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  1. Hi Alek, I'll use your lib for my next project See you
  2. For the last point, without triggering the Early Clock, sprites disappear suddenly when reaching left border. With EC, sprite desappear pixel by pixel when reaching the left border (like it does when it reaches right, up, or down border). Maybe for a next project, I have to study sprite flikering Thx a lot
  3. Hi Kiwi I don't know if I do it right but I use sprite.y = 208 for unused sprites and it works See you Eric
  4. Don't worry, your solution is welcome ( and any other) by the way, in my WIP17 video, at 2:12 / 13 - a white square (16x16) appear at the top right of the screen. Is there a kind of sprite initialisation problem ? Maybe I am doing something wrong ... (it's possible ) See you and thanks a lot Eric
  5. Hi, Just a little message to annonce the WIP18 (no video) Less bugs, more fun ;) I'm working on WIP19 See you
  6. Hi Vétea As many people have said : great job, and great game See You Eric
  7. Hi As I don't know what english word I can use for "manoeuvres", I've used google translation. Maybe you have another word for it ? Thanks ps : what could be your translation for all the texts ? i have other texts which are not displayed because these are displayed in other parts of the game. Can I send them in pm for a correct translation ? thx
  8. Many thanks Ikrananka I'll do the corrections For US "writing", it's not my intent. I've wrote like this ... (maybe because I used to write like this in my scrolltexts when I've done some Amiga500 demos ) Stay tuned Eric
  9. Hi Here is the WIP17 (19.12.13) of "Where is it ?" on coleco Don't hesitate to write some comments and correct my English in 'Story mode' text intro See you https://youtu.be/d9T4YqJ_VtQ
  10. hi the colors are the same but the inside shapes are differents. In the picture above, you can see EASY level Here is the NORMAL MODE Level And now the HARD MODE Level I've myself some colors trouble (colorblind) and I can play normally cu
  11. Hi again Here are some screenshots of Wii ? To the classic 'arcade mode' I've added a story mode. Maybe my English is a bit rusty but the story is here Don't hesitate to write some comments, it'll encourage me Thanks Eric Story Mode (more text here) (more text here)
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