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  1. I've just ordered it too. Can't wait to transform some C code into real ASM hihihihihihi Thanks Tony and Côtégamers Eric
  2. Many thanks Youki and Kiwi Miner Jumpman you can see my last DoTheSame WIP05 video. The shapes are differents DTS - WIP05 - 2020.09.19 See you
  3. hi, Friends Here is a new update in video See you
  4. Thank you Youki. Great work you've done on Knight'n more and muncher mouse see you
  5. hi, Here is a new update in video See you DoTheSame - WIP04
  6. hi, here is the menu of the game see you Do The Same - The Menu
  7. Hi Friends I wanted to play a little on my vectrex but it didn't work normally When the vectrex is 'cold' I switch on the vectrex, everything seems to be good but few seconds later, it's like a characters desintegration on the screen. The 3d part seems to be good. Do you encouter this problem ? where could it come from ? thanks friends Eric here is a link to the video My Vectrex display problem
  8. Hi Update for the game 'Do The Same' Do the Same
  9. Hi, Here is my second attempt for colecovision. It's an adaptation from a game done on Atari Jaguar by Matmook Dts has all the Jag' stages Don't hesitate to write a feed back Thanks and stay safe, stay @ home Eric
  10. Great work Ikrananka I've bought it for msx few monthes ago (I have to play with when I'll finish Where Is It ?) Thanks
  11. Great Work Nicam, I've seen it during last RGC Congrat'
  12. Hi Kiwi I've red the compression's topic. I use the source you've included in the files in comp.zip 🙂 Thanks again
  13. Hi friends, I write this little message for an advice. I'm still working on my first game for colecovision and learn every day I open my computer to code on Wii?. From rle I had to move to pletter (I have some things to had but Wii? was about 31KB) (all my graphs are 'pletterized'. From about 31KB, I've got now about 27KB) What I've done : I've integrated pletter_dan.s in my sourcecode and I've replaced the following procedures load_patternrle(Wii_LOGO_PATTERNRLE); duplicate_pattern(); rle2vram(Wii_LOGO_COLORRLE,coltab); rle2vram(Wii_LOGO_COLORRLE,coltab+2048); rle2vram(Wii_LOGO_COLORRLE,coltab+4096); rle2vram(Wii_LOGO,chrtab); rle2vram(Wii_OEIL_SPATTERNRLE,sprtab); by Pletter_Menu(); duplicate_patten(); with static void Pletter_MENU(void) { __asm ld hl,#_Wii_LOGO_PATTERNRLE ld de,#0x0000 call _Pletter ld hl,#_Wii_LOGO_COLORRLE ld de,#0x2000 call _Pletter ld hl,#_Wii_LOGO_COLORRLE ld de,#0x2000+2048 call _Pletter ld hl,#_Wii_LOGO_COLORRLE ld de,#0x2000+4096 call _Pletter ld hl,#_Wii_LOGO ld de,#0x01800 call _Pletter ld hl,#_Wii_OEIL_SPATTERNRLE ld de,#0x3800 call _Pletter __endasm; } It works but is this ok for you or not ? I just want to make less mistakes :) I'm still learning and this forum is the best place to have some answers, solutions, help, ... Thanks in advance for your help Eric
  14. Hi Alek, I'll use your lib for my next project See you
  15. For the last point, without triggering the Early Clock, sprites disappear suddenly when reaching left border. With EC, sprite desappear pixel by pixel when reaching the left border (like it does when it reaches right, up, or down border). Maybe for a next project, I have to study sprite flikering Thx a lot
  16. Hi Kiwi I don't know if I do it right but I use sprite.y = 208 for unused sprites and it works See you Eric
  17. Don't worry, your solution is welcome ( and any other) by the way, in my WIP17 video, at 2:12 / 13 - a white square (16x16) appear at the top right of the screen. Is there a kind of sprite initialisation problem ? Maybe I am doing something wrong ... (it's possible ) See you and thanks a lot Eric
  18. Hi, Just a little message to annonce the WIP18 (no video) Less bugs, more fun ;) I'm working on WIP19 See you
  19. Hi Vétea As many people have said : great job, and great game See You Eric
  20. Hi As I don't know what english word I can use for "manoeuvres", I've used google translation. Maybe you have another word for it ? Thanks ps : what could be your translation for all the texts ? i have other texts which are not displayed because these are displayed in other parts of the game. Can I send them in pm for a correct translation ? thx
  21. Many thanks Ikrananka I'll do the corrections For US "writing", it's not my intent. I've wrote like this ... (maybe because I used to write like this in my scrolltexts when I've done some Amiga500 demos ) Stay tuned Eric
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