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  1. I bought those exact ones and the quality is lacking, but I guess it gets the job done. If you have a retro game store near you they can probably sell you one. I think that is where I got my original gold plated one. If you are happy with your picture then I recommend you spend your time enjoying what you have for awhile.
  2. Wow Game Over Video Games has really expanded. I remember talking to the owner many years ago in the north Austin store. Glad the whole thing really worked out for him. Seems retro stores have popped up all over the place.
  3. Ah okay thanks. It almost sounded like some super addon board with tons of joystick ports on it. But it's not an ordinary SNAC? I set up a mister system and just reused the 2600daptor USB device I already had. So far seems to work okay.
  4. I know this already sold but I had a question. What is #10? Is it just a bunch of different SNACs like the 7 that are sold here: https://misterfpga.co.uk/product/mister-snac-adapter-usb/ Or is it something else?
  5. You get an A for effort in my book.
  6. Someone else will have to do that because as I researched this I came across a post from the creator that he made years and years ago saying he had no intention of ever making more or turning this into some sort of DIY project for others to assemble.
  7. I laughed when I saw that. You should make that your avatar. Totally awesome. 😁
  8. Actually a quick websearch turned up lots of stuff. Thanks for the heads up on EasyEDA.
  9. You learned Kicad in 8 hours?!?! Can I pay you to teach me?
  10. The parts arrived. I'm ready to get my MiSTer on. Now where did I put my roms...
  11. You're such a negative Nancy. His last post in this thread was only 8 years ago and it has only been 2 years since his last post on Atariage. I'm sure he's stockpiled a load of these to sell to all the eager beavers by now. Keep the faith!
  12. Correct. I tested 2 of my consoles extensively today. I had freezes on both. In the past I had freezes on all 3 consoles I have. So far the only common thread is my dragonfly and the E.X.O. code of alpha12 (fairly stable for me, maybe perfectly stable except for today on that 1 console), and alpha35 which so far entering a broom cupboard seems to trigger the eventual freeze for me. Perhaps I can prove absolute stability if I never enter broom cupboard and perhaps I can prove absolute stability on some of my consoles of alpha12, but not sure that is useful information. Maybe the gods just don't like me and I end up being the only one that ever encounters this...
  13. I had pretty good luck with alpha12 on previous days, but I just re-downloaded it and put it onto my samsung card and fired it up on one of my consoles (the 1st one mentioned in my PM to you) and INSTANT crash to a lime green screen. I just tried it again on the existing copy I put on the card that came with the dragonfly and as soon as the first screen of the world is supposed to appear, instant crash to a lime green screen. I am really starting to suspect unknown hardware issues... I guess I'll take this all to PM now to avoid cluttering up the thread.
  14. I recorded some video but all it shows is the screen freezing. I didn't get any video corruption yesterday. I'll try and narrow down the lockup to a simpler set of pass/fail conditions today. I don't want to take up any more of your time especially if no one else is seeing anything.
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