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  1. Hi As I don't know what english word I can use for "manoeuvres", I've used google translation. Maybe you have another word for it ? Thanks ps : what could be your translation for all the texts ? i have other texts which are not displayed because these are displayed in other parts of the game. Can I send them in pm for a correct translation ? thx
  2. Many thanks Ikrananka I'll do the corrections For US "writing", it's not my intent. I've wrote like this ... (maybe because I used to write like this in my scrolltexts when I've done some Amiga500 demos ) Stay tuned Eric
  3. Hi Here is the WIP17 (19.12.13) of "Where is it ?" on coleco Don't hesitate to write some comments and correct my English in 'Story mode' text intro See you https://youtu.be/d9T4YqJ_VtQ
  4. hi the colors are the same but the inside shapes are differents. In the picture above, you can see EASY level Here is the NORMAL MODE Level And now the HARD MODE Level I've myself some colors trouble (colorblind) and I can play normally cu
  5. Hi again Here are some screenshots of Wii ? To the classic 'arcade mode' I've added a story mode. Maybe my English is a bit rusty but the story is here Don't hesitate to write some comments, it'll encourage me Thanks Eric Story Mode (more text here) (more text here)
  6. Hi Coleco lovers The glitches you've seen on WIP15 are corrected and have added extras I'll prepare some pictures when I've few minutes. thanks Stay tuned Eric ps: I would like to present this version during a French Conventin (RGC) but my coleco lost his memory (RAM problem). I've to buy some 4116-3n memory and hope my coleco will start a new life
  7. Hi Here is a new update for Wii ? Some characteres appear where they don't have to be (2:43) ... or are missing (7:43) ??!? This "bug, glitch" is random... Do you know why and how to correct it ? Thanks a lot Eric The Video >> Wii ? - WIP15
  8. @Niad > a passcode will be good @Ikrananka > for sounds/music, I'm still waiting a while I've made a mistake on my video : I've forgotten to show you the normal and hard level. The square are differents. For example when you play the hardest level, there are no pacman nor other little 'bugs'. It's harder to find the 3x3matrix in the big one
  9. Hi, I'm working on my first game ever done for Colecovision. Thanks to Alek Maul and Amy for the help In this little video, you'll see the goal of the game : find a 3x3 square in a big one. If you find 10 "FindIt"s, you'll access to a challenge stage and then until you reach the 9th level. It's not finished but still in progress. If you have some comments, don't hesitate to write back To see the video, please, click on this link > Still WIP : Where Is It ? Thank you Eric M.
  10. Hi SainT, I'm really interested in this Jaguar SD Card. PM Sent Thx Eric
  11. Hi, Great piece of hardware. I would like one Dziękuję Eric (from France)
  12. Eric M

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Hi Richard, Please add me for a single VecMulti SD cart. (I'm repairing mine in few days/weeks) Thanks Eric
  13. Hi, Can you please add me to pre order one cased cartridge ? Thank you.
  14. Hi Here are some screenshots and a video. Thx Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCCLa_lgniA
  15. Hi Maybe I am in the wrong section... Modos, can you please move this topic in Atari/TT/Falcon Programming ? Thanks and sorry
  16. Hi The game is STEPFIVE. You can see it here > http://ericmcolleco.free.fr/index.php?zelien=programmationa1200 On falcon, there are some corrections and some improvements. I'm not on my coding computer so I can't put some screenshots but they are close to the amiga version. See you
  17. Hello Atari Fans I need some help. I'm coding (porting an amiga game only when I have a little spare time) to a basic Falcon030 and want to know what is the best way to play a 3 voices amiga mod format and use the other voices to play sample effects. Maybe you have some source examples I'm using a basic vblank loop Game : - action 1 - action 2 - ... - ... - wait vblank (using xbios) bra game Oh, I forgot, I code in ASM using devpac (Hatari for coding and real Falcon for testing ) Many thanks and Merry Christmas Eric
  18. precommande ou commande... J'en suis aussi For having seeing it in France during RGC 2017, It looks great, it is great Here is a link https://www.youtube.com/embed/AWZ_quaEWgM
  19. http://ericmcolleco....CVs/cv_revd.mp4 Hi I think I'm going to test motherboard's tracks? It'll take me a large amount of time (I'm reversing a game I would like to port, and I'm trying to finish my falcon030 game ) See you and thanks a lot
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