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  1. Doesn't seem worth it to augment my failing 50 year old memory!
  2. I removed the dual slot reader and went back to a single slot. Now I don't have the frustration of it not working
  3. I sometimes wish the there was a way to name the 4 saved profiles and have them on the startup screen selectable before boot.
  4. I have a couple of Sandisk Ultra's both 32GB. They work great individually, but I get all sorts of errors if I have them both inserted at the same time. Any sandisk card that is 30mb/s or less is apparently good if you want to use more than one card at a time
  5. Also, the SIO23V3 board that is pictured in post one of that thread was designed by @mozzwald from the poor mans sio connector that @atari8warez designed. We've come full circle
  6. I'm happy to just say OK, my bad, I remember seeing discussion about the colours being wrong, could have been really old discussion though. I don't have a Sophia to say for sure
  7. Here's NTSC 800XL UAV S-Video through an Amberry converter to VGA Here's PAL 1088XEL VBXE RGB Here they are side by side Here's Atari800 4.1.0 Full NTSC filter Heres Atari800 PAL Accurate PAL Blending That's all I got!
  8. @wildstar87 I will grab the program on post 4 and take a screenshot today, that will give to something you can run and compare with. Sophia users have the same issues with output colors btw
  9. Not appealing to 400/800/XE/XEGS owners, I think something less model specific might work better
  10. I did mine with cone drills
  11. I tested AVFPLAY just a couple of days ago using the latest firmware and the PAL example videos from the AVF thread, and everything worked perfectly. I didn't do anything to the SD card I usually have in my cart, just put the files on it and selected them from the menu. The SD is a sandisk 32GB one formatted to fat32
  12. @E474 Yes the original perfbord is powered from pin 10 of the SIO, so are the first few versions of my pcb. I added a jumper on v3 so it can be switched.
  13. The UNO can be powered through the power jack using 5v-12v without problems, from the usb socket with 5v and from a couple of GPIO pins with 5v. all of these methods are fine. The UNO screens use a varying amount of power (up to 200ma) depending on the screen type and manufacturer. The Atari SIO is rated to output 5v at 50ma, for some screens this is enough, for some it's not. Some Ataris can output more than 50ma so they can also handle the screens that use more. Some people use more than one device on the SIO and some people use more than one SIO powered device on the SIO for some people Atari power is enough, for some they hit limits. Some people are worried they might be shortening the life of their Atari by sucking so much power for long periods. Some people play it safe and use USB or external power just to avoid the worry.
  14. Tinkercad will import SVG but only shapes, if you have lines with stroke weight you need to expand the stroke before export. Also you will need to import each layer separately so you can rebuild the vector in 3D
  15. No, I have that. If you try to play a PDM file from the AVG Cart menu, it pops up an error message saying it can't find PDMPLAY, I thought I might have missed a release. I'm not invested one way or the other, it just seemed logical
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