention of medium scale here in Ireland!) for the game shop I work in. We were basically there to exhibit our "console timeline" - 35ish consoles, VCS to Wii U- and to raise awareness for our shop in Dublin. John Romero, the man who brought us DOOM and Quake happened upon our stall and I was quick to leap at the chance to talk Jag (I always am). I let him know that Jag Doom is probably my favorite version, I ended up learning that the Jag version is the one he and his team had worked on specifically, and while he thought it was "cool" that I liked it, I'm not too sure he thought the Jag was as cool as I obviously do. He seemed less than excited to be in it's prescence anyway... Anyhoo he agreed to be in a photo with the Jag, the Jag CD and I, and I now have one more "Jag-Caper" to add to my practically non-existent bank of cool Jaguar-related stories... I wish I'd asked him more about his dealings with Atari at the time but I had to prevent a bunch of kids from potentially destroying the Virtual Boy Arrrgggh. Apparently he's a local so maybe we'll cross paths again soon... Let it be known that we sold exactly one Jaguar and copy of DOOM thanks to that plug from Mr. Romero. Thanks dude.
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