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  1. There is ~0 NTSC software for the VBXE. That doesn't mean none, There's Last Word for example, but there is almost none for PAL so it's _really_ slim pickings for NTSC. The quality of the display is amazing though, and I'd have got it just for the VBXE version of Rick Dangerous when it comes out. I run mine out to a GBS8220 and into a Dell monitor, looks lovely. Now I want to hide the 8220 inside the case. I also need room for a Drakaris (or whatever its name is this week) and other fun stuff
  2. The original was written by Raster and Bob!k @kbr has made some changes since. What we need is to bribe or cajole @flashjazzcat into writing a new menu with all the features
  3. I've completed all the soldering and stuff but I'm still not finished so I will carry on with my build progress here. I've uncased my XEL so I can make some changes.
  4. That's pretty neat. There are two bits of functionality you lose to add to your list of Cons. No Tape support No 1050 ATX timing support I don't use the display on my SDM for much, but those two things don't have equivalents in the on-screen menu. I only use my SDM for Tapes and ATX files; all other ATR/XEX loading is done through FJC's loader menu on one device or another, BIN/CAR are handled by my Ultimate/AVG carts.
  5. I've just started printing this thing https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1085472 I shall be printing a Benchy for each reel of filament I get, photographing it using the studio so it's all similar lighting and posting the results here. These are the flashlights I'm going to be using https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072WHQFJ7 Here's the Benchy https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:763622 Join in, we can find all the perfect Atari colours!
  6. I created an Atari 3D printing club where people can share designs hints tips etc.
  7. It looks great! What filament do you use? Those colours look really close
  8. I think I'm just going to make them all in black, the brown is just too chocolaty.
  9. The beige filament I have is nearly gone and they won't have any more in stock until mid next month so I ordered something else that I thought might be a better colour match. That looks great under natural light but goes completely the wrong colour under incandescents so today I'm going to try again. Black is better than any brown I can find so I'm switching to that.
  10. That black box there is my XEL. I ordered 2 boards but only built one. I'm doing things in tinkercad that require me to have an accurate model of the board populated. I bet you drunk the night you found that diode! LOL
  11. Thanks for the welcome. Let's say the XEL has been on my mind lately...
  12. If anyone who has ordered one would like to get it in black, now is the time to PM me and say, before I start gluing stuff together.
  13. Calm down Eric, you will be able to buy the board and make your own, there just won't be kits available. You will have to source the parts yourself. That, for me, was half the fun of the XEL build.
  14. I'd just like to say I haven't seen a complete one of these with a cart tunnel yet, who's going to be the first brave soul?
  15. This is the right decision I think. The amount of work to assemble a kit is only a few hours shy of building the full thing. Two choices; fully built or bare boards and a downloadable BOM. If you aren't up to building this without hand holding; buy a fully built one. Digikey, Mouser, RS etc. can supply the parts, we all know where the hard to source parts can be purchased
  16. BoB appears to be shy. Show yourself BoB, don't hide behind that "No Image" placeholder.
  17. I think I have my printer tied up for enough hours over the next few weeks already!
  18. Like everything else except guns nowadays; speech needs to be restricted or come with a health warning
  19. They all have stylus slots, yes. Here is a pic of the 1050, sorry for the inconsistent lighting. There is no cable because that SDM has a broken screen. I'm still waiting for a replacement and a batch of SIO2UNO boards from OSHpark but you can see where it comes out of the SDM.
  20. I thought that for the 810 but it was just wrong, theres a pic in the wip thread, I got the beige wrong too
  21. I can't wait to see how it comes out maybe we can get a definitive list of filaments I don't think custom printing my own filament is for me either.
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