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  1. Atari800. Last release was 7 months ago. Hardly very old! https://github.com/atari800/atari800
  2. Have you read the tutorial I wrote? It's linked in my sig
  3. https://sourceforge.net/projects/winavr/
  4. I haven't had time to test the board yet, I've got lots going on at the moment, I'll try to get a test done tomorrow. As for getting rid of the wire, to do that I'd need to put a second header, right next to the one that is already there, that would put it in the way of the compatibility header row. This is why I asked, is anybody still using the UNO's with only 2 header rows and a micro usb connector? If not we can simplify the install.
  5. I've noticed with the XEL board that if I leave the XEL off but the GBS on and the screen on, eventually I start to get all sorts of odd displays. Next time I see it I'll post pics.
  6. That's all covered in earlier posts. Short answer.. no
  7. From Page 2 Also lots of info here (from my sig) https://atari8bit.net/multifire-3-button-atari-joysticks/
  8. For some things it's just not worth the bother.
  9. All these new games being patched gave me the impetus to finish my multifire joystick. I still need to add weights and non-slip feet but it works and feels excellent. The buttons are, from the bottom, left to right, Fire 2, Fire 1, Fire 3 so the middle button is the primary one, the lower button is Fire 2 (smart bomb in Dropzone/Defender) and Fire 3 is under my ring finger. The switch remaps Fire 3 to UP for games where up is jump or flying kick. The two side buttons are Left/Right for pinball flipper controls. All the buttons and stick were a cheap arcade set from ebay, all plugged into one of my multifire boards to make the wiring simple. Speedy Box came from Jameco.
  10. Homesoft and Fandal have complete archives zipped for download. Homesoft's collection is the cleanest, he fixes issues like 800/XL compatibility, makes them quittable, adds load screens, stuff like that, but it's only games. Fandal also includes demos Atarionline.pl has 3 archives. Games, Demoscene and Utilities, they contain almost everything, but there are lots of dupes etc. the archives are updated a few times a year.
  11. I got these, they work perfectly These work as well but the bit that grips the insulation is slightly different I use this crimp tool for dupont, jst and kk series crimps
  12. I just added all the FNT files to the repo so no more converting from PNG
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