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  1. I’d like there to be a CAR file and an XEX file version, purely because of my favoured loading devices. Loading speed is irrelevant unless it only comes as CAS.
  2. *fanboy mode* Atari XL with a rapidus can emulate the Speccy 😛 Ok with that out of the way I wanted a Spectrum when it came out but by the time I had saved the money the C64 was here and looked a much better machine. The c64 was too expensive for my pocket money savings and aggressive price cutting got the XL into my price range and that was that. playing spectrum games now I don’t regret the Atari decision but some C64 games have been really outstanding. the CPC passed me by but looking back at it now it was amazing for the money.
  3. You didn’t feel the need to *correct* the blanket statements “Europeans” or “East Europeans” or even “Demosceners”, just “Americans”. It’s patently obvious that I wasn’t speaking for 350 million people by using that term. I was obviously generalising. So yes, pedantry and virtue signalling. don’t tell me, all lives matter and not all masculinity is toxic?
  4. Not a correction, just splitting hairs while alluding to political partisanship. yes I get it, “not all” Americans. pointless virtue signalling to clarify something that only needs clarifying to the hard of thinking.
  5. I think there’s a great deal of culture clash going on here. European nations and East European nations especially tend to be extremely blunt when expressing an opinion. This can be seen as arrogant and inflammatory to Americans. Demosceners are also notoriously blunt with each other (must be the significant overlap with Europeans) this can come across as overly critical to those not used to it. xxl is also being a grumpy old man and defending his opinion as though all others are incorrect. We can all agreed to disagree. It’s only opinion, not fact.
  6. Except of course that xxl does contribute significantly to the community and has done for decades. That doesn’t lessen how much of a dick he’s being lately but it’s not like he’s just the average luser.
  7. that was fun! run the weber version of gyruss and dont touch any controls, just press start to start the game going and leave it. OK so it seems like there is no collision detection at all, I can't shoot anything.
  8. No it's an SIO only machine (and the SIO is a 15pin dsub with an adapter) A cart port is possible and something I'm looking at adding to it but presently, internal fujinet or anything you want to plug into SIO.
  9. It has similar ergonomics to a compy pro. button one (on mine) sits under my thumb where it would on a cx40. The other button is inconveniently out of reach which was never an issue with the compy pro it was the same fire button for left handed people. It is possible to dismantle the stick, rotate the inner switches by 90' and have the stick with the buttons on the side but I find that weird in use and the cable is in the way, it may not be if you use the stick on a table rather than in your hand. For the most part, I find that button 2 is used far less than button 1 in most games and reaching for it isn't a problem, button 3 requiring a button press to enable and then a reach is very awkward and not really practical. There is a usb board in development that will make the two lower buttons addressable/programmable as well but that is still in development (by a fan of the sticks) the usb board also has a pin header for the dsub9 so you can use the usb to program your atari joystick. No one is planning to build in the Multifire mod, its added cost that most people don't need. Not all joysticks are ideal for all people and all games
  10. Both true points but as I've already stated, the back panel is extremely thin. You only have to look at the case to see that the back panel will print with the panel flat against the print bed. I can emboss lettering on that but it will raise the thin plastic off the print bed and require supports. that is going to give an unsatisfactory surface finish, increase the print time, increase the print cost, and likely lead to the reprint of a few failures because of ruining the case when peeling the thin back off of the supports. All that to repeat a logo that is already on the other side. I could cut out the logo on the back, exposing the PCB where the logo is but that is unacceptable to me because the entire point of the case is to protect the PCB. I can release the logo I drew for this as a PNG file and anyone that wants to can print a sticker with it?
  11. The cart won't work on my 576NUC+, it doesn't have a cart slot. It can load Pokey0 from Fujinet though!
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