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  1. Finding this thread years later in Pandemic Times--I am in the East Bay and can give you a hand anytime, Rob.
  2. Awesome, putting this on my AtariMax!
  3. Bumping this because instead of going to PGRE I had a play party for some of my friends. Fall Down was a huge hit and I would love to have a box for it. Did anything ever come if this? I also have the Red/Blue cart case.
  4. I JUST went through this last year and what worked for me was negotiating with local(ish) buyers through Facebook Marketplace. I sold my entire NES collection this way and the buyer got an awesome deal and I saved a ton of time. Could I have gotten more out of it through eBay? Probably, but listing and shipping, and dealing with buyers...forget it. The things I did sell on eBay: boxed games, shipped in boxes. All of my Genesis games--most were in plastic cases with UPC codes on them, so I could just scan it with my cellphone to add to eBay. Also easy to ship. A couple of logical game lots, the largest using Atari binders and a few other cool storage folders etc. All the Intellivision cartridges in one lot, flat-rate box. A really nice Atari computer lot. Joystick lots, also flat rate box. Psychologically speaking, the purge has done wonders. I went from a full-on gameroom to a closet in our office and don't miss the cartridges at all. I kept all my multicarts, etc. Found a way nicer CRT TV than I'd had, all my favorite consoles are still plugged in, and I'm honestly playing a ton of old stuff on the Nintendo Switch now! Good luck with your sale. It's so hard--drove me crazy for months and I had the same instinct you did--if you look at my posting history you can see how many times I was just hoping someone local would come take it all away.
  5. phaxda


  6. Awesome what are the odds on a 5200 port?! Looking forward to playing in any format.
  7. Just stopping by this thread to say THANK YOU!!! I just received my cart from the store and it's AMAZING. I love curling and the 5200 both and am so happy to have this game. How about some Atari 5200 Pond Hockey next--I'm half-Canadian so this one is really getting me going! Thank you AverageSoftware (love the name) and Al!
  8. Medical bills and moving force sale. All reasonable offers considered. I will take offers for the lot or indiVidual games. The one with faded label is Journey to the Planets. Also listing on Facebook.
  9. On Craigslist but will give break to AA members. Too much of a pain to ship and the game store isn't even interested. I still have a bunch of stuff. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/vgm/d/vintage-video-game-sale-atari/6618624445.html
  10. Hi all, Five years ago I had a little baby girl who is the light of my life. She is far more important than a bunch of old video games and I need money to help pay for some medical issues and on top of that we are moving in the next couple of months and my wife does not want this huge collection to come with us. Anyone in the SF Bay Area who wants to come take a look I'm totally open to that, just let me know. There is far too much to list and I'm ready to deal and anyone from AtariAge gets preferred buyer status. I will be selling some stuff on eBay but for larger items I just want it gone. Please PM me; I have cleared out my inbox. Thanks.
  11. HI all. I am starting to sell off parts of my collection beginning with my Genesis collection. All my boxed games are listed on eBay. eBay Seller: pdangler-half The Atari stuff is coming soon. I am moving and don't have room. SF Bay Area people: please hit me up if you want good deals so I don't have to ship. Will post separately for that.
  12. Hey was glad to see this topic bumped looking forward to a set.
  13. I use the wheel exclusively for my Mario Kart 8 addiction (and for MK Wii before that) and can't play the game any other way. I love it. When friends watch me play they just die laughing because I am a 42-year-old man holding a little wheel and tilting and clicking like a crazy man. While I own a ColecoVision wheel and gas pedal I think I've used it only a few times. It's not the best controller ever.
  14. I'll buy it; my newest handheld at this moment is a DS XL, so portability could be cool and as long as there's some sort of Mario Kart... that's all I really want. And a Netflix/Amazon player because that's how our Wii U tablet usually gets used. Was glad to see the Amiibo in the commercial because we have lots of fun playing with those. I don't care about shading or 4K or any of that other stuff.
  15. Seems like all my PS1 discs are scratched.

    1. Flojomojo


      I'll bet they still work pretty well though, right?

    2. Kiwi


      Possibly bitrot.

  16. Death of a collector was my immediate thought as well. It's sad when you just kinda hope they were stolen instead. I recently had a conversation at a local flea market with a fellow game/vintage audio/cool shit collector who was the victim of a home burglary awhile ago. We'd met before a few times at estate and garage sales sales and he never made any secret of all the stuff he had. Posted tons of collection pics, videos, etc. Was robbed while away on vacation and is convinced his social media posting played a role. Said the cops told him it happens all the time; now he keeps a low profile, bought a crazy security system, and keeps an eye out for his own stuff at the fleas. Really friendly and outgoing guy...now he's paranoid as hell and doesn't enjoy his hobbies like he used to. People suck.
  17. The Wii made me, an Atari nerd first and foremost, into a huge Nintendo fan because of the motion controls, and later, the Wii Fit board. I play tennis, soccer, hockey, golf, and run out there in the world and being active while playing a game makes it a lot more fun for me. When I finally got a console as a kid, it was an Atari (5200). I played some NES back then but never really got into anything other than Ice Hockey. I bought a Genesis for the sports games (NHL '94), and Playstation for Gran Turismo and more sports games (NHL2K*). I borrowed a Wii from a friend who was not using it back when they were brand-new and hard to get. For months I played nothing but Wii Sports on it. When I finally bought my own, I kept playing Wii Sports until I bought Mario Kart. That was like a dream combination--active motion controls in a racing game! A long way from Pole Position. Add online and I was hooked! When I started playing Mario Kart Wii, I had kind of forgotten all about the Nintendo universe. In general didn't know a lot of the backstories of the more minor characters. I had never played a Super Mario other than the first one and Super Mario Land on the Gameboy. I had no idea who Waluigi was. I didn't really care, I just liked racing. When my wife got bored watching me play MK Wii, I bought Animal Crossing so we could play that together because she had mentioned it "looked cute." What happened right around then is that I, mid-30s, got sucked back into the world of Nintendo. I somehow got vested in these cartoon characters and their stories, the racers in Mario Kart, the residents and principal characters of Animal Crossing (Wii was my first one), and everyone in Super Mario Galaxy (which was the next game I bought). Oh, and the Pikmin. Sweet, goofy Pikmin. So the graphics weren't as good as a PS3 or whatever version of XBox. I didn't care then because between all my retro shit and good first-party games, I had plenty to play. And then we had a kid. I had to sell a TON of stuff to make a gaming room into a nursery and one of the things that helped me do that was hacking the Wii and making it into an emulation station. It's awesome for this. My original Wii is still hooked up to this day, and when I was loading Atari roms onto it I also put a bunch of SNES and N64 games on there. And when my kid was up all night, I played through SMB2 and 3 and bought the lost levels and all of that. Lots of catching up. I then bought a Wii U for one reason: Mario Kart 8. Oh--and I guess I have to admit also for the TVii feature, which I was (along with two other people) wildly enthusiastic about. I am an idealist and like gimmicks, I guess. My Wii U is the only modern system I own and I've been very happy with it. Netflix on the tablet is great. My kid and I play Yoshi Wooly World together and she loves the Amiibos. She can also use the original Wii to play Dora Saves the Snow Princess and all of that stuff. She's almost four and she ADORES all things Nintendo. She knows all the characters and their stories and always wants to race in MK 8 as Princess Peach. She does Wii Fit yoga with me. I'll buy the NX when it comes out just because Nintendo has always met my needs and now my kid demands it. I've tried to push her toward the Atari but she is having none of it. "BORING!" The only retro thing she'll touch is my original Gameboy... way to go, big N. Anyway that was really long-winded (watching soccer while writing this) but I guess the upshot is that lots of people play lots of different kinds of systems for lots of reasons and I like that Nintendo offers something of an alternative. I don't WANT realistic graphics all the time (especially not for freaking Dora) or need the most memory or greatest speed or perfected online experience. I just wanna have fun with my friends and family. So the NX is outpowered. Big whoop, it'll probably still be pretty cool and my kid will dig it.
  18. What's the going price on gyro caution stickers these days? I guess everyone has their price, including me...
  19. Was browsing for homebrews on eBay and found these from seller eBay Seller: guinness1029. They didn't put "homebrew" in the description so I guess they went under the radar. I definitely didn't notice. http://www.ebay.com/sch/guinness1029/m.html?item=282046021944&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc Some great deals in there especially for a 5200 hound like me--Bristles, A Philly Classic Edition Castle Blast... wish I had more eBay time!
  20. Just a few Wii things I don't need or want anymore. What's left is $120 or best offer plus shipping. Also listing locally on CL. Everything is tested and working. All games are complete except as noted. Wii console in box, two controllers, two nunchucks, all cables, most packaging. No Wii Sports or instructions. Original model with Gamecube ports. Homebrew installed. Asking $60 Wii Balance Board in box, with all risers and Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. Asking $30 Wii Zumba Fitness 2: Asking $5 Wii Michael Jackson: The Experience -- Special Edition. No glove. Asking $10 Wii Pirates of the Caribbean. Free with purchase. What a crappy game. Wii Ratatouille. Asking $2 Wii Fit Plus. Included with board. Gamecube Sonic Riders. No instructions Asking $8 Pokepark Wii. Made the mistake of opening this after JUST buying it sealed--it's minty. Asking $15. Gamecube Sonic Mega Collection. No Instrux. Asking $3. My Wii will not read it (flaky on some titles but this one as-is). I finally got it to read and it's fun so I'm keeping it Gamecube Super Mario Sunshine. Asking $24.
  21. Hi guys, I am just going to piggyback on this thread as it seems relevant (I can start a new one if that's preferable, though). I have had an Amiga 2000 in my collection for awhile now and always meant to getting around to seeing what it had to offer as they seem to be pretty cool machines. However, I had a kid and now I don't have any time to learn the intricacies of the system and have lost the desire to invest in a keyboard (I don't have one) so I am looking for some info and what a fair price might be for one of these beasts. It start up but requests an "Amiga Workbench 1.3 disk," which I do not have. Only peripheral is a mouse and the disk that was in the drive is "DELUXEVIDEO" and that won't boot ("is not a DOS disk"). I popped the cover and have attached some board photos if that helps... Edit: I just went ahead and listed it locally on craigslist. I guess I should have made a Marketplace post I was really just looking for an estimate but then got carried away! Still, any help appreciated.
  22. Emulation is OK but I am a fan of multicarts, etc. The consoles and controllers still take up room but at least you get it on real hardware! You can do a lot with a closet! Here's my old one and I have another in progress now!
  23. This is amazing. I totally remember playing one of these at my hometown Sears (shoutout to Sangertown Square) in 1982; I was 7. It looked just like this one, and my family looked pretty much like that "cheesy 80s family" featured on the ad copy. That Sears also had the 2600 kiosk. We did not own either system and I would always stop to play the demos and dream about the day that I could have one at home someday--maybe even with a color TV. Great video, it brought back some fabulous memories. Hope to visit the store someday!
  24. I don't have a 3DS but I have a bunch of codes from the bundles. Do people really pay for them? It just seems that they were kinda cheap to begin with...
  25. Someone found a CIB at an estate sale and posted on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamecollecting/comments/4g24su/so_i_found_a_1987_version_of_stadium_events_at_an/
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