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  1. Look into it as far as reading about it but remember it's unavailable at the moment so please avoid making any "I'd like to order one!" posts in the thread. I am sure the creator will let people know if and when it is available without people having to ask all the time.
  2. When I ordered a Sally from Best in the past they sent me a Synertek Sally.
  3. Honestly I wouldn't get myself all worked up over this. Enjoy your 7800 and if you get a concerto enjoy that too.
  4. I find the game a little difficult so if you get it my recommendation is to get an additional game also just in case you find Crystal Quest a little difficult.
  5. Thanks. The controller you have looks so much cooler. I went and ordered the rainbow one since that was all that was available.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. Alas it shows as out of stock. I added myself to the notification list so maybe someday...
  7. @sramirez2008 Are you still using that controller? What controller are other people using? Genesis controller with adapter doesn't suit my thumbs in this game. I have been using a custom controller made by Bratwurst, but I think the square restrictor plate is screwing me up on world 3 (necropolis). I might see if I can find an octagonal or circular restrictor plate if I have one. That world is hard. Absolutely unforgiving, everything must be spot on precise or your dead, and hence my problem with my current controller. Does anyone have a controller they like that works well for them on world 3?
  8. Could you take a close up picture of the front and back of the board section that is missing the ic chip for the timing circuit? I also would be interested in knowing what cap is soldered in where the timing IC would normally be. Thanks
  9. A little more data. I pulled 3 Synertek Sally 6502c chips from my atari 8bit machines and put them into my AT84 7800. All 3 synertek chips worked fine, just like the NCR chip.
  10. I own both carts. I may have an older bios on my concerto though. I will need to check.
  11. Okay so I have a major update. I went to town on my 7800 consoles, and while I accidentally lifted some pads I managed not to do any damage that wasn't repairable. Here is what I learned: motherboard version didn't matter SRAM chips didn't matter timing circuit didn't matter The only thing that mattered was the 6502C cpu. The AT84 I had which didn't have any glitching/corruption had an NCR cpu. When I switched it with a Rockwell cpu the console started having glitching/corruption for my specific testcase. My A1 unit with UAV and audio mods had a Rockwell cpu. When I switched that CPU for the NCR cpu in the AT84 unit then there was no glitching/corruption. In fact all my 7800s with Rockwell CPUs exhibit glitching/corruption for the specific testcase I was looking at. So what is it with Rockwell 6502Cs?
  12. Yes when I refer to video I refer to the timing test video Trebor linked to. Sorry for not PMing you earlier. I didn't want to publicly disclose the specific issue I am having at this time. I will discuss it over PM. My purpose of this thread was to try and educate myself on previously known causes of why different 7800s behave differently, and maybe use that knowledge in my own debug of something, the details of which I did not want to publicly disclose. If I am able to determine the cause, then I will happily share what I did to resolve my issue and perhaps that knowledge might be useful to someone else. To that end, does anyone know if there are any other 7800 schematics out there other than the single hires schematic scanned in and posted on atariage?
  13. The AT84 unit I have is the C025233-001 Rev A which looks identical to the picture you posted above for NTSC C025233-001 The A1 unit I have that is misbehaving looks identical to the picture you posted above for NTSC C025233-002 (V1)
  14. Thanks. I just ran the tests on both machines and the results matched exactly with each other and with the results shown on the youtube video.
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