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  1. @thecrypticodor > I will try your advice @SignGuy81 > I have checked the voltage from the motherboard and it's ok I have cleaned the powerswitch and there is something on my snowy screen. You can see here : http://ericmcolleco.free.fr/CVs/cv_revd.mp4 On the video, from 0 to 9s, cv is off. From 10 to... cv is on See you and thank you
  2. Hi @ SignGuy81 > I have just tested the power supply and have : black - red > 12.02v black - blue > -4.95v black - white > 5.19v After this test, I've take off the powerswitch and I'm cleaning it @nanochess > Unfortunately, I don't have frogger... Is it the one and only one game booting with music ?? Tanks again and stay tuned Eric
  3. Hi Some days ago, friends of mine gave me 2 CVs, one RevD version and the other... I've forgotten (I'm too old maybe ) Unfortunaltely, the CVs don't work. Oh yes, they are French PAL/SECAM (scart) For the first one, when I switch it on, my tv screen switch to AV chanel but it's a wonderful black screen (when I switch off the lights of my room, I can see a kind of tiny horizontal blue line under or over the middle of the screen and that's all, cartridge insterted or not) - I've tested the voltage and it seems to be ok - I've cleaned the power switch too For the second one, rev D, it's simple : nothing The voltage seems to be good too The TV don't switch to AV chanel (only snow...) The power switch is working I've seen on the net that it could be ram, sram, many sources... Could you please help me researching the faults to have the chance having one or two working CVs ? Tell me they are not dead Thanks a lot I would love to test some games and create something on it, even if it'll be hard and very very long See you Eric, old retrocomputer user (amstrad, amiga, falcon,...)
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