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  1. No one could ever accuse you of lack of enthusiasm that's for sure. So one for each port of a 4port? 😁
  2. I meant 15to9 not 9to9. (too late for me to edit my original post).
  3. The PIC 16F630 chips that I ordered came in. Currently having some difficulty getting the chip, my generic pic kit3, and the mplab v4.15 software to all work together. (chip isn't getting detected). I've had problems in the past with another PIC chip and another project that I did eventually get working. (can't remember my solution at the moment other than changing/configuring programmer voltage generation setting which I can't find at the moment in the software...) ikonsgr, is the 15to9.hex software you posted identical to what is on the 16F630 chip on your 9to9 adapter previously mentioned in this thread?
  4. I haven't had any problems finding the optos these last few months. Not many out there though so if you need a pointer to them just drop me a PM.
  5. Just an FYI, I initially tried the DVI version with my 5200 but my Sony HD projector didn't display the image properly. I ended up using the RGB version in my 5200 and fed the RGB signal to a framemeister.
  6. Honestly, what does it matter? As long as you are happy with it and get enjoyment out of it, who cares about $150 either way. And it sounds like you are pretty happy with it. I'm guessing for most of us this is just a hobby to pursue because it interests us, we get enjoyment out of it, and it makes us happy. So as long as we aren't spending more than we can afford, or prioritizing it over other important parts of our lives, the final dollar cost probably doesn't matter.
  7. Interesting. I have both that I bought new back in the day from ToysRUs. I think they were recommended by the ToysRUs game sales people. I never really cared for either of them. Maybe I'm just not a microswitch guy or just got too used to the original atari joysticks that came with my 2600 Vader system. I kinda like the slik stik though. Never had any of the other Wico's to try though. I ordered 2 just now to try them out. Followup edit: I realized I never did have the tac 2. I have something that looks more like a tac3 or a tac5. it has a white plastic handle and I don't much care for it, whatever it is.
  8. I am not an expert, but if the electronics are otherwise sound then heat would be what you need to look out for. I am assuming that you aren't enclosing the tv and 2600 inside a display case that might not have good air circulation. If you are, it's important in general for the electronics to have some airflow so that the heat doesn't build up. Internally to the console, potentially you could open up the 2600 and install a new voltage regulator with a beefy heatsink and thermal compound. After 30+ years the heat transfer away from the 2600's voltage regulator is bound to be quite poor. Not quite the same thing, but I have a 7800 with a recently replaced voltage regulator and recently replaced thermal grease and I have had it on continuously for the last 6+ weeks with no issues.
  9. I am of the same mind on this. I'm no expert, but who cares if Atari owns 10% of their own shares. If someone wanted a controlling stake it should be relatively easy to slowly out-purchase Atari before coming to a negotiating table. Though I guess they would have to file documents relating to "beneficial ownership" once they cross 5% stock ownership.
  10. When I compare your schematic to this one: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/14872-genesis-to-7800-controller-mod/ It seems like your resistors are swapped. Otherwise the circuit appears to be the same. I used the schematic I referenced above when I modified a genesis compatible controller for the 7800: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/288232-how-i-modded-a-hyperkin-gn6-controller-for-use-with-the-7800 Where I passed through the direction connections just like in the schematic. And yes, all of the directions work. and 2 of the 3 main genesis buttons work as the 2 individual fire buttons on the 7800.
  11. Ignoring completely the wireless aspect of the controller, has anyone compared the 8Bitdo M30 to the Hyperkin GN6 in terms of "feel" and responsiveness? Are both controllers just as good in these respects or is one better than the other assuming the user doesn't care about wired vs. wireless?
  12. Respectfully, I disagree. TACODON owes IGG nothing. I have no expertise or qualification in this field but I think offering IGG any information at all could only serve to undermine TACODON's efforts in recovering his funds. Let the bank do all the heavy lifting.
  13. Absolutely ignore it! Do not respond to an IGG email under any circumstances or for any reason. Let the bank handle it and let the bank come to you directly with any requests for explanations, documentation, etc.
  14. I used to blow up leds as a kid by over-volting them. POW! What a stink. Not as much of a stink as melting down transistors or the odd transformer or two though.
  15. PM sent. Hopefully there was still one left.
  16. So there seem to be a wealth of adapter options and adapter combinations out there for the 5200. ave1 has put together multiple videos where he is constantly trying all these things out. Does anyone know if there is a common controller people like to use with the 5200? I assume there was interest in the jag controller because it had a built in keypad so you wouldn't need a separate keypad device? Or do people like the jag controller for ergonomics? I don't have a jaguar and I've never tried the controller.
  17. It took awhile for his CC2 to sell out: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/258688-cuttle-cart-2-and-schell-electronic/?view=findpost&p=3626602 And after that it took 6 years for his CC3 (intellivision flashcart) to sell out. Probably because the parts cost isn't cheap, so the price isn't cheap, so the demand is lower: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/197666-cc3-finally-sold-out/?view=findpost&p=2528912 And regarding parts from the man himself: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/123144-my-cuttle-cart-2-died/?view=findpost&p=1498836 So with the limited demand for the 7800 and the apparent price sensitivity of the intended audience, if anything gets built it will be a labor of love. I am guessing there is perhaps a 500 user TAM (total addressable market, as in 7800 owners who have both the awareness of atariage or the habit of google search to find 7800 targeted products within the lifetime of the product's planning and production timeline). Not all of them will want a flashcart, and those that do may be price conscious, so perhaps you might sell as many as 50 at $200, 75 at $150, and 100 at $100 (but this is just my guess.) The real datapoints will be total sales of Rikki&Vikki and total sales of the XM.
  18. I never heard of a "wafer drive" but a google search brought me to amazon so I guess they were the ones that sold you the atarimax. Also never heard of a "mayflash interface" Is it some sort of controller adapter? I recommend playing a few games before going broke buying a bunch of stuff before playing a few games.
  19. 1. Print out the original delivery schedule as that was the terms upon which you made your purchase. 2. Print out their statement where they say they will not meet their schedule (terms) or whatever it was they said about changing the delivery date, changing the processor, etc. 3. Call your credit card company and tell them the seller is not delivering what you originally purchased. 4. Tell them you have written proof that they changed the terms of what they were going to deliver (they changed the date, they changed the processor, etc.). 5. Tell them again that what the seller is now claiming they will deliver is not what you ordered. 6. Tell them you want a refund as they are not delivering what you ordered. 7. If they give you any grief tell them you are not being given the merchandise you ordered. 8. If they give you further grief ask for their manager and make a stink. If they give you further grief tell them you will be reporting them to your state's consumer protection bureau. (hint: You won't need to even do anything past step 6. They will give you your refund. You may need to fill out a form and send in your printouts, but they will give you your refund.) Do not ask them for anything. Tell them you want a refund. Be polite but firm. Don't ask permission. Tell them nicely what they are going to do for you.
  20. I bought multiple TSU branded TIA chips last year off of ebay for under $13 each and they all worked. I see the same seller I bought from still lists them for that same price on a regular basis. Unless you must have NOS, or a lot of chips in a short amount of time, the atari 2600 chips still seem to be relatively easy to obtain. -Jeremiah
  21. Nice work! Looks cool. How does it feel in your hands and how does it play? Specifically, how does it compare to using a ps2 controller with Scott's ps2 adapter?
  22. Replacement sensors: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2-Channel-Optos-for-Trak-ball-Encoder-Circuits-CX22-CX53/323378960488
  23. Well I just sent an email to analogue requesting they cancel my Mega sg order. My wallet could use the breather. I played sonic last night for the first time in 2 decades with my new mega everdrive x8 on my stock genesis version 1 through the OSSC with the new RGB cable I got. The image looks good enough without me needing the Mega sg I think. Thank goodness for save states on the everdrive! I used that feature an awful lot last night. I just wish it wasn't so easy to "save" instead of "load." That tripped me up twice when I was rushing through the menu. Strangely I was getting a ROM data error in the everdrive self diagnostic menu. Interestingly it went away and never came back after I used some some menu options for storing to, loading from everydrive memory. Perhaps its just a sloppy diagnostic test that isn't tolerant of uninitialized memory? I could find anything on it with a google search. Ohwell. I assume my everdrive is fine.
  24. Is there a link or document you can point me to for all these modifications? Was this done to a model 1? That is the model I have. I tried the RGB cables today and they look pretty good. I do see a slight checkerboard pattern in the background. Perhaps that is the jailbars? Most all of the sega cables I saw online were sold out so that was why I picked up the $20 RGB ones off of amazon. Also I have a string of colored pixels that vary in the lower left part of my display. Seems like it is out of the bound of the gameplay graphics boundary. Is this something due to my default OSSC settings or something with the mega everdrive x7 I am using for the first time?
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