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  1. Here is the serial debug output.  If I'm reading it correctly, it mounts the SD card.  I hooked it back up to my XEGS, but it still says "Error mounting slot."  I'll try it on my Atari 800 and see if it does anything different.


    Thanks again to everyone who's offering suggestions.


    Using '/dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART' as serial port.
    Showing logs:
    [07:45:06] vie5
    [07:45:06]o eie4
    [07:45:06]BUTT_C: LNGSSNACTION: ebooShutting dowd aSuttndwStgie
    [07:45:06] eie4
    [07:45:06] eie4
    [07:45:06]B_C: SHOR Rnechig ndvc 3hutin ondevc htng ondvc 0Sundw eie 9
    [07:45:06]dw 50Sutidwhttig ondvc9Shtigdw eie45
    [07:45:06]huttn onei
    [07:45:06]s NON
    [07:45:06]huttn onei
    [07:45:06]utn ondvc Sigdw dvc 7ds NT
    [07:45:06]e0ikUMOUNdikUMUTdisk UNMikUMUN
    [07:45:06]UTds NOTdikNNs NON
    [07:45:06] MUTdis UMUN
    [07:45:06]s UOTdikUMUTdiskUkNOhtigdw eie5
    [07:45:06]TSutn ondutdwneie7
    [07:45:06]TSutn ondutdwneie7
    [07:45:06]vc fShting o dutn w deie7
    [07:45:06]uigdw eie7
    [07:45:06]vc 8Shtigdonvc 7Shttn ondvc 6Shutig dw eie7
    [07:45:06]tnondvc 5Shttn ondeie7
    [07:45:06]tnondvc 5Shttn ondeie7
    [07:45:06]uigdw vchtigdw eie7
    [07:45:06] 4Sutn ondvc 3Shtigdw vce7
    [07:45:06] 4Sutn ondvc 3Shtigdw vce7
    [07:45:06] 2utgdw eie7
    [07:45:06]utn ondeiShtin ondvc 1Shuttingdn eie3
    [07:45:06]whti d dvc 
    [07:45:06]whti d dvc 
    [07:45:06]eie7utn ondvce3
    [07:45:06] odvc 8Sutngown3Shtigdw ei 6Shutn w ie3
    [07:45:06]ut dw vi 4Sutn ondvc 3
    [07:45:06]tigdondevc 5Shtingondechtigdw eie3Shuttigdw eie3
    [07:45:06]tigdondevc 5Shtingondechtigdw eie3Shuttigdw eie3
    [07:45:06]hutn w eie3
    [07:45:06]l eie su on
    [07:45:06]l eie su on
    Serial port closed!
    Serial port closed!
    [07:45:06]n ondvc 2Stigdondvc 1Aldvcstdw.WFI_VN_T_ICNETDStpig e eve
    Serial port closed!
    [07:45:07]FujiNet 0.5.ed9d13bd 2021-03-15 00:55:47 Started @ 4
    [07:45:07]Starting heap: 4056756
    [07:45:07]PsramSize 3917592
    [07:45:07]himem phys 4456448
    [07:45:07]himem free 4456448
    [07:45:07]himem reserved 262144
    [07:45:07]FujiNet Hardware v1.1 and up
    [07:45:07]SPIFFS mounted.
    [07:45:07]SD mounted.
    [07:45:07]Found copy of config file on SD - copying that to SPIFFS
    [07:45:07]copy_file "/fnconfig.ini" -> "/fnconfig.ini"
    [07:45:07]copy_file copied 742 bytes
    [07:45:07]fnConfig::load read 742 bytes from config file
    [07:45:07]WiFi connect attempt to SSID "9190Network"
    [07:45:07]esp_wifi_connect returned 0
    [07:45:07]disk UNMOUNT
    [07:45:07]disk MOUNT
    [07:45:07]ATR MOUNT
    [07:45:07]mounted ATR: paragraphs=5760, sect_size=128, sect_count=720, disk_size=0
    [07:45:07]Creating a default printer using FS_SDFAT storage and type 1
    [07:45:07]SSH client initialized.
    [07:45:07]SIO SETUP
    [07:45:07]Set HSIO baud from 0 to 67431 (index 6), alt=68209
    [07:45:07]Available heap: 3894452
    [07:45:07]Setup complete @ 506 (502ms)
    [07:45:09]Obtained IP address:
    [07:45:09]SNTP client start
    [07:45:09]Starting web server on port 80
    [07:45:09]SNTP time sync event: Sat Mar 27, 11:45:09 2021 +0000

  2. The TNFS server works for me now.  Thanks for the instructions.


    I tried 4 different SD cards in the Fujinet, but it does not read any of them.  Each time I select the SD slot and hit Return, the Fujinet says "Error mounting slot," goes back to the page where it connects to my wireless network, then returns to the screen where it lists the different hosts and slots.  Can anyone thing of something I'm overlooking?  I don't think I'm inserting the SD card incorrectly, because it only fits in the Fujinet one way.




  3. What brand/size of micro SD cards do people use?  I tried 2 different cards now, both formatted as MS-DOS FAT32, but I still get the "ERROR MOUNTING SLOT" message.  Once I format the SD card, do I simply drag Atari .atr files to it?


    Also, I downloaded the TNFS server image from atari8bit.net, followed the instructions, and wrote it to a SD card.  When I select the server from my Fujinet, all it sees is a "/" directory which is says it EMPTY.  I made a folder titled "/" on the SD card and copied Atari files to it, but the Fujinet doesn't see them.  What am I doing wrong?




  4. I'm not sure if my question falls under this topic, but I'll ask it here anyways.


    I recently received by FujiNet and connected it to my XEGS.  My problem is I can't get it to read the SD card.  I followed the instructions from the 'FujiNet For Dummies' video and entered "SD" in the first slot under TNFS Hosts List, but when I select slot #1, labeled "SD", the FujiNet says "ERROR MOUNTING SLOT."  I have a 16GB SD card which I formatted on a Macintosh.  It has a few Atari files on it.  Do I need to format it in a certain way to get the FujiNet to read it?



  5. When running the Amiberry Amiga emulator on my Raspberry Pi 3b +, the Amiga video screen is shifted to the right side of my monitor. I can't drag the Amiga window to the center of the monitor. I tried adjusting the video settings in Workbench 3.1 to different PAL or NTSC options, but the Workbench window stays on the right. Has anyone else had this problem and do you know how to correct it?




  6. I've been working with Advan Basic for a few months and really enjoy it. The commands for player-missile graphics are much easier to use and faster than those in Atari Basic. One part I can't figure out is collision detection. The Advan Basic manual says the command T%=COLL(2%,16%) returns an integer whose value depends on whether or not player 2 has collided with other players. This sort of works for me, but I still stuck on getting it to work properly. What should the value of T% be if there is a collision? If I PEEK location 53260, which I think is the collision status of player 0, it returns 12. I want to do an IF statement where IF T% is the value of a collision, then do something. What number should I look for?

  7. Will the MyIDE II flash cart available on Atarimax.com run OSS Basic XE? I'm not as familiar with Atari technology as most other who replied to this topic. What I'm looking for is a multi-cart onto which I can load Basic XE and run it on my XE GS. If the MyIDE II cart won't work, are there any other carts currently for sale which will run it?

  8. I'm trying to load OSS Basic XE onto my Flash cart, but keep getting an error. I run the .atr image from my computer, which is connected to my XE GS via the SIO2PC cable. It starts the loading process, but once it gets to bank 10, I get a Disk Error on the XEGS. This happens every time. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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