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  1. Was that you on my tnfs server using ice-t yesterday? I figured someone was having a problem! I just tried to do this in altirra and got no answer from the addresses you listed but level 29 works fine. I think it might be the hosts you are trying? I only created those disks yesterday and I've only had time to test them in altirra, not on a real machine with fujinet yet. I will be adding a phonebook to the terminals that support it, I just need people to let me know what BBS's to add. try atdi bbs.fozztexx.com in your terminal, that should rule out the terminal app and fujinet connection setup.
  2. I don't use the mounting holes so as long as the board is exactly the same apart from that, it should fit fine.
  3. Health issues late last year kept me from finishing this. @mytek has been very patient!
  4. So the reason for asking is that this isn't going to have 1MB, I am trying to get a handle on what won't be runnable with it. At the moment I plan to install a PokeyMAX and use it as a portable machine for showing off scene stuff as well as gaming.
  5. What I'm looking for are the ones that haven't been converted to XEX. I have an Atari machine without a cartridge slot and I want to know what I won't be able to load on it.
  6. Is there any Atari software that’s is cartridge only? Never been converted to xex and never had an atr? Space Harrier and Jim Slide XL spring to mind but is that it?
  7. It the same sort of question as "what games can I play on my stock 400", it informs the decision to upgrade or not. Can I run Altirra on my mac? no its Windows only. I don't want to buy a windows PC, is there any way around that? yes you can use wine. Same Same.
  8. Jim Slide XL is the only other title in Homesoft that only comes as a BIN/CAR
  9. Someone should ask @kiwilove if it would be possible. I’m sure I read somewhere that it wasn’t going to happen.
  10. It's probably possible as a multi-load ATR but I don't think you could do it as an XEX without some very clever compression
  11. Homesoft only includes Space Harrier as a BIN/CAR version, no XEX/ATR. So that begs the question, what games are only available as Cart versions with no ATR or XEX version?
  12. 576K scene releases are becoming more common, but it's still mostly only 320K
  13. Thanks @mathy I knew there had to be something requiring 1MB. It's a shame about Bad Apple needing it 😕
  14. There are no demos that use the full 1MB?! I'm quite surprised if that's true!
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