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  1. Thank you for doing that, the title and speech really improve the experience.
  2. If the game is a cart image and you loaded it in a multicart with enough memory for it to load, it will probably work on a stock XEGS. If the game is an XEX, almost certainly not
  3. That's the thing the Ultimate and UNO are missing, a motivated programmer working on them.
  4. @DrVenkman You've got an UNO cart, could you stick Atariblast on it and give it a quick test? Cheers!
  5. For an extra $1 I got a screen and UNO that just works. It does seem like a lot of hassle for $1
  6. IMHO it would be worth it if it cost the same as the Ultimate cart, you'd still be getting more functionality for the same price. We probably shouldn't be telling @tmp that though should we
  7. Yep. I got fed up waiting (little did I know than that the preorder thread isn't really a preorder thread and it won't get you added to a list, someone should delete it, at this point its more a troll post than a preorder list) so I got an Ultimate from The Brewing Academy. Then I watched the AVG get better and better so I messaged tmp and asked to be added to his list, he replied and said it would be a while, I said ok. Then I waited and fortune smiled when he gave me a cart for helping him design a new label for it. I now have the Ultimate in my NTSC 800XL, just for running CAR/XEX games, and the AVG in my 1088XEL for doing CAR/XEX and all the cool things I can't do from @flashjazzcat's loader menu. I have an SDrive-Max for ATX and CAS files.
  8. There's this album, posted on twitter. Just the odd photo here and there apart from that so far.
  9. The Pico-8 is an imaginary 8-bit computer, implemented in software, with no compatibility with anything else but a thriving developer and user base. He's trying to make a real 8-bit computer like that? Nice!
  10. That website is blocked as a badware risk by uBlock Origin, and has an expired certificate so it gets flagged by Chrome and Safari as a security risk. I wouldn't click to go there. Im sorry I don't know anything about Ben
  11. Got this now, thanks everyone!
  12. I got this far with my reprogrammer and just haven't had time to work on it since. It is still in my active projects list so I will be watching this thread with interest.
  13. The UNO is the baby brother of the Ultimate, it has a slower microcontroller (that you won't notice) and 128K of ram instead of the Ultimates 1MB which means you wont be able to load cart images over 128K, in practice that just means that you wont be able to use the UNO to run Maxflash 8mb cart images. The Ultimate is bigger and more powerful but nobody has done anything to tap that power yet. The AVG is about the same as the Ultimate and @tmp is using the extra power to do cool stuff.
  14. UNO Cart, Ultimate Cart or AVG Cart will all work for you. I'd get the AVG Cart
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