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  1. Not for us, but for them it should be, as Andorra has much lower taxes (although it used to be even more extreme). VAT is 4,5% in general and corporate tax is 10% at most. So well, to be fair, if they shipped from Spain they should charge 21% more (the VAT) (approx 50€) but at least we could save the unfair and absurd administrative costs (in the case of Spain, almost 40€ derived of the "paperwork" to make me pay 50€). Whatever. Well, this is off-topic, I guess, but seeing how many Mega SD customers are here, I'll give you my timings: preordered on the 17th of June, Package in Transit 3rd of August, Order sent to DHL 12th of August, tracking was available on the 26th/27th of August, when DHL called me to confirm the contents of the package, gave an estimation of import costs and proceeded to "free" the package. It arrived in a couple days afterwards. Hope this helps! Meanwhile, also waiting for the next batch of Jaguar SD (I'm on the high 300s!).
  2. Actually, although the Terraonion guys are Spanish, they are shipping from Andorra now. Andorra is in Europe and has a strong relationship to Spain/Catalonia and France, but it's not in the EU, so *everything* goes through customs. I received the Mega SD last week, if it helps, and I live in Spain a few hundred kms from Andorra (and I had to pay a lot of fees - VAT + administrative fees). Not nice, really, as I purchased the SD Super System 3 before and they did ship from Spain (so no customs involved for me or the EU) :-(.
  3. Excellent work, SainT. It seems to work correctly; can't wait to order the Jag SD.
  4. I don't know how someone can breathe while pressing two buttons at the same time.
  5. Same here. In any case, I can totally understand Starwander's frustration. Hopefully, most of the users who expressed interest will eventually get their pair. On the other hand, I was actually waiting for everyone who expressed interest to order before promoting the store through my network (as units are limited), am I allowed to do so already? Kind regards,
  6. That's great, looks amazing. And you could have not chosen a better game for the showdown! Great work, @SainT.
  7. Hi all, Just wanted to thank Bryan for his wonderful creation. I received the board really fast and it's already installed in my Atari 5200. We used a Mega Drive (Genesis) 2 connector to connect both the composite and the audio together, also did the power mod. The same Genesis plug could be used for the S-Video. All crisp and clear, really happy. Keep it up, m.
  8. Last week was busy in the US with Thanksgiving, if I'm not mistaken, so I'd give him a little extra time to go over his PM's.
  9. Just emailed, hope this helps making this project a reality for all Jaguar fans.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for one UAV board to install in my Atari 5200, these pictures look gorgeous. I don't know whether they are still available, should a PM to Bryan suffice? Thanks and kind regards,
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