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  1. Wow the cost of 2.8 inch screens on eBay has gone up, $20 on ebay, $8 on Aliexpress free shipping, just have to wait!
  2. Everything is just a bit too tight. The UNO wont slide in because there isnt enough space in the USB/Power holes, the screen doesn't go in when plugged into the uno because they stuck the lcd panel on slightly twisted, the stylus doesn't quite slide into the storage hole etc etc etc The changes were thankfully pretty minor to make, except for the front panel and silver name panel parts which I had to completely redo to avoid some supports, when the printer finishes printing my new GBS8220 case I shall be having another test print. Yes that is a crack in my shiny new screen, I broke it during the filing/refitting stage 😕
  3. I didn't need to do anything You've no idea I don't believe you have either. Put up or shut up Finally!
  4. I've no idea what 'it' is, is it another secret? You know what they say... Put up or shut up.
  5. So the grand total of your contribution to the thread is "I know but it's a secret and I'm not telling you", you know nothing but it sounds better than "I don't know"
  6. The question still hasn't been answered. The reason this open source project has closed source firmware is because of 'politics' but no one has said what politics, it may as well just say 'reasons'. It's a non-answer. Why did Jakub decide to close his source? Those sorts of things don't usually happen for no reason.
  7. I don't always get what I want. That's life I don't care how you know this. If people contributed and didn't assert that contribution, they didn't contribute. If Jakub decided to close his source and others had contributed, if they didn't prosecute at the time they were free to fork and continue updating, no one did.
  8. My first post says that Jakub Husak says politics is the reason later source is not available. I do And this is where you try to use buzzword bingo and go wrong. Any other contributions from the author are not a fork, neither are any contributions from anyone to the main source tree. Nobody has forked anything (except Jakub Husak, and he released his updated source fork) If you are not credited, in the source, on the cvs commit history or in the changelog, it doesn't matter if you contributed, you don't exist. Will you please stop derailing my thread. I don't need lessons on the GPL, I think I know it better than you. All that condescending linking to the four freedoms and other irrelevant crap is just passive aggressive posturing, stop deflecting, own the mistake and move on.
  9. Right. I have now done that. Every file is ©Jakub Kruszona-Zawadzki no other author is credited anywhere. There is no changelog. It is the sole property of Jakub Kruszona-Zawadzki. If anyone else worked on the code, they did not assert any ownership over it. NOW I am saying that if Jakub Kruszona-Zawadzki wants to close source his software after releasing v2.5 and only release v3 and upwards as closed source binary only, that is entirely up to him, it's his. I wish he wouldn't but he has that right. All of this word salad is incorrect, please delete it. No one worked on the firmware for this project (and if anyone did, they made no such claim in the source code). Your point is not just wrong, it is also moot.
  10. I make no such assumption. I merely said if the original author wants to close his source he can. I did not say that that is what had happened and that Jakub Kruszona-Zawadzki was the only contributor. To make that claim I'd have had to have checked every source code header to see who is credited and I havent done that, have you?
  11. My new screen arrived today... Perfect fit, that isn't necessarily a good thing but it does look good Still waiting on the new UNO
  12. You really hate being told you are wrong don't you! If you release as GPL, notice you spelled your name wrong and fix it, changing the licence while you are at it, your name will now forever be spelled wrong in the GPL version and right in the closed source version. You are trying really really hard to make this difficult and it isn't. Yes, that is EXACTLY what I said at first. I have posted nothing to mitigate my original CORRECT post. You were wrong, just own it and move on.
  13. No thats not how it works. If I release v2.5 as GPL. It's now forever GPL. If I release v2.6, version 2.5 is still GPL, no matter what I licence 2.6 If I release v2.5 as GPL and I then release a bugfix of v2.5 and call it v2.6 but choose to licence it as closed source and private. I am not breaking the terms of the licence. It's all my code I do not have to give away those bug fixes if I don't want to. If I release v2.5 and _you_ release a bugfix of it and call it v2.6 you have to licence it as GPL too. If I then take _your_ code and produce v2.7 I cannot close the source unless I take your code out. If any of the code written by someone other than you has been GPL'd, you have to release as GPL too, but if _all_ the code is yours, regardless of whether you released it as GPL or not, it is your to re-licence as you see fit.
  14. Close but no cigar. The bottom sheared off the front panel during print, probably need a solid infill for that little part, it'll make it stronger. The silver strip doesn't fit properly, and the bottom door is a bit tight. I need to redesign the front bits mating surfaces and give the door a little room, and maybe make it a bit thicker. I can't test fit my sdrive, the cable is wired out the wrong side, it looks about right, the pegs on the bottom door fit perfectly and the SDM slides in to the hole, I just cant push it all the way with the cable there, I have more bits on order from afar which I shall use to make a new sdrive and test fit before I print again.
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