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  1. Last batch downloading and uploading to Archive now.
  2. Downloaded and uploading to archive.org now. Same item as before
  3. OK https://archive.org/details/Harry1968-scans
  4. They are scans, not dumps I upload the torrent released of dumps to archive, not the unverified stuff
  5. I'm uploading batches 1-7 to archive.org now
  6. I put a copy on archive.org too https://archive.org/details/Atari8bitPreservedSoftware2019-07-09 EDIT: I somehow missed the Jan 25th release so I'm uploading that now. It's online now. I've requested we get a collection to put the files in rather than just community uploads
  7. That explains why I haven't received an ESP32 Fujinet from you yet! Is everyone still using the Mars bars?
  8. I often think that if you put an AtariAge regular in a room on his own he would eventually have an argument with himself!
  9. I was and I did give up. There was basically no room at all for a case, I was going to sandwich the board so the edge looked like racing stripes or something but it really wasn't feasible.
  10. My sites not going away any time soon so they will be around for the foreseeable future. A lot of Hyperspin users (and bigbox I suppose) use images of the carts for other systems along with the boxart and movies to bring the frontend to life, a long term goal is to try and get something of a 'everything a casual emulation fan would want to play' collection of atari 8-bit stuff together with all the assets required so it can be dropped into those sorts of systems. What I'm missing most is dimensions of the non-atari labels, I don't actually own any carts of my own, jsut a couple of multicarts and a few that came with my Atari when I got it off Sloopy. Also hard to get in high resolution is stuff that only appears on the cart, like the signatures on the FSS carts, stuff like that. Any cart where the label wraps around is usually missing the top edge image too. I got a couple of peoples cart scan collections from them on Facebook and Nir Dary gave me his scan collection, there's quite a lot of rare in there but again, no idea of label sizes! I'll always come here and ask if I'm looking for something in particular, my only outstanding request is the size of the FSS labels
  11. Well no then! It's not a collection if you don't collect it, a single download spoils all the fun Seriously though if you're thinking of using the labels for some kind of art in a frontend I might be able to do something better than just the labels, I have illustrations of the carts as well so I can virtually put the labels on the carts, I thought that may be quite useful for somewhere like EmuMovies That is the goal, starting with the major publishers first.
  12. Why would you want them all!? They aren't going away, just grab one when you need it. I haven't finished them all yet so I'll be adding to them over time.
  13. My csync isn't connected via a resistor, am I slowly creating a hole in the universe or something else I'm unaware of?
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