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  1. Not sure if this has been posted (didnt remember seeing it). Great blog post from Nerdy Pleasures about the Mega Sg with some interesting details about its development. http://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-analogue-mega-sg-preview-of-next.html
  2. Glad to know theres still interest. No need to apologize. Take care of yourself!
  3. Just noticed that Analogue dropped the price of the Black Nt mini by $50 (still sold out, of course) to match the price of the newly labeled Classic silver version.
  4. The Intellivison core for the Nt mini for one
  5. From a few of the articles Ive read, it sounds like Sega CD support is built into the FPGA. So, with a jailbreak, wouldnt that mean you shouldnt need the Sega CD attached to play the ISOs? Also, its been suggested that the goal is to have 32X support eventually implemented into the FPGA. This seems unrealistic given that the Super Nt doesnt support any of the more complicated expansion chips.
  6. I would wait to see what the inevitable jailbreak offers if such a product is released.
  7. Doesnt look like NT Minis are getting another production run anytime soon. https://twitter.com/analogue_co/status/978983514145153025?s=21
  8. Yes, this appears to be the case as my Star Fox 2 cart loaded without having to unplug the controller.
  9. Yes you can, they still show up on the main screen.
  10. My Star Fox 2 cart now works like a charm without having to fiddle with the controller. Thanks, Kevtris!
  11. I will test this as soon as I get home from workEdit: Ill be testing using a Stunt Race FX cart that has the SNES Classic ROM of Star Fox 2 flashed on it. It worked on the older firmware as long as I didnt have a controller plugged in upon boot
  12. https://twitter.com/smokemonstertwi/status/962707765067177985 Jailbreak confirmed?
  13. Im having the same issue with mine. I would happily loan it to you if youre interested.
  14. If you contact Analogue about this, they will send you a new power supply. Mine originally did the same thing, and the new power supply completely resolved the buzzing/hissing sound.
  15. My Life In Gaming: So yes, a Super Nt episode is indeed in the works! This is final hardware, but we can now say that we've been testing out a prototype since December! https://twitter.com/mylifeingaming/status/957000091398746113 Perhaps this is where the confusion stems from? Seems like some have had access to prototypes since December, but are just now receiving final units for review.
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