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  1. Yeah, OK that does look like something is wrong. I wonder if I've got drivers installed I didn't know about from some other arduino project in the past. I'll look into it. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into this!
  2. All these things can, and if the membership info appearing two issues ago is an indication, they eventually will improve. Improvements will get made (I hope) but they are a small team with few offering to help so it's not going to be a fast process. You could argue (though I won't ) that repeating the same info every issue is a waste of space that more valuable content could fill. Most British print magazines in my youth had subscription info on the contents or editorial page in a thin strip down one side with all the credits and © notices. Really hard to find but that's where it lived. Here's a random Antic issue
  3. Splitters! They charge money and make things the members are all partial owners in the club, they elect leaders. There does need to be _some_ framework for the club. In Germany there is a strict legal one (it _IS_ Germany, would you expect anything less!). In America they would be a foundation or social club and for IRS purposes they would need to become a 501(c)(7) but because of American Freedom the rules are only about the actions they have to take to maintain the tax exempt status.
  4. Get an AVGCART instead of an Ultimate Cart, that is controllable with a joystick.
  5. international it's probably easier to use paypal, send a message to @skr and ask because it doesn't seem to be on the abbuc website anywhere
  6. This is one of the problems, the wording is now set in the invitation, the virtual AGM is going to be for voting only there won't be the scope to debate or discuss like there is usually. I think I'd be in favour of scrapping the entire statute and writing a new one for the future, I'd do it as soon after the AGM as possible and have an entire year to discuss, argue, tune and correct before voting on the final one at the following AGM, it may end up including a lot of the existing rules but it would all have been revised and tuned. There is too much scope for unintended consequences by chipping away at 35 year old rules. The other point I was trying to make on the Abbuc forums was that the more general these rules are the better I like it, it feel like we're tying the new team down just as they are starting to get up to speed. How dumb is it that they can't offer a new service or discontinue an unused one without having to wait for the AGM and proposing it? It should basically say you give us fees (see separate fee schedule) we will use that money to make things for you and pay for the administration of those things. (see separate list for the current benefits your membership fee provides). There doesn't need to be much more, maybe term limits for the roles and a re-election process and a link to member rules and netiquette that covers delinquent payments and behaviour standards etc. and a link to the last years finances showing a proper p&l report. The content of the other separate documents can be announced debated and agreed in the forums.
  7. yes you get access to the members area with all the previous issues, software/hardware library etc etc
  8. German isn't my first language and I'm entirely dependent on Google translate so I may be getting confused (I probably am, I'm sure I will get corrected) I only skimmed the existing statutes (which are here http://www.abbuc.de/abbuc/satzung) but I will be making sure I've read and understood them and the proposed changes before the vote at the AGM in November which will now be online so people in other countries are actually able to vote for the first time without travelling to Germany to do so. It's all in the wording. Tomato/Tomaato as you say but words matter in legal documents. If the club members get a quarterly disk magazine with free insert and they opt out of the disk, what becomes of the free insert? How free is it when it's no longer attached to the disk? If the membership fees go down because everyone opts out of the disk, how do they continue to fund the production of the free insert? The stuff about 3 months in arrears is already in the statues; they are proposing to change from a monthly to an annual fee (and alter the wording of everything around that) which seems fine but a lot of people are ok with 2.60 a month won't be happy with 32.00 a year, a few members may even have forgotten about the monthly payment and pointing it out to them may earn the club a cancellation. Both of these things, again will reduce income to some extent. The PD library stuff is worrisome; they call the library a PD library but are now talking about the copyrights of the software in it. If there are copyrights to the software in the PD Library, it's not PD any longer. It may be freeware or CC or Open Source but it's not PD. They would have to change the name of the library to Software Library and allow that the © owner has the right to remove software from the library, would this be retroactive? If the disks are no longer PD, the members no longer have the legal right to copy the disks and share with other people and would have the responsibility of gaining permission from all the authors for any duplication. Most people I'm sure won't care but some will, especially if they ever decide they have an axe to grind with Abbuc or its admin.
  9. Can you believe they still have members who still have a standing order for 5DM a month! Not even the right currency since 2002
  10. They don't even have an email address for every member and not every member uses the forums. The only way to reach everyone is by mail. Maybe if they replaced the date on the envelope with a large bold statement that your membership is due for renewal. They also have people who pay years in advance and other people who pay monthly. The monthly people would always have the bold statement on their envelope which is understandably not acceptable. It's not a subscription, it's a membership that comes with a free disk magazine (which is also on paper now) and other benefits. The proposal is to stop access to the benefits (including the magazine) after three months of missed fees until the member catches back up. If they no longer wish to be a member of the club they still have to pay any arrears before they can leave. They are also proposing that members get to opt out of receiving a physical disk (going digital only) because disks are getting hard/expensive to find. There's also some stuff about the address of the club and a bunch of stuff about the PD library and the software in it. All these things are IMHO bad for the club but there is so little engagement in the club processes (or even the forums there) that they may get passed with little scrutiny.
  11. Do you have an SD card in your Fujinet yet? If not put one in there, it will save settings to the SD instead of the SPIFFS so you can edit it with a text editor and back it up, stuff like that. The Fujinet is pretty much at the mercy of the ESP32 for its wifi handling, reliability etc. If Espressive don't make it work well there isn't a lot the FN devs can do. Best we can hope for is for the firmware to be very forgiving of errors and have as much auto fault correction as possible. When I started playign with Fujinet right back at the beginning before we were even using ESP32 modules I had real issues getting it connected to my wifi when everyone else seems to have no problem at all. It took a lot of network reconfiguration to get a good reliable connection from the ESP32 but now it's solid as a rock. I think the ESP internal code is just a bit over picky.
  12. We've seen this a few times lately, it seems to come down to network quality, fixes were things like moving the computer to another room, waiting until the wifi was less crowded etc. Make sure you don't have dual 2.4 and 5ghz antennas with the same ssid's, it's known the cause issues getting a connection. after all that, yes, if the fujinet has a network problem and drops the network (the white light goes off) it will reset. That, I think, is something that needs some more work.
  13. You should change that to fujinet.atari8bit.net, the tnfs subdomain will be disappearing soon.
  14. Solution for all 400/800 users https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3593159 Solution for all 1200XL users https://www.bitsofthepast.com/?product=1200xl-cartridge-port-extension
  15. Whichever of your devices has a bootable disk in the D1 slot will boot when you switch on. Example Put a DOS2.5 disk in Fujinet D1 Put a Blank Disk in SDrive-MAX D2 Put a Data disk in SIO2SD D3 Turn on... Now you can use the DOS booted on Fujinet to copy files from the SIO2SD on D3 to the Blank Disk on SDrive-MAX D2 If you are talking about full disk images it's probably easier to just copy the files from one SD card to the other on a PC but there is nothing stopping you from running a sector copier on the Fujinet D1 and using it to copy a disk in D2 on your SDrive to a blank disk in D3 on the Fujinet
  16. I know how you feel. #ThoughtsAndPrayers
  17. This looks like you have the wrong usb device selected, I'd need the full command line you used and the list of all your usb devices. I've used the arduino sdk bundled avrdude to program that uno model on mojave and catalina with no issues so it's likely a workflow issue. This does sound like bad calibration, as @toddtmw says, try pressing the screen as you power it up to trigger the recalibration routine.
  18. No one in their right mind posts an email address on a web page nowadays! The spam problem is bad enough without publicising a valid address to send junk to. What problems were you hitting when you followed the instructions on the page? I documented the steps I took to program the uno as I wrote the docs, I even looked for simpler ways to do it as most people doing it aren't particularly technical, hence the use of gui based flashers where available. What issues did you encounter?
  19. esptool needs python 3.4 or newer and python 3.4 runs on xp Have you tried to get it working? I mean, you are the only one who wants it, so, it's pretty much up to you to get it working.
  20. Welcome to the forums! At the bottom of every page there is a footer with links to contact the author, including the (highlighted) link to his AtariAge profile. But it's my website so that would be me, what can I do for you?
  21. I didn't notice the basic cart getting inserted when I clicked the enable basic button. when you start up as an 800 and click on load basic, it inserts the basic cart and disables the button, if you then switch to a 130xe it leaves the basic cart inserted and reboots, reenabling the disable basic button. if you eject the basic cart it reboots with basic disabled but the button says disable basic not enable basic, clicking the button disables basic (even though it was already disabled, the option to enable basic is never displayed)
  22. Does anyone ever get stuff packaged in popcorn? My wife orders a lot of stuff from the west coast and quite a lot of it is packaged with popcorn. I'm going to assume its popped using hot air, not oil. We don't eat it but it seems a nice way to avoid flo-pak
  23. How do I pass command line arguments to Atari800MacX? I'm trying to open the emulator like this open -a Atari800MacX --args -basic -xl -nopatchall -disk MAG130A.ATR The emulator is opening and inserting the correct disk but it's ignoring the other arguments. If I load a disk and then click on Enable Basic, it does it but blanks the button Changing the computer type to 130XE will reboot the atari and refresh the button so "Disable Basic" appears but clicking the Disable Basic button forces a reboot but doesn't disable basic.
  24. The only bit of my post that was a joke was the word "Girth" tbh, I was pretty serious about the rest. It seems incredible that they would pay to have the injection moulds for the cart tunnel made and not have them the same size. I guess it has something to do with how manual everything was back then, we didn't have robots making everything to to within a a couple of mils like we do now. @MaPa congratulations btw. I've had some of my jokes crash and burn on here but I've never had people make new avatars because of it! Well done!
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