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  1. Ooookay so, I really don't know anything about soldering, or circuit boards or the like, so all of this is basically moonspeak for me. I don't know what I actually physically need. I'm mostly just looking to see if there's anyone who can actually do the modifications for me. I have money, so of course I'm willing to pay for it!
  2. And furthermore, would I need to buy a Super Game Module in order to play these "Super Games?" or does the Ultimate SD have something along those lines built in? (Most of my expertise is in the NES onward, so please forgive my ignorance)
  3. Hi, forgive me if this is ignorant, but I just want to be clear in case I end up making any catastrophic hardware mistakes. If I'm understanding this right... I can play the various ROMS attached at the beginning of this thread, on an original Colecovision (as in, not the ADAM), using an Atarimax "Ultimate SD" Colecovision flash cart? I ask because these are all ".rom" files as opposed to ".col" files, and I am planning to get my Coleco modded in the near future. If I were able to play Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Super Game on my colecovision, that would be awesome. It was one of the very first games I've ever played in my life, so it has some extreme nostalgia value for me.
  4. Hi, I recently came into possession of a working Colecovision, and I've been looking all over for someone who can do a mod that allows it to work with Component (YPbPr) Cables. Is there anyone on this forum who can do it, or at least point me in the right direction? I can't seem to find any available services that offer a component upgrade, just composite/RCA. Obviously I'm willing to pay for the mod and its installation, as well as shipping. I saw a video of a component modded Coleco, so I know it CAN be done, but I can't currently find the means to do so.
  5. Holy crap! Buck Rogers, Zaxxon, Subroc, Dragon's Lair! I totally remember playing these! Thank you.
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