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  1. Now I'm testing cart functionality with the 576NUC+ I've been hitting an issue that also affects the XEL and XLD computers (and anyone using a TK-II or AKI keyboard interface). By default the PS2 keyboard arrow keys are mapped to CTRL+ -=*+ (the four directions) so there's no need to hold down CTRL, but on the AVGCART because the CTRL key is being pressed for you they are behaving like Page Up, Page Dn, Home & End. The PS2 PGUP, PGDN, HOME, END buttons do nothing on the AVG (They send the Atari 1200 SHIFT-F1 - SHIFT-F4 buttons). Is there any way to implement a TK/AKI mode which just reverses the CTRL+ arrows and also maps the PGUP/PGDN/HOME/END buttons?
  2. What a terrific looking game, flipping the screen to navigate the obstacles is a really interesting game mechanic. I was expecting to see the flob stretch to get through small gaps, lay flat to avoid dangers etc. like putty did on the Amiga. I didn't expect the screen flipping. Looking forward to this
  3. I'll probably just lose the two sides of the case (and change the curve to a 45° chamfer)
  4. No one likes a smart arse! I thought it would be ok with the amount of space under the cart to get a thumb underneath so it could be gripped above and below. Test prints didn't change that view. It's not until the cart is actually pushed into the edge connector that it stiffens up and feels uncomfortable when you try to grip it.
  5. Cart loading works. There are some issues, I'm still working on, not least of which is that it's really quite hard to get the carts back out, there is a lot of wiggling required and not a lot of wiggle room so it looks like I will have to rethink the case design.
  6. I've just done my first Roklan label and am waiting on verification that the dimensions are correct from @DavidMil. If anyone has original Roklan carts, could you post pics of them here, they didn't do many, I should be able to complete that set fairly easily.
  7. irc://irc.libera.chat:6667 ##atari
  8. ##atari is working on libera chat. is it case sensitive?
  9. Yeah it was printed upside down and FDM printers have real problems printing outside curves You try for the first one, but end up with the second unless you throw a lot of support material at it and that gives you a rougher surface unless you have a dual extruder setup and soluble support filament. If I print up the right way I'd get good curves but use a load of filament on supports. This is a dev system so there is still dev ongoing, including how to make it print pretty without masses of waste (lots of inside curves and as many flat surfaces as possible). I may just switch to 45° straight chamfers to make cleaner lines.
  10. This is my test system now the v1.2 board is fixed and working (bad crystal).
  11. I was working on this with @ebiguy. We got to a point where we had something workable but couldn't find any pen inserts with sharp enough tips to get through the metal spring/stabilizer on the front of the pen carriage. Drilling out the metal was an option but it was not really a great one. @Bill Lange looked at my designs and came to the same conclusion. Since then I have been given a 1020 plotter to work on this problem. I've been doing it all blind so far. Now I can see the parts for myself I have an idea for how to solve the issue by replacing the metal spring with the spring that comes with the pen but I've been working on 3D Printed cases and the NUC+ and a bunch of other projects so it's been put to one side for a while. I will be returning to this as soon as I can. Now that people are also starting to retrofit this old ALPS mech with the ESP32 so it can be driven with GRBL commands the lack of good pens has become a pressing issue.
  12. I thought it was worth a try. It has made me reconsider my position on the piracy debate that regularly flares up here when sellers don't release a digital version of their games. I'm not a collector so I'm not interested in having a physical copy but given the way people behave I can see why they don't want to sell digital copies.
  13. When my store opened I did that with a don't share/don't monitize licence (my standard DBAD licence). Within two weeks the prints were being sold and/or spread in Chile and Poland. Now I don't release them any more. The ones that are out there, I can't do anything about but all the new ones are private. The default NUC+ case design will be released by mytek along with all the other stuff required to make them in a few months.
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