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  1. Using the latest posted tracking links mine shows as accepted by customs in New York 8 days ago. It was posted in Poland 17 days ago. My local mail (west coast US) has been pretty decent so far as I know. Now its just the waiting game which is fine. There is no shortage of things to keep me busy.
  2. Aug 01, 2001 But I'm pretty sure I've used it a few years before that. I probably forgot my account and created a new one. I never did sell anything and I'm pretty sure after hearing about this bank account stuff that I never will.
  3. I haven't player PGR so perhaps I can't comment, but to my recollection PGR was just MSR with another name and I guess some updates. Perhaps even the same software team worked on it?
  4. MSR is the reason I have a dreamcast. I played the game on a friend's dreamcast and then went out and bought my own dreamcast, VGA box, and MSR. (All racing games seem to numb the nerves in my thumb though).
  5. Yeah I talked to the guy that made that neogeo stick mod in the past. It's nice but like anything custom it is necessarily pricey. I've spent more time building controllers and adapters than actually playing my 5200! Well maybe not but it's close! Since we are on the topic, what do you think would be most helpful to newcomers to the 5200? A cheap (what pricepoint?) masterplay clone for using a 2 button 9 pin plug joystick, or a genesis pad that works (both buttons) with the 5200, or something else?
  6. Perhaps let's not go down the path of suggesting what others should do. Plenty of people have volunteered their time and talents in the past and will no doubt continue to do so in the future. If someone is troubled by the 5200 controllers there are plenty of solutions out there if one looks, and plenty of friendly people on AtariAge from whom to ask for help.
  7. I would love a right handed one, especially if I can just open it up and change restrictor plates or Sanwa compatible joysticks.
  8. If the tubes hold 10 chips then as of a few weeks ago he's down to less than 40 if I heard him right. After that the higher price elsewhere will be the only price.
  9. It's awesome that you included an interior photo post modifications when you worked on my 7800 a few years ago. I was able to search my email, see the photo, and see what appears to be a nice analog voltage regulator bolted to a huge (factory original I am assuming) heatsink so I guess I am good to go whenever the time comes for me to receive my dragonfly.
  10. It is a nice device for anyone who needs one. If anyone wanted something like this after it sells out, there is an equivalent functioning design that has been out there for many years for anyone to build. I used it awhile back to mod some genesis compatible controllers for the 7800 so the design is sound and has been tested.
  11. Wow! Has it been 3 years? I ended up building three of these things (2 NTSC 1 PAL) and loving every minute of it. All hail through-hole designs! I think I got all my components from Arrow (they shipped from warehouses all over the world), maybe a few pieces from digikey, and the chips from Best.
  12. I don't know how to vote. I have two, the USB version and the newer SD version. I used to have all sorts of crap on my USB version but now I think maybe all I have on it is Pete's Test Cart but I'm not sure. I haven't tried my SD version yet but I did download some new to me games to try on it sometime.
  13. Seconded. Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful 2021.
  14. I never had a 5200 until long after the onset of adulthood. I did have a 2600 as a kid and super breakout and I played a lot of super breakout and i agree it definitely isn't lame. I like it. I have it also on the 5200 and played it on that as well years later. The sound and graphics were better than the 2600 version but it was quite similar to the version I played as a kid. Sure it's not graphically flashy compared against other 5200 titles but l certainly wouldn't call it lame. Just my humble opinion of course. 😁
  15. I gave you a like for opening up a shrinkwraped game and playing it. 😁
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