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  1. the NUC board is much easier to solder but it does have some shenanigans like this to deal with, for scale, the two yellow lines I drew are where GTIA goes on the other side of the board.
  2. This bit on the Fujinet is a nightmare to do by hand. I don't currently have a hot air gun so I did all this with just an iron and I'll be amazed if it works when I get to test it! For scale, C6, R7, C5, R3, R4, C7, C8, C2 are 1mm x 0.5mm (0.040in x 0.020in) I've since ordered a hot air rework station
  3. To be frank, some of the support requests for the XEL/XLD builds were pretty challenging, not everyone taking the project on is really qualified to do so and that has made supporting them pretty hard work. This build includes SMD devices for the first time and everyone on the team agrees that providing a kit would create a support nightmare for us all. I have argued that we could make the blank PCB available with just a BOM and a notification there there will be no support for it, that if you're not 100% certain you can do it, you shouldn't start. Something along the lines of "This board has been well tested and is known working. Any issues you may have will be with the components or your assembly, once you have thoroughly checked your assembly for issues, please contact your component supplier for support" but even that isn't strong enough for some of the team so it's not likely that position will change for at least a couple of years.
  4. I was going to do that for my XEL once the NUC+ board is done. Just a small board with holes for internal mounting and pin headers for all the connections. I was going to put the SD on the board, you can get extension cables for those.
  5. If you quote a post full of pictures, please do us all a favour and remove the pictures from the quote or we all get to see them twice and it looks like an accidental double post.
  6. I've got a few spares of that connector (I recall I had to order 5 from ebay to get the 1 i needed), PM me your address Sorry I mis-remembered. I have multiple PS2 Keyboard/Mouse connectors, I don't have any of the connector you need, I know @MacRorie from the Brewing Academy will be able to help you out, he has all the XEL parts in stock.
  7. It's certainly good enough for a collectable cart release
  8. Has anyone seen anything from @skr or @holgibo recently? I've was working on something with them but I haven't seen them for weeks now, by the time we get back to it, I'll have forgotten what we've already done!
  9. Your subscription expiry date is printed on the label of your magazine along with your membership number. Look at the date on the last issue you got. I've had mine in midwest usa for a week or more.
  10. https://atari8bit.net/tutorials/de-re-avgcart/#DIY_SIO_Cable_Mod
  11. Right click on the tnfsd.exe and select create shortcut Right click on the shortcut and edit the line labeled target: to include your software path. Double click the icon to run your tnfsd
  12. What holds the two halves together? The surface finish isn’t great but that’s a printer tuning issue, the case itself seems a reasonable model, styling is a personal taste thing.
  13. The back has a monitor port (with svideo and audio) next to that is the PS2 keyboard socket, next to that is a 15way Dsub which is the SIO connector. @mytekwent with the dsub for space reasons. there is an adapter board for those that need it and the pinout follows a common standard for SIO<->Dsub so peripherals are already available for it if you ever feel the need to plug something in. Personally I've been testing with a Fujinet and had no desire to plug anything else in. When the fujinet is internal that will be an unused port on my machine.
  14. The NUC+ is going to have an optional Fujinet daughterboard. It will fit inside the case with all required buttons and sockets exposed. This is going to make the NUC+ a nicely self contained machine. Here is the first beta of the daughterboard, there are a few wrinkles to iron out but the final board will be almost identical to this, minus the dodgy hand soldering of course.
  15. I share everything I make. On Thingiverse for the 3D stuff and on my website https://atari8bit.net/projects/ for everything else.
  16. I've had success with other models using clear (not white) hot glue to fill the led tubes. It's muted/diffused but still clear
  17. Eric Nikolaisen on facebook asked me to make him cases for the Atarimax SIO2PC boards. He was brave enough to send me his boards to model so I said yes. https://www.thingiverse.com/mrrobot6502/designs
  18. Play around with your stereo settings I get half volume if stereo is enabled and mono is playing
  19. Its one of the benefits of using a credit card, it's one of the things you pay for in interest fees, buyer protection.
  20. Contact PayPal and tell them the goods were not delivered, walk through the process, it will get resolved eventually, it make take some time. If you paid by credit card you can also issue a chargeback for undelivered goods with your credit card company, they will take back the money you paid, the company you paid it to then has to sue you for it, not likely if they ripped you off.
  21. Anyone got an ArcadeR joystick from RetroRadionics? https://retroradionics.co.uk/index.html#!/ArcadeR-9-pin-ATARI-standard-Joystick/p/168982750/category=0 I've modded mine to work with this three button mod. I will add a third button at some point, there is a spare header for the third button but for now pushing the function button to swap button 2 between fire 2 and fire 3 is good enough.
  22. As with all Tramiel era Atari decisions, it was all about cost
  23. Maybe it's showing that you can use the SIDEB loader on the AVG if you want? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: Whatever it is it's definitely from the FaceBook comment farming playbook
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