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  1. Yes, step one is to get a couple of working 1088xel's then buy the addons over time to pimp them out, I'd do vbxe first, I have a destination in mind if it doesn't work in the 1088. If that goes well, then a rapidus as well. I understand the risks of them not having been tested (although I did follow along with the design process making space for them and giving them headers) so *fingers crossed* I won't come hunting you down if I buy something niche, plug it into something else niche with another three niche boards already in it and find that they don't all play well together. 1088XEL + U1MB + UAV + VBXE + RAPIDUS... What could go wrong‽ Maybe inadvertently create Skynet I suppose!
  2. This is the comment I was talking about, http://atariage.com/forums/topic/270929-fully-upgraded-system-and-side2-partitioningatr-swapping/?do=findComment&comment=3866835which as you say is about the rapidus in concert with the most popular addons which is what I said when I was talking about them being a bit of a mission to get working together. It makes me a bit wary of trying it in a 1088xel, especially as you say, it's never been tested before. It's going to take me a while (chronologically and financially) to get the two I'm building done so I won't be testing any time soon!
  3. I have Bryans UAV in my 800xl and it is indeed excellent. I've got 2 1088xel's to build and I plan to stick a VBXE in one of them, I was sure I'd read on AA somewhere (in fact from FJC) that the three boards together were always a bit of a mission to get working reliably (that was in a 130XE). It's a lot of extra cash to blow on something that maybe wont work well but if I'm going to go all out and pimp one of these I will probably get a rapidus too! I need to read more about Sophia, maybe for the other one.
  4. I'd imagine that with all these 1088XEL's being created, the number of VBXE equipped Atari's will be going up quite a bit. Did I read somewhere that Rapidus+VBXE+U1MB was really hard to get all working together?
  5. Scarcity creates value, if something is rare it's worth more. I see where peteym5 is going wrong, he thinks the game has value because it's a game. It's just a bunch of 1's and 0's. The stuff that has value is the cart, box, instructions, pack-in goodies and all the other stuff that collectors love to collect. Those are rare. The game itself, not so much. It has value as a 'thing' but because its scarcity is effectively nil, it's endlessly duplicatable, the value is not that high. People who care about collecting will be willing to pay a premium for all the physical stuff, people who just want to play the game would be willing to blow 5 or 10 $currency; on it but not the amount required to own the scarce goods. People who want the cart will buy it whether there is a digital version out there or not, the 1's and 0's are not the important bit for them. It seems to me that Video61 could make a few extra $currency; with a digital release without impacting the collectors market at all. With the size of the Atari scene as it is, it seems foolish to not maximise the opportunities for making a little extra cash, if that is your 'thing'
  6. I figured there was history with Peter. In my short time here so far I have seen that there is a core of helpful people, surrounded by a bunch of people who have strong opinions and not a lot else to offer. I'm lurking and learning, I should probably lurk more before chipping in!
  7. Wow, you guys are harsh! I got stomped on for actually trying someones linux disk image yesterday and saying that it didn't offer anything new. Here you all are ripping this guy to shreds based on just some youtube videos! :/ It's taking me a while to acclimate to this forum.. I'll get there.
  8. I tred it in an emulator, it works ok. It's an XL not an XE rom so no extra ram test boxes. I shall put this on my 1088XEL's U1Mb Thanks!
  9. Could I use this if I installed it in a slot on the U1MB?
  10. You never said anything. Just maybe someone wants to try it you didnt even say what it was. If not for the topic title no one would have any idea. The linked website said that you wanted donations to be incentivised to make updated versions. Thats what the folks picked up on.
  11. In my brief time as a member of these forums I have been spoken too far 'classier' than I spoke here. I learned the tone of this place from the long term users here. The OP didn't post any information about the iso, no one wanted to go through the grief of finding out what it was. I grabbed it, took a couple of screenshots and described what it was... That's called a PSA. Now I'm uploading the damn thing for a couple of people who want a copy, eating my bandwidth and my Mega space. This is way more fuss than a copy of atari800 and a chunk of the tosec romset is worth. I'm calling it penance for being too blunt earlier.
  12. No login required, it just boots slax, logs in as the default user and starts atari800. All the roms are included in a ~/roms directory. Looks like a chunk of the TOSEC set. There is a Grey&Black Atari boot logo and a Black&Grey Wallpaper (see my earlier screenshot for the latter.
  13. I have it here if you want it... you don't
  14. I used to have these 5¼ inch disk boxes that held 10 disks and had a lever on the front that when rotated would push up a wedge shaped thing inside so the disks would pop up like in the pic you posted of the tree with the disks in. I just had a flash of memory, thanks for that! They had an outer cover that rotated all the way around to form a stand.
  15. No. Nothing to do with me! It looks like someone spent 20 mins setting up a cut down slax linux with a copy of atari800 and bundled a bunch of © software and a config file with it. The configured Atari has 192K of RAM which is pretty special! I can't see why _anyone_ would want or need to run this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. OK, thanks! So with a 16GB CF card I could have the max number of APT partitions (126) each the max size allowed (32MB) and still have a 127th partition formatted to FAT32 of ~12GB to use for XEX and ATR files? And everything would happliy read this? I ask because on the Amiga side there is a 4GB limit on the CF cards you can use. I'm not much bothered by the amount of space, As DrVenkman says, "everything" fits in less than a GB. But a 16GB card is $16, a 4GB card is $40!
  17. Is there a limit to the size of CF card that can be used? I see all the 1GB and 4GB cards in the pics here but 16GB cards are actually cheaper.
  18. As an absolute last resort, I've used a pin drill and fingertips to drill the solder out in the past. Be v.careful, use an undersized pin drill, go slow.
  19. I learned to draw on a CX-77. I still remember the feeling of the tip of that stylus as it bumped over the wires under the tablet surface. Tablet technology has come a long way, my current tablet is an entirely different beast! That clear plastic cover is supposed to be on all the time, its like a screen protector for your phone, stops the tablet getting trashed. It was liftable so you could put art under it to trace, not so you could remove it. I'm amazed that these are still available new and I will be ordering one from best as a gift for my 1088XEL
  20. Wow that's a terrible rip-off of the Japanese NES, AKA Famicom!
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