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  1. I bought a copy on release, own it on steam, talked my brother into buying himself a copy on steam (he doesn't have a 7800), and just now ordered a second copy. Some day that 2nd copy is going to come in handy. (Not to sell but for someone, perhaps my brother, to use. Can't have a 7800 without it.
  2. Yes in my case the DVI Sophia wasn't compatible with my HDTV projector. I ended up using the RGB Sophia instead but ended up picking up a little signal noise from somewhere. The new Sophia version in development with user adjustable resolutions sounds promising though.
  3. I got lucky and got one cheap from a Japanese used goods store and used a reshipper to send it to the US. I opened it up in the past and it was some unknown unrecognizable chip to me so I didn't bother trying to reverse engineer anything. But to answer your question, in no way shape or form can the USB version be adapted to a 15 pin version. Or if it could it would be some sort of generic external USB joystick to 15pin joystick converter. Also I haven't used it much. What little adapter usage I did, I preferred the ps2 adapter that smbaker made. I have a copy of the code and tweaked it a little for my thumbsticks on my ps2 controller so it can be customized a little if one tries.
  4. Have you ever played MSR? Metropolis Street Racer? If so how does LeMans compare in single player mode? I love MSR and I think I bought the dreamcast just for that game (after playing it on a friend's machine I think.) As for a 12 year necrobump, I think my dreamcast has been in the closet for at least that long. 😁
  5. Build? As in only one? Two of my three 1088XEL builds (it's a sickness) still have room for a Sophia. Or maybe I'll replace my RGB Sophia in my 5200 with this one. (The DVI version never could handshake with my projector so maybe this new supermode Sophia would have better luck.)
  6. Call him on the phone and place your order. That's what I do and it works every time.
  7. As I recall the redemption was open sourced a year ago so anyone sufficiently inclined and moderately electronically capable could make one for themselves if they needed to. Also just looking through these forums there are TONS of options for using controllers on the 5200 now. I think you can still send in 5200 controllers to Best Electronics and get them swapped for refurbished ones. For digital, you can use the latest ikonsgr adapter and a Sega pad. Soon Aladdin will have a 5200 controller. If you are even slightly willing or capable you can build your own bohiki adapter. If you are more capable the options are endless.
  8. In the thread he linked to he previously shared his thoughts at the time regarding your question. It's probably best for anyone who is interested to communicate with him via PM.
  9. For orders placed today, any likelihood they might ship in time to be received for Christmas?
  10. Order placed! I assume with the pokeyone that the game and sounds is indistinguishable from the game containing a real pokey?
  11. I don't really have anything to add unfortunately. Ikonsgr is right, when we used pin12, the adapter didn't work. when we used pot common, it did. This design is based on ikonsgr's earlier work and the bohoki adapter which is based on the adapter in the 5200 faq. You can see the link in my previous post (#104) to comments from bohoki.
  12. It seems bohoki agrees with you: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/282844-atari-5200-pin-12-spec/?do=findComment&comment=4111264
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