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  1. It's been a while since I made these and now that we have joysticks with multiple fire buttons and wireless adapters it seemed like a good time to update the design and make another run. 


    I've added the potx/y lines and the 5v power line to each of the joystick ports, increasing the diode count from 40 to 56, bending all those diodes is a PITA so I've moved to SMD for this run. I've found some nylon dsub sockets for a little bit more money so I've switched to those to prevent joystick plug damage. Finally I've done the multijoy hub by @krupkaj as well, this has meant I needed a new board layout so the connectors would mate correctly. 


    This is where I'm at currently, it's not yet final, there will be some changes I'm sure. I'll be making a 3d printed case for this, there are too many sharp bits to get away with a bare board this time.




    Mock up of how the boards can fit together



  2. 3 hours ago, xxl said:

    Does Bounty Bob Strikes Back work on Atari with U1MB?


    you can move the hero with the joystick?

    Bounty Bob Strikes Back doesn't work with atari800 emulator either. The USGold Cassette version does but all other versions don't work properly on level 2. Been documented for years and still no fix.


  3. 1 hour ago, KPeter said:


    Every day I am checking your and DLT's website for update. Is there some progress?

    DLT is not answering to bugs, I also cannot see updates on your site ... so, was the project of SIDE3 stopped?

    Maybe I am searching for updates on wrong places ?


    Thank you,


    When setting your expectations for updates, think days and weeks not hours and days.*



    *Good rule of thumb for most things in the Atari8bit Scene. Allowing a month or more to pass would not be unreasonable

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  4. Here's a little discussion



    slx on the abbuc forums also said this



    Dr. Sparkz: although I think the idea is a good one and am also a Zenji fan, I had quite a problem with the controls and often didn't manage to turn a stone into a certain position or just move it one space to the left or right. With a little readjustment in the controls, I would have judged it even better.


  5. 9 minutes ago, Estece said:

    Could You be more specific and detailed?

    It's almost impossible to get the blocks to rotate a single step, no matter how fast you hit the fire button it will almost always rotate two or three steps, this makes it really frustrating to get the block orientated correctly in the time available. 


    If the block rotates a single step on button release instead of button press it would fix the issue, or you could rotate on button press but only once and not accept another button press event until a button release event has happened.


    EDIT: There has been much discussion on the abbuc forum about this and also some in the abbuc competition thread here, I think everyone agrees this game would have scored much higher if there wasn't an issue with the controls.


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  6. Thank you for making this game, I really enjoyed playing it. I think everyone agrees the controls could use a little work to make them a little less twitchy but other than that I thought it was a great game idea and an interesting mechanic. The graphics and sound were also both perfect for the game style. 


    Please consider reworking the controls, you would have one of the better homebrew games on your hands if you did that, it might even be worth doing a limited cartridge run.

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  7. OK so what you are calling the Fujinet APP on your mac is just the firmware updater and debug console. It isn't required to be running all the time, just when you want to update the fujinet. The output you are seeing in that window is just debug data, it's not your printout.


    When you print something to the P: device the fujinet takes the data from the atari and converts it to a PDF then it writes the PDF to the storage inside the fujinet. If you go to the fujinets webpage and scroll down to where you chose the printer you wanted to print to and you click on the printer icon in that box, it will ask to download your printout as a pdf file.


  8. I just printed something using the Epson 80 emulation in the fujinet, I updated to the latest firmware first just in case it's broken since I last tested. 


    This was printed using Daisydot II to redefine the character set to a custom font, then printed using standard print / bold/ italic controls; there will have been a huge number of ESC/P codes used to print this.




    Once it finished I used Safari on my iPhone to visit the Fujinet web interface and open the PDF, which I then saved to my mac desktop via iCloud.


    43 minutes ago, FreddieBear said:

    All permissions are open for communication between FujiNet , which resides on my iMac, and my Atari.

    Please explain this! Where is your Fujinet?

  9. Any OS-a or OS-b only titles have long ago been patched to work with os-xl, if you find an image that doesn't work, there will be a fixed one around to replace it. 


    Some images require BASIC enabled some require it disabled, most don't care. 

    Some images require PAL, some require NTSC, most don't care.

    Some require 128K of RAM, a few require more, most will work in 64K or less.


    The carts won't take care of these things, I name my files to include the settings they require to run.


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  10. 13 minutes ago, Shannon said:

    Nah that's ok.  I'll stop the discussion.  No need to continue.  I know about the dysfunctional virtual keyboard.  Anywho it functions well enough. I'm just saying that after using several computer based emulators ( Atari 800, Atari St, Amiga, C64) that retroarch could be far better.  That is all.

    I am not a libretro fan, I think it was a nice idea, badly done, that has had the unfortunate side effects of stealing credit from the emulator authors and disincentivizing and stifling emulator development.


    They should have developed the library and then encouraged the emulator authors to support it as a build target, instead they forked all these open source emulators, hacked them up to work with the library and left them.


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  11. 7 hours ago, MrFish said:


    That's pretty impressive. I can't argue with that.


    Where's the order thread, or how could I get one? I didn't see any particular thread in the subforum (on a quick search)?


    There are three people selling them so far, The Brewing Academy and The Vintage computer Center in the USA and Zaxon in Europe. Mozzwald does limited runs of them too if you want one from the designer. 


    After I've finished with the Fujinet NUC+ daughterboard, I'm going to be making an internal Fujinet with pin headers for all the connections/buttons/leds for people who want to mod things and add a fujinet. I'm thinking I might make it as through-hole as possible. 


    This is all possible because Open Source :D :P 


    Meanwhile Dr Sparkz is still unplayable because there has been no fix and the source isn't available for people to fix themselves. 


    NOW how do you feel about "Open Source"? :D :P 


  12. 12 hours ago, Philsan said:

    Ultimate Cart is a good cart but unfortunately it wasn't updated for years.


    Now there are two better options, AVGCart and Side3.


    As written by others, in the first post of Topic for newbies there are some very useful informations on how to load software and on loading devices.


    SIDE 3 can't load CAS files and loads 'most' ATR's but requires Ultimate 1MB to do it. The only device that loads 'everything'* is the AVGCART with SIO cable addon.


    This chart from tmp's site




    Says it all. AVGCART is the only cart to also load a random image if you want and the only one that supports template files.


    AVGCART and SIDE3 are still in active development so cool stuff is coming from FJC regularly just as it does from tmp, I expect they will flip flop back and forth in friendly competition with their feature sets for some time to come but without an SIO cable, the ATR/ATX/CAS loading compatibility of the SIDE3 is never going to compare to the AVGCART with one fitted. As Candle said, he sees the SIDE 3 as a more serious cart for more serious uses, developers ect. The AVGCART is for people who mostly want to load everything, play with it and only use a hard drive occasionally.


    *now I've said 'everything' we guarantee the pedants will pop up with a list of images that don't load for @tmp to fix in the next firmware release. :) 



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  13. 12 hours ago, Shannon said:


    I am very familiar with the atari8000 emulator.  I maintain and compile the xbox version and I can tell you setting it up in retroarch and especially using keyboard based games is a PITA in retroarch.  My xbox version is certainly easier to set up on a game by game basis.  So I think you are very wrong in your assessments.  I am mostly referring to running retroarch on a console based system which mainly relies on controllers and use of keyboards is not that common.  A lot of the internal atari800 functionality is not even accessible from the standard retro-arch option menu.  I have gotten many titles to run just fine on it.   But not as many as I'm able to get running on the xbox version or a PC build of Atari800.  The retroarch version is far more difficult to set-up than it needs to be.  Try running a BIN image without a CART header on it and see just how far you get.  No "true" analog support for 5200 games.  I could make a whole list of things it makes far more difficult than they need to be.  This goes for pretty much every computer based emulator in retroarch.


    So what you're saying is you are getting unsatisfactory emulation for ALL emulated computers in retroarch when you emulate them on a system with no keyboard, especially for keyboard based games? Maybe plug a keyboard in! How would Altirra being in retroarch improve that in any way?


    As I said I wish they would update the atari800 core to the latest version of atari800, it has custom key mapping for most of the common keys now and there are 5200 cart types supported that were recently added. I agree the 5200 emulation doesn't emulate the controllers well, that is a problem with atari800 and the retroarch implementation, and again, without a 10 digit keypad its not ever going to be good. If Altirra were converted to libretro the dev who did it would have to do a better job than they did of atari800 and from past experience, that is unlikely. the libretro devs seem to do the minimum to get a core working and then leave it, just the fact the atari800 core is six years old tells you that.


    Running a BIN image on Altirra does a similar thing to atari800, it asks for the correct cart type before launch. Short answer, don't use non-CAR images, you only have to convert them once. I've posted almost complete collections of CAR images on AA in the past, have a look in the Ultimate Cart threads or the AVGCART threads, they are in there somewhere.


    If you press Y in the atari800 core you get a virtual keyboard, pressing F1 on that will get you the full atari800 menus. Yes, again sloppy programming from team libretro do you really think they would implement all the options in Altirra if they ported it given what they did here?!


    Your issues mostly seem to be with libretro not atari800


    This is off topic, I'm happy to continue the discussion if you like but either make a new thread or take it to PM. 


  14. 1 hour ago, GrizzLee said:

    I have what seems like hundreds of games (disk/cratidges) for my 8bits. I would like to know if there is a one stop cart that supports all the games via SD card (bios differences and all).


    I really want to leave only one of my 8bits hooked up to play without the drives, cassettes, etc..


    I must apologize if there is something. I haven't really followed the 8bit scene that closely. I recently got a an Atarimax for the 5200 and am having a good time with that.

    AVGCART is the only multicart that does everything you want. Wont fit in a 400/800 or 1200XL though


  15. Retroarch's Atari 8-bit emulation is good for everything 'standard'. It only shows its weaknesses for things like U1MB, VBXE, Rapidus emulation. I admit it could do with being updated to use the current mainline atari800 engine as it's lagging behind quite a long way now (2014). 


    barely functional is an unfair description and just shows up your lack of ability to set it up correctly. 

  16. 1 hour ago, Dinadan67 said:

    Interesting, i bought that controller but returned it because the paddle did not work with my 800XL. Do you have a link to the required mod?

    Atari paddles come as a set of two but this controller only has one. 


    Paddles are not labelled paddle 1 and paddle 2 they are labelled Left and Right. By convention it seems Atari VCS programmers used Left as the primary paddle and Atari 400/800 programmers used Right as the primary paddle. So it's not that the paddle didn't work, it's that you were controlling player two's paddle. 


    The small mod is to swap around two wires on the PCB, labelled L-VR and R-VR. You could install a switch if you want to go high end ;) 


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