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  1. My cheap Sanwa copies look the same too, I feel they have too much travel, at the top of a balltop its quite a long swing to push the microswitch button. Sanwa make stronger springs for people who prefer a stiffer action, that may make it feel a little more Happ like but really I think the ring on the end of the joystick rod that touches against the microswitch buttons needs to be a little bigger so the buttons are already half pushed.
  2. Is there no way to move those to inside the case or under the label area?
  3. I think I have everything from Page 6 / New Atari User thanks. 🙂
  4. They boot to SpartaDOS from '94 then load a menu so definitely not original disks but cool compliations! Anything you have from Atari User would be appreciated, I'm trying to track everything down. If I can find just one original Atari User disk I can at least build the others by typing in everything we don't currently have, like @Allan did for the first and last Antic disks. I looked at ANALOG as well but those disks are a mess as well, lots of disks with a single file on or missing menus etc.
  5. I wonder how much Les Ellingham got burned when they sold him the subscriber list and rights to the name. If you could find the disks and post them that would be great, in all my stumbling around the net for Atari stuff I've never come across one, they can't have sold very well!
  6. I remember that Database publications used to sell a disk of the software from each issue of Atari User. Does anyone have any of those disks? I don't think I've ever seen one! I don't think you could subscribe to the disks the way you could with Antic and had to order the disk each month with a cutout in the mag. I'm facinated to know if there was a menu or anything else included on the disk or if it was just a bunch of files on a disk
  7. I don't suppose anybody has rips of Antic Disks Vol 3.02 Jun'84 and Vol 3.03 Jul'84? I can only find an incomplete copy of 3.02 and no 3.03 at all.
  8. Thanks! I'm amazed this got no responses at all in over 3 years!
  9. If you have the text raised it can be done fairly easily but it will increase the material usage a lot because of all the supports required to print it , if you want the text flush you'll need a printer with dual extruders. A lot of people will print text indented and fill in the indents using nail varnish and a syringe, it works quite well apparently but I've never done it
  10. That's the great thing about open source! You have the case designs and a bit of software that can edit them for free. You want a thing, you can now make a thing. All you have to do is spend a little time learning how to make those changes. The satisfaction you will get from making your own version that is unique will be worth the effort. If you think it was a great success and you would like others to be able to use your case design, be sure to share it back to the community and enjoy everyone saying that their favorite case is the tajvdz case. Let me have your final stl and I'll add it to the page.
  11. I personally prefer happ joysticks but all the cheap knockoffs on eBay are sanwa style so I end up with those.
  12. It's a good excuse to get a 3d printer
  13. If it's a tool that runs in linux then yes! That's very useful indeed. I was thinking about converting the TBXL CTB-Linker that @CharlieChaplin posted above to python, but if you're in a coding mood...
  14. @Bikerbob really wanted the lid that @DrVenkman designed so I did that one with all the lettering too. Creating this was non-trivial, I used Front Panel Designer, FreeCAD, Affinity Designer and Tinkercad to make this. https://www.tinkercad.com/things/ghBJIA9ZIoS Here's the back panel https://www.tinkercad.com/things/bMXy1l7BUMo
  15. I'm not selling these, I don't want to tie my printer up for the length of time they take to print. You can take the stls to somewhere like https://i.materialise.com/en and get an instant quote, my guess would be that it would be cheaper to buy an Ender-3 and print your own than get 2 of these printed. I just remembered that @Gavin1968 has just started up a 3d printing service, maybe his rates will be more affordable?
  16. They are exactly the same spec but the lead spacing is different. You can use either but will have to reform the legs on the 9870's to fit.
  17. Yes I’m really happy with how they feel to use. I intended to add some weights to them but I don’t think they need it.
  18. ... and there's a cart slot on the back ... ... which is where the joystick ports are too ...
  19. Necro'ing this thread to mention that I've created a discord server for Atari 8-Bit chat here https://discord.gg/uEzw3FW It might be a bit more familiar to the younger crowd, to the oldies it will feel like a pretty irc.
  20. A lot of older people, especially Americans, struggle with the idea of open source. Sharing your work with others sounds too much like socialism and that's just communism under another name.
  21. If you support BASIC XL you get Altirra BASIC for free as it’s compatible. I haven’t looked at Altirra extended BASIC yet. I’ve added indentation to my detokeniser for tbxl and basic xl/xe as an option as well. I think I’ll leave the basic variant alone wherever possible, I want things to run as the author imagined. mypicodos supports running bas files, it will enable/disable basic on XL/XE machines automatically and stuff like that so I only need to make tbxl files into xexs to achieve my goal. The fast basic files are already xex‘s.
  22. If you go here https://atari8bit.net/everything-sdrive-max/ you can get all the publicly available cases. You can edit them in something like tinkercad If you want leds and stuff, it's pretty easy to poke a hole or fill a hole up if you no longer need it.
  23. I think he means he doesn't like a drive replica because its smaller than the real drive. Scale models are not his thing I guess!
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