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  1. Great Serguei2 🙂 I'll try it soon
  2. Hi Kiwi and Youki, I'm working with characters and sprites see you ps : I've optimized the graphs and the levels. I've won about 3.5 Ko. The game part graphics are not yet compressed
  3. I've just ordered it too. Can't wait to transform some C code into real ASM hihihihihihi Thanks Tony and Côtégamers Eric
  4. Many thanks Youki and Kiwi Miner Jumpman you can see my last DoTheSame WIP05 video. The shapes are differents DTS - WIP05 - 2020.09.19 See you
  5. hi, Friends Here is a new update in video See you
  6. Thank you Youki. Great work you've done on Knight'n more and muncher mouse see you
  7. hi, Here is a new update in video See you DoTheSame - WIP04
  8. hi, here is the menu of the game see you Do The Same - The Menu
  9. Hi Friends I wanted to play a little on my vectrex but it didn't work normally When the vectrex is 'cold' I switch on the vectrex, everything seems to be good but few seconds later, it's like a characters desintegration on the screen. The 3d part seems to be good. Do you encouter this problem ? where could it come from ? thanks friends Eric here is a link to the video My Vectrex display problem
  10. Hi Update for the game 'Do The Same' Do the Same
  11. Hi, Here is my second attempt for colecovision. It's an adaptation from a game done on Atari Jaguar by Matmook Dts has all the Jag' stages Don't hesitate to write a feed back Thanks and stay safe, stay @ home Eric
  12. Great work Ikrananka I've bought it for msx few monthes ago (I have to play with when I'll finish Where Is It ?) Thanks
  13. Great Work Nicam, I've seen it during last RGC Congrat'
  14. Hi Kiwi I've red the compression's topic. I use the source you've included in the files in comp.zip 🙂 Thanks again
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