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  1. Seeing as there are existing devices which can rewrite sram (such as the Super UFO Pro 8 ), I would presume it can be done.
  2. The AST areas of the BS Zelda Homepage describe two patched versions of AST - one which aims to be accurate to the original broadcast (making changes only to localize and restore playability), and another - termed Master Quest - which has a bunch of optional patches integrated, including: Various graphical changes, such as turning the 'boy' mascot into Link. Circumvention of the game's time limit. An older version of the indoors-recreation patch, created before definitive reference material was available, leading many areas to look different and some to be notably harder. A boost to the health of boss creatures, deliberately increasing difficulty. Some miscellaneous bug fixes and added features. Assuming the repro group you're dealing with is using these same versions, then yes; Master Quest is a hack.
  3. If this is still a current/future project, I'd definitely be interested in snagging a copy when it's ready - I was quite fond of Venture back on the Colecovision, and have been on a bit of a SNES kick recently.
  4. I'm quite pleased with how the Super NT has turned out, and I look forward to any future developments that new firmware revisions may include. If I may make one obscure request, and I don't know how viable it is, but I'd like to see some future firmware with the ability to manage the contents of the old Super Famicom Memory carts, used with the Nintendo Power kiosks. I realize that's probably veering into the sort of uses Analogue can't officially condone, but I think it'd be neat to be able to dump and rewrite the contents of those old, official flash carts.
  5. Update: After discovering some issues with another cartridge (Castle Crisis, which I finally had cause to play, having recently acquired some paddles), I removed the U1mb from my system. While this corrected the behavior of Castle Crisis (leading me to believe that I have screwed up the Ultimate's installation in some subtle fashion - pinched wire in one of the cables?), Dungeon Hunt still doesn't like to boot - I am still being unceremoniously dumped on a flat black screen. I suspect there's still some other issue with my system, possibly connected to the non-illuminating power light. It's either that, or I've screwed up my Dungeon Hunt cart in some way. One way or another, I need to investigate further.
  6. Received my copy yesterday. Had a weird technical issue (which I've sent a PM about), but the game plays well. Nice work.
  7. I too would be interested in one of these if there were another production run.
  8. It seems like there may be some screws behind the label, but I'm hesitant to damage the label without being sure.
  9. Sorry to bump an old topic, but I too find myself in possession of a XEGS cartridge with something rattling around inside, and thus a desire to open it. Does anybody have information relevant to this pursuit?
  10. "You press the keypad and the door hisses open, bringing you face to face with a pink, slavering demon! It's rotten breath courses over you as it snarls angrily in your face. Roll 1d20 for initiative."
  11. Nicely done, sir. What's odd, though, is that for some reason it doesn't seem quite like I remembered it. Granted, it's been a long time since I've played the real thing, so my memory could easily be a bit off, but I kinda wish I could do a side-by-side comparison against my old 7800 & Ballblazer cart. Am I understanding correctly that one of the missing ops was a pseudo-random number generator? Out of curiosity, how close is your implementation to the original algorithm used in the hardware?
  12. Awesome, dude! I've given it a shot and yeah, that appears to have done the trick for Ballblazer's errant pixels. Far as I can tell, graphically it seems perfect. Cool, cool. I look forward to hearing of your results. No man, thank you! It's great to see people who take pride in their work, setting out to deal with problems as they arise.
  13. I do legitimately own Ballblazer and a (long-since dead) 7800. That's how I know Prosystem/Wii7800 are failing to play all of the music - Ballblazer was easily my favorite 7800 game when growing up. If I were to re-acquire the old hardware, I would likely either be burdened with having to use the original RF video output, or finding someone to mod the machine to accommodate composite video. (unless I had the good fortune to purchase a pre-modded system.) Furthermore, it would require more space around the already-crowded TV, and a further set of wired, unwieldy controllers to be kept handy. While there is a certain thrill to be had in using the original hardware, emulation is much more convenient and less stressful on the wrists. Just seems odd that the two emulators, being both open-sourced, haven't taken a peek at each other to correct their own deficiencies.
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