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  1. I am actively developing my Epson MX80 printer emulator that produce printouts/graphics dump on screen or PDF files. MAME have Epson AP2000 emulation and it worked so well. I found a copy of MX80 ROM dumps on the Internet when I googled through. I wrote 8048 emulator and disassembler that Epson MX80 use two microcontrollers (8049 and 8041). I analyzed MX80 generic ROM image (one 2332 binary image) and Graphtrax-80 ROM images (three 2716 binary images). I now learned that 2332 binary image do not have vector enties because they did not dump other missing contents from 8049 internal ROM. Yes, that is possible to dump contents from all microcontrollers through EPROM programmer device. 2332 image showed that first half is program codes (000 - 7FF) and last half is font data (800 - FFF). Also I analyzed Graphtrax-80 ROM images (three 2716 images) and now learned that ROM #1 and ROM #3 have program codes. ROM #3 has vector entries for startup routines. ROM #2 contains all font data. Then I examined code on ROM #3. At vector entry (startup), clearing accumulator and jump over vector #3 entry (interrupt routines) and clear all RAM data (128 bytes). Then sending data to slave 8041 or 8155 to move printer header back to home position so that I think, etc... Does anyone have good dumps from 8049 and 8041 (internal program code)? I can't complete emulation without two missing contents. I can only complete emulation with Graphtrax-80 images. I have a copy of MX80 technical manual that I found on the Internet. Does anyone have a copy of MX100 ROM image? Or is that same as MX80 ROM image? Also I have copy of FX80 technical manual that includes schematics but need FX80/FX100 ROM image dump and 8041 dump to implement emulation on my emulator. Thanks
  2. I googled it and found a YouTube. Here is https://youtu.be/TwgGlEtEzWo
  3. Does anyone try Epson AP2000 (ActionPrinter 2000) printer emulator on MAME (994A emulator) through PIO device? On MAME forum, I now learned that they finally got Epson printer emulation working on Apple II emulators. They mentioned a video about printing. I watched that video... Very interesting! Printing graphics through both printhead direction forth and back on screen. I hope that they added ROM images for wide-format printers like LQ1000 and MX100, etc. since they implemented a few narrow-format printer emulations.
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