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  1. Any idea when all the contributed scanned artwork, manuals, and media is going to be released?
  2. They weren't opened by customs this time and they were tightly packed so they arrived in pretty good shape this time.
  3. I don't think that list is actively maintained and anyway, I'm not sure having a list of people that others have accused of being a scammer is such a good thing. I remember just a couple of years ago someone came here and accused Nir Dary of being a scammer because he was selling a custom cart on ebay! People who are new here and don't know who's who yet, people that are well meaning but aren't used to (or are very sensitive to) the real life delays that people hit when sending stuff, people who are nervous about giving money to people from a forum and panic when the person doesn't act like a business, all these things can end up in an entry in that kind of list and there's no fair way to have an entry removed. It's probably best to just move obvious marketing threads to the marketplace and Caveat Emptor. If a seller isn't a long standing regular here, use caution.
  4. The box of magazines for USA/Canada arrived on Friday and I mailed them out this morning, it took about a month this time to arrive, much less than last time, looks like the pandemic delays are slowly coming to an end. Most people should get them this week. 🤞
  5. And this is why all posts that are from people with less than 100 posts that start with something like "I just got this load of xxxxx and don't know nuffink about it, what can you tell me bout it", should all just be moved straight to the marketplace forum. They are always by someone who isn't an Atari user, just a seller of retro stuff, trying to raise awareness of their stupidly overpriced ebay listing and never someone actually looking for information.
  6. It would be nice if Fujinet (or some other SIO device, I don't want to put all the pressure on @tschak909 for all these stupid ideas I have!) simulated the banking systems behind these videotex carts so you could at least run them and cycle through the functionality and show people how it used to be. Create an imaginary person called Mr A. Tari or something and allow you to view fictional accounts and transfer money around etc. Would be great for shows like VCF as an historical artifact. If the original banking software isn't available it would be a lot of work to figure out the right information to send to the card when asked.
  7. Reasons I'm not a collector #2 (#1 is lack of space) Also $4.50 shipping and no returns. ebay should charge 10% of the buy it now price as a listing fee instead of 10% of the final price, re-payable every time you relist it.
  8. Pronto was a home banking solution for Chemical Bank, they rolled out the service in 1983 and discontinued in 1989 due to lack of subscribers. I guess the carts may be relatively rare but you can't actually do anything with it any more so it's not generally very useful for anyone other than completionists. This is excerpted from a NY Times article from Jan 1989 This pic is from a Pronto advert from around that time with the slogan All you need is a TV set and a personal computer and you're ready for PRONTO, Chemical Banks home information system. And this article was from the Economic Review July 1984 where they were talking about their plans for the service. 66703_1980-1984.pdf
  9. Supplies of ESP32 modules are very scarce right now, boards are with testers but they need to build them and without the parts its kinda tough.
  10. You are a bit late to the party, I think it's sold out now and the only way to get a board is from the Abbuc store
  11. A couple more that have been released or have updated versions this year. Not a surprise these aren't included yet, they aren't particularly visible to people unless you have a fujinet. Weather by bocianu https://gitlab.com/bocianu/weather APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) by Bill Kendrick http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/fujinet-apod/ Neon by Gibstov
  12. Does the original cheat code work? Enter HUBMLP8BIT on the main menu to unlock all the ponies.
  13. Yep, just wire an SIO plug to the header, it should work fine.
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