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  1. Is there any reason you can't use a switch, something like this https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/renesas-electronics-america-inc/QS4A110QG/1916077 to just disconnect the fujinet from the SIO lines? Just thinking out loud
  2. Never have, never will. Digital only or I'll just live without it, there are plenty of other games I can play. I probably shouldn't have hidden the notes to that effect in the edit reason box! You must be talking about Bound cloning the Terrible Fire 536. Apparently JLCPcb had a website vuln and Bound just helped himself to the gerbers for whatever he wanted. The political stuff about postage was all just a smokescreen, he's cloning lots of peoples stuff and purely doing it for profit. I think RetroTink is doing it right, fabbing in China but only providing a testing firmware so you have to upgrade as soon as you buy one.
  3. This is not what I was told by Pete when I asked him if I could return any carts I was unhappy with for some reason. He told me that I was probably a pirate who would buy all the carts, rip them and return them, so no, no refunds for sold carts. I didn't realise he was singling me out, I assumed it was policy.
  4. Yes, sorry again Albert, I was just being hypothetical, not suggesting anyone should do that on your forums.
  5. In the case of Video 61, the one person being robbed is the customer. I fully respect the rights of the small software producer, even yours. I may think you are being a bit of a dick making your point the way that you are, but it's your software, you state it doesn't work with some configurations so it's all fine. We're a small community and no one is getting rich supporting us, anyone who does make things for the community, hardware, software, art, 3d work, spare parts, whatever, should be supported and that includes not ripping off their stuff. Video 61 sells buggy crap, people report the bugs, the bugs don't get fixed, they can't return the buggy cart. Video 61 are ripping off their customers at that point. They aren't the small producer that needs supporting any longer, just lazy crooks. Would it be better if one of their customers dumped the cart and asked for help fixing the bugs and then sent the cart image via PM to anyone who offers to help? Or are you just saying "HAHA you bought a lemon, tough shit"?
  6. Not surprised at this response given that you deliberately break your software if a user tries to run it on an upgrade you don't like, then demand the fixes get removed from any forum where a fix is posted. Compared with the Amiga and C64 scenes the Atari scene is a paragon of virtue, it's only the bad actors who still think the Atari scene is rife with piracy and unauthorized hacking.
  7. Yeah, sorry, probably not a good idea to do that here, sorry Albert!
  8. He is making it sound legal and threatening, remember it's just two people robbing the Atari community and feeling outrage when people notice. People in this community respect the rights of others (mostly. it gets a bit hairy around CC/FOSS). This makes the community a target for people like lance and peter who release buggy crap and never fix it. Personally I think if people release buggy software and don't fix it in a reasonable period of time (two years is WAY more than reasonable) it is fine to dump the cart and post it here for the community to fix. You've done everything you can to get a working product from them but still don't have it, it seems fair to ask for help from others at that point.
  9. Most terminal programs have a phone book built in. I was going to add a bunch of good BBS's to them on the comms disks on my TNFS server but when I asked for some good BBS's I got no answers so I didn't bother.
  10. Disk Images: Common(ATR/ATX), Less Common(ATR.GZ/DCM/XFD/XFD.GZ/SCP/PRO) Tape Images: Common(CAS), Less Common(HEX/WAV/OGG/FLAC) Cart Images: Common(BIN/CAR), Less Common(ROM) (Also ROM is used for dumps of Firmware as well as Cart Images) Binary executables: Common(XEX), Less Common (EXE/COM/OBJ (And any other extension you like)) There's also the wrinkle that COM files on SpartaDOS X are loaded differently than EXE files.
  11. @mozzwald sorry! I was typing while you were! That was easy!
  12. It looks like you insulted @tschak909 so it's him you should apologise to, then ask @jaybird3rd to unblock you We're a community of fellows, not a bunch of adversaries. You could have been a (very welcome) part of the fujinet project, instead you chose a different path and come out of this with a free (but now redundant) beta fujinet, looking like a dick. There is nothing stopping you (and I think everyone would like it) if you just apologise to @tschak909 for the insulting stuff you said, apologise to @mozzwald for acting like a dick, and started to join in with making this device live up to its potential along with the rest of the team.
  13. on the terminal screen, type AT and hit return if it replies OK you are in the right place type ATDTbbs.fozztexx.com and hit return
  14. OK this is the permalink to the tweet where the image is posted. https://twitter.com/speccynostalgia/status/1317025403442167808 I posted both of your pics as replies to that tweet. Experienced twitter users know to only reply to the first tweet in a thread but it can quickly get derailed.
  15. I've posted yours as well annoying thing about twitter threads is the way comments can get lost in sub threads
  16. We were too slow, someone else posted an atari800 pic, this is now the representative example of the atari 8bit
  17. If you've looked at the thread there are a couple of 8-bit systems that do a great job of this image, but it really doesn't start to look accurate until the 16-bit era. I hope the Atari can change that
  18. This thread on Twitter is currently showing off graphics from various computers and no one has posted an Atari 8bit example yet. Here's the control image, what can we do with that?
  19. I was wondering about that! +++ should return you to command mode, ath should hang up here is the hayes command set and s registers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayes_command_set The most common implementation after hayes I would guess would be US Robotics, everybody had a courier or one of its sequels bitd I've attached the courier manual with all the & and % codes in it. USRCourier-Manual.pdf
  20. There's a dos2.5 on fujinet.atari8bit.net with disks 1-4 enabled
  21. Seems there is a bug in TNFSD, the server daemon, which causes it to reject new connections once 255 unique connections have been made. @mozzwald just told me about it and had me reboot my server. Try fujinet.atari8bit.net again, it should be ok now. I've added a cron job to reboot the box every day until there is a bug fix for the daemon.
  22. Completely invalidating the entire thread as it was @BIGHMWs only reason for choosing the 65XE over the XEGS Good job everyone!
  23. Yeah, OK that does look like something is wrong. I wonder if I've got drivers installed I didn't know about from some other arduino project in the past. I'll look into it. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into this!
  24. All these things can, and if the membership info appearing two issues ago is an indication, they eventually will improve. Improvements will get made (I hope) but they are a small team with few offering to help so it's not going to be a fast process. You could argue (though I won't ) that repeating the same info every issue is a waste of space that more valuable content could fill. Most British print magazines in my youth had subscription info on the contents or editorial page in a thin strip down one side with all the credits and © notices. Really hard to find but that's where it lived. Here's a random Antic issue
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