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    Everything i post for sale is fully functional, from my personal collection and receives regular use.
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  1. Selling my personal Bally Astrocade. 15 game's 2 controllers instructions owner's manual basic cart overlays. Haven't posted it to eBay. Taking reasonable offers.
  2. Selling my personal ti99/4a. 2 carts Literature cib. Taking reasonable offers.
  3. eBay Item Number: 122928437208 Ebay seller: Prewarjunkie
  4. eBay Item Number: 122928449313 ebay seller: Prewarjunkie
  5. eBay Item Number: 192435479336 Ebay seller: prewarjunkie This is my personal Intellivision collection. Mattel Intellivision2, CIB 27 boxed game's with instructions and overlays, 2 loose game's, voice synthesis module, aftermarket joystick controller attachments, controller circuit matrix with paperwork straight from Mattel and Mattel licensed power supply
  6. It works perfectly. I apologize for not putting that in description. Everything I put up for sale work's. I'm in the process of downsizing big time. I have not been receiving notifications. Like it said . This and anything else I post is fully functional and receives regular use.
  7. eBay Item Number: 192435479336This is my personal Intellivision collection. Mattel Intellivision2, CIB 27 boxed game's with instructions and overlays, 2 loose game's, voice synthesis module, aftermarket joystick controller attachments, controller circuit matrix with paperwork straight from Mattel and Mattel licensed power supply. Boxed CIB TITLE'S- B-17 Bomber Space Spartans Mission X Microsurgeon Deamon attack Night stalker Frog bog Lock and chase Advanced dungeons and dragons Sea battle Armor battle Triple action Pitfall Tron maze-a-tron NFL FOOTBALL NBA BASKETBALL NHL HOCKEY Major league baseball Auto racing Las Vegas poker & blackjack Tron deadly discs Burgertime Donkey Kong Space battle Space hawk Space armada Star strike Loose titles- Carnival Snafu.
  8. Posted to EBay. eBay item number:192432666898 LAPTOP NOT INCLUDED! Atari 800 xl 8bit home computer with DIY SIO2PC cable, 1050 disk drive, official power supplies for disk drive and system, manuals with Av connector, warranty cards and other literature, 15 floppies half licensed and 4 cartridges. List of licenced floppies- Atari writer Plus Program disk 130xe version Atari 810 / 1050 Master diskette II Atari proof reader dictionary disc Atari basic program Unlicensed- Soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, kickball ,Bristol's, hero, Quasimodo 2 Galahad ,tank commander countermeasure ,Springer, Lazer Gate ,oil wells ,River Rat, bus Quest quad run, quicks ,Porky's, cave Lord Pogo man, and counter, mr. Do ,Bruce Lee Sea Wolf, equestrian ,electrician, womper Stomper , fire Fleet, juice Legacy 2 ,Livewire Zeppelin, Dimond mine bug attack ,Shadow world , Boulderdash ,crystal Castle, rainbow wacker, hard hat Willy ,Stratus ,ghost chaser, past finder flip flop ,football, Fort apocalypse Lost Tomb ,spelunker, Valley Speedway, Speedway blast, Pole Position ,Pole Position designer Pit Stop ,Hazzard run, USA road race, New York ,Mario Brothers, jungle Hunt mr. Robot ,Pac-Man ,Miss Pac-Man, super Pac-Man ,Donkey Kong ,Donkey Kong Junior ,super Breakout Frogger ,Leopold ,Avalanche ,,centipede ,Buck Rogers ,Moon Patrol, alien ambush ,Missile Command ,space shuttle, jawbreaker 2 and 3 ,jumbo jet pilot, Jumpman Junior ,JetBlue Jack ,fobos ,picnic paranoia ,Pinhead ,Ozzy's Orchard ,trick track ,Captain Cosmos ,Neptune's daughter ,Captain Bible.
  9. Posted to eBay eBay item number:192432655480
  10. Arkanoid vAus controller n64 15 game's nes and GameCube posted to eBay. eBay item number:122923473623
  11. I have one posted on eBay eBay Item Number: 122923482390
  12. Posted on Ebay My personal Atari 2600 light sixer with 2-3 channel selector. Power supply, 2 joysticks, a paddle controller, Video game brain RGA-1360, 103 cartridges no duplicates, 50 eproms plus adapter, 15 CIB title's a few of them are NIB, instruction manuals, owner's manual and other literature, The Atari game console box is Just A Box. A few rare title's and cartridge variations. Boxed title's- NIB- Gravitar Football Real sports baseball Battlezone Super Football CIB- Football Home run Juman Cannonball Jungle Hunt Joust Pole Position Miss Pac-Man galaxian Frogger Kangaroo. LOOSE- Cosmic ark Star Voyager demon attack riddle of the Sphinx gangsters Alley dragster Tapper Spy Hunter Star Trek -Flanged variant GI Joe Popeye Super Mario Brothers Pitfall Pitfall 2 Grand Prix Frogger 2 three deep Spider-Man Superman- Red text label Laser-blast Mega mania front line Donkey Kong jr. Qbert Crossbow Spitfire attack Mash Enduro- Blue Label skate boardin fast food coco nuts Space jockey Fun with numbers Basic math Speedway II Target fun Chopper command Hangman Congo bongo Yars revenge Dragon fire Pele soccer Bowling Space War Surround Space Invaders Planet Patrol Dodgem Mouse trap Atlantis- Day label Sky jinks Star wars Plaque attack I'm probably leaving a few out. Please refer to images. EPROMS- Dodgem ,Casinos, circus attack ,Donkey Kong, trickshot ,Frogger ,Custer's Revenge ,bridge, video chess, Grand Prix, Maze Craze,Pac-Man,barnstorming, warplock,Atari Checkers,Cosmic swarm, demons to diamonds, Diamond attack, surround, Stellar track, circus, Superman, inferno, Star Wars, human Cannonball, Golf, Street racer, skyjinks, barnstorming, night driver, laser-blast, Kaboom, baseball, Canyon bomber, slot racer, codebreaker, brain games, Checkers, surround, bowling, Stampede, concentration, freeway, breakout, space combat fishing derby skeet shoot skydiver Haunted House basic program Adventure space Chase Earth World super challenge baseball armor Ambush super breakout encounter Vanguard Crypt of chaos submarine command firefighter Defender star Voyager yars Revenge haunted house riddle of the Sphinx copper command Star Master football video chess skydiver 3D tic-tac-toe Warlords copter command backgammon Pitfall bezerk Missile Command Casino Space Invaders dragster Donkey Kong Dodge on ice h
  13. Well I finally registered to this excellent site. I find myself on AtariAge afew times a day. I'm happy to finally register. I'm a HUGE 2600 and all things Atari enthusiast. I've had a joystick in my hands since 1981. Thank you for having me. Pleasantries aside. I just posted some gems of my personal collection to ebay. I thought I would let the awesome people's on this site know. If you would like to check out my listing, have any criticisms or welcome me to this site just message me. Again, Thank you for having me. Richard Joseph Pierre III P.S. I also have a huge Commodore 64 listing up as well. . Feel free to visit http://r.ebay.com/BG7AfT Also http://r.ebay.com/LwZm6z
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