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  1. As with all Tramiel era Atari decisions, it was all about cost
  2. Maybe it's showing that you can use the SIDEB loader on the AVG if you want? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: Whatever it is it's definitely from the FaceBook comment farming playbook
  3. @tmp was OK on Discord a couple of days ago, maybe he's just busy with real life.
  4. This is what TF did with his Amiga accelerator board, he was going to open the hardware after a few months and it got cloned anyway. You are one of the very few, I'd say much less than 1% of people who use my stuff donate. This for example https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4166355 has yet for get a single donation but I get mail about it all the time.
  5. I noticed the other day that the RetroTink is being cloned and is available on Aliexpress now. As a victim of this sort of thing in the past I know how it feels when it happens. When it happened to me I went the other way in response and released all the source files of the project, making it easy for anyone to replicate and hopefully killing the market for the cloner. I still mentally flip-flop between keeping everything private and sharing it all. My desire for people to enjoy the stuff I make is in conflict with the desire to make a little cash to cover the development costs. Relying on donations is not a good way to raise funds, almost no one donates.
  6. @Blues76 My xel has all the same spec (except the covox ), but in a smaller footprint, without a nice case. Stephen and I can both fit a rapidus if we wish, I can also fit a covox like Stephen has. Mine is a challenge to wedge it all in, Stephens has lots of room.
  7. An internal fujinet board for my XEL is on my list of things to do. the reason so much stuff isn’t built in on the xel is because of the space requirements of the case. @mytek designed the xel first and then evolved the design to make the xld. I made my own xel, I did it before the xld was available and had I known the xld was coming, I’d have waited. if you aren’t into building your own thing, I’d say get an xld, the xel feels more like a tinkerer machine, I’m still designing a custom case for mine.
  8. I use Altirra for the emulation of U1MB, VBXE, Rapidus etc. There is very little development of new functionality going into the Atari800 emulator, it's all just bug fixes and tweaks at this point (and even then some bugs are just ignored).
  9. Most mac users are the same, they ask for a version for their operating system and respect the "No" if there is one. That is why they look to wine or fusion to allow them to run Windows software on the mac. No one wants to dual boot, if I were developing something for the Atari on a mac, and I was using mac tools for everything but the emulator which I had to dual boot, I would be constantly rebooting to test something, make notes reboot to update code and compile, reboot to test it again etc.etc. it's not a workable solution. Wine is a workable solution but has big compatibility issues (which Avery puts effort into negating for us) and allows running Altirra on the same desktop as the dev tools, VMWare Fusion is also an option, it can spin up a VM to run just a single app on the mac desktop so if you have a powerful enough mac you can use that (it's even free now for non-commercial use). Linux users can use wine or a VM but they don't get the integration with a VM that mac users do, Android users have no hope. I have a window PC, I use it to run the things I have to run that don't run on a mac, I wish I didn't have to have it but I do. I don't run any leisure software on it, that would be silly, Windows isn't something I enjoy using so I only do it when I have to. Altirra is a leisure app, if I can't run it on my mac I just won't run it. Asking if your operating system is supported is OK, getting the answer "No" is also OK. You seem to be the only one using the religious fanboy hyperbole
  10. It's not "Apple Fanboys", it's people with a different operating system. Now that Windows doesn't have the monopoly share of the marketplace it used to enjoy, if you develop something good that isn't cross platform, some of the first support requests will be for the Android or Mac or Linux or Windows XP (Hi Kyle!) or whatever versions. If Altirra were a macOS project and you only had Atari800Win, you'd be asking for a Windows version.
  11. Jailbars might be your cable. Lot's of technical stuff about that here Once you've got a decent cable, go and read this page Your credit card will forgive your transgression in a few weeks
  12. No idea on when yet, beta testers have just got the parts to start building theirs today. How is from @MacRorie in the USA and @tf_hh in Europe.
  13. @lbaeza I use the word "Prototype" for labels that have space or CXL6502 for those that don't so that it's obvious that the cart wasn't a real production. Stargate actually got a serial number so I used that.
  14. I tried to message @Albert last night but I wasn't allowed to message him so I messaged the Admin team and requested a Fujinet subforum.
  15. If you don't need all the bells and whistles and want something cheaper, this is coming soon(ish) Nowhere to order it yet but discussion is here
  16. XEL https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/1088xel-xld/products/mytek-1088xel XLD https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/1088xel-xld/products/1088xld-by-mytek
  17. Now that more public TNFS servers are coming on line and clients for platforms other than the Atari are starting to appear, I have decided to return my TNFS server back into a private server. Please remove Fujinet.Atari8bit.net from your server lists. Thanks!
  18. Speaking of XEL/XLD... This is a standard XLD Built and tested VBXE/Sophia etc. are extra.
  19. Redbubble have changed the link to this, it's now here
  20. If you put a bootable disk in SDM D1 and nothing in FN D1 you shouldn't need to switch off the fujinet it should just boot from the SDM
  21. Steeplechase, it's one of the best ones. I used to have a bunch of them, they are quite collectable now
  22. I only suggested it 3 hours ago! I thought I'd leave it for a couple of days to see how popular the idea is and if it seems like a wanted thing I was going to ask @Albert
  23. I was just thinking it's about time Fujinet got its own subforum, especially if RespeQT can have one, there is far more chatter for Fujinet now.
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