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  1. As I recall the redemption was open sourced a year ago so anyone sufficiently inclined and moderately electronically capable could make one for themselves if they needed to. Also just looking through these forums there are TONS of options for using controllers on the 5200 now. I think you can still send in 5200 controllers to Best Electronics and get them swapped for refurbished ones. For digital, you can use the latest ikonsgr adapter and a Sega pad. Soon Aladdin will have a 5200 controller. If you are even slightly willing or capable you can build your own bohiki adapter. If you are more capable the options are endless.
  2. In the thread he linked to he previously shared his thoughts at the time regarding your question. It's probably best for anyone who is interested to communicate with him via PM.
  3. For orders placed today, any likelihood they might ship in time to be received for Christmas?
  4. Order placed! I assume with the pokeyone that the game and sounds is indistinguishable from the game containing a real pokey?
  5. I don't really have anything to add unfortunately. Ikonsgr is right, when we used pin12, the adapter didn't work. when we used pot common, it did. This design is based on ikonsgr's earlier work and the bohoki adapter which is based on the adapter in the 5200 faq. You can see the link in my previous post (#104) to comments from bohoki.
  6. It seems bohoki agrees with you: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/282844-atari-5200-pin-12-spec/?do=findComment&comment=4111264
  7. Keyboard problem is solved. Turns out its a known problem with the console 5 extension cables: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/281530-my-homemade-5200-controller/?do=findComment&comment=4239134 Turns out that person's solution was to cut down the connector a bit: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/281530-my-homemade-5200-controller/?do=findComment&comment=4239255 Now I just need to test more games. Especially ones using both fire buttons or needing precise firing response (and not just frantic mashing of the fire button).
  8. I have received the prototype adapter from ikonsgr for testing on my 4-port. Initial tests of the base functionality with a 2600 compatible controller and a Sega Genesis 3 button controller are looking good. I have verified I am still not very good at Defender. 😁 I will test the 6 button controller and some other 9 pin controllers I have as well. I have encountered one issue with using the pass-through 15-pin plug in connector for the keypad. One row and one column is not being read. I have plenty of schematics, prototype joysticks with keypads, and test equipment so it should be a relatively straight-forward issue to diagnose and resolve. (I am also not intending to start a discussion or look for feedback on that issue. I'm just sharing the information on where things currently stand.) In summary, things are looking good. Stay tuned!
  9. john_q_atari


    Atari 2600 Pac-Man was what got me into Atari as a kid. I had to wait a long time before I got an Atari and when I did finally get one, I made sure Pac-Man was the game I got with the system. Was I disappointed with Pac-Man? If I was, the disappointment was so short lived I can't ever remember it. I do remember I played the living bejeezus out of that game. Bash the game if you like, but I'll have no part of it.
  10. You should be able to mod it: https://etim.net.au/2600rgb/
  11. A little labor over the labor day weekend: I have gotten the design to work with some modifications. I've been communicating with ikonsgr so I feel it is safe to say that the project is advancing.
  12. No one could ever accuse you of lack of enthusiasm that's for sure. So one for each port of a 4port? 😁
  13. I meant 15to9 not 9to9. (too late for me to edit my original post).
  14. The PIC 16F630 chips that I ordered came in. Currently having some difficulty getting the chip, my generic pic kit3, and the mplab v4.15 software to all work together. (chip isn't getting detected). I've had problems in the past with another PIC chip and another project that I did eventually get working. (can't remember my solution at the moment other than changing/configuring programmer voltage generation setting which I can't find at the moment in the software...) ikonsgr, is the 15to9.hex software you posted identical to what is on the 16F630 chip on your 9to9 adapter previously mentioned in this thread?
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