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  1. Modifications made, test prints printing. I'll be sending a test print to the person who discovered the issue so they can check it's a solved problem before putting the models back online.
  2. Just changing the rotate to happen on button release rather than button press would make all the difference
  3. I think if I remove the yellow bit, make the blue bit deeper and put a block on the lid that rests against the chip it should remain stable but allow any sloppy positioning of the SIO socket. That is assuming the PCB is made to fairly tight tolerances.
  4. An issue has come to light. Look at the pins on the white SIO connector, they are not correctly bent into the slots on the base of the connector, this makes the connector sit a little bit forward of where it should be and that makes the assembly a tiny bit too long for the case. If you are planning to make yourself one of these cases you should probably check that and modify the model for the correct length before you print. I'm thinking about solutions to this problem, but in the meantime I've removed the models from thingiverse
  5. The Fujinet daughterboard for the NUC+ now works, just needs a little tweaking.
  6. I honestly thought the Uno/Ultimate just did what what SIDE3 is doing, just picking the most common cart type for that size of ROM!
  7. Ultimate Cart tries to guess, it doesn't do a bad job for most carts.
  8. Yes you can, but it would be best to convert to CAR. A CAR file is a BIN file with a 16 byte header that tells the multicart (and emulators) what type of cartridge the BIN is from.
  9. That diode fix, fixed the problem for me. Nice to see that you also socketed your FTDI board. The instructions said to solder it in using pin headers but I just couldn't bring myself to do that. I'm glad I was able to unplug it for testing.
  10. Have you connected those L7&L9 wires to the component leads or the PCB where you cut them? It looks from the photo like you've soldered to the components, they are supposed to go to the pcb. Side note: I have myUAV installed incorrectly LOL Just realized I've cut and soldered to the lead on L7&L9 at the bottom not the top!
  11. That's much better, could the dark grey be one more shade darker? Also add one more line of dark at the beginning of the narrow neck to make it look more like the is height there. Here's a thought, if the verticals are that thick, what does it look like if the horizontals are two pixels wide? It will probably be too much but worth a try.
  12. Gotta say this is starting to look too low res now, the details don't really look 3d any more. Dropping the vertical white highlights has really lost something.
  13. Maxflash is the most common type of these I have, followed by Williams then Megacart, Switchable XEGS, and finally SIC! These will all be protos, repros or home made carts of titles that never got an official cart release so the value of some of them given the availability of an exe version is marginal, some are special, a lot of work has gone into some of the conversions. I haven't started on compilations yet, they seem pretty pointless to a multicart user but some of them obviously have a lot of love poured into the menus so they are worth keeping I guess.
  14. I'm cleaning up my cart images for use on my AVGCART and I find I have multiple versions of the same title but in various cart types like Williams, Maxflash, SIC, Switchable XEGS, Megacart. I only want one copy but if I have a choice which one should I keep and why?
  15. Simple little game that is good fun for a few minutes, not a lot of replay value there. Nice music. Nothing to do but watch, cool demo nice catchy sounds. Good game, like a cross between tetris and pipemania. I struggled with the controls being very twitchy making the blocks rotate to the right orientation could be really hard because it seems like autofire is enabled. Could be the emulator or my controller but it made what would have been a high scoring game come out much lower for me.
  16. There are no example images on the disk so here is the title screen and the colour palette
  17. I think, with the lid open, tmps thinner case should also work in a 400/800 https://atariage.com/forums/topic/278212-avgcart/?do=findComment&comment=4539064
  18. To be fair, tmp has released a 3d printable shell for the AVG that does fit the 1200XL (but not the 400/800). Maybe, if the SIDEB uses the same case as the AVG, this 3d printed shell will work there too? Also as has previously been said when this topic assumes zombie status every week, if a flashcart is being used with a 400/800, it's pretty tricky to use the buttons on said cart.
  19. I think both Choplifter and Lode Runner show off what can be achieved with clever use of artifacting.
  20. Thank you for doing it for me, but that just means I still don't know how it's done! Ah I was overthinking it, thanks!
  21. Hate to sound like a noob but how does one do this?
  22. It's safe if you just hang out in my designs https://www.redbubble.com/people/ChoccyHobNob/explore?asc=u&page=1&sortOrder=recent
  23. So does NCOPY N2:TNFSFILE.XEX DAVG1:TNFSFILE.XEX work to copy a file from a remote TNFS server to the local AVG cart disk?
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