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  1. you still have not understood you will buy this new Atari VCS 2020 lol lol
  2. indiegogo : Maxime Boissard less than a minute ago I don’t understand, my message deleted ? why it disturbs or it is wrong ? second pre-sale at E3 confirmed by M Frederic Chesnais Hope demonstration of Atari VCS with Games and Leader Partner ( during the E3 )
  3. yes I'm sorry to believe on this project, apologise, but I'm a dreamer ... we have opinion differente, but it's true, if you want boys I leave this forum, no problem au revoir
  4. staRt the viedo at 23 min until 25 min ( 2 min about Atari VCS )
  5. Watch this video and after we can talk https://www.redeye.se/live/atari-9-april CEO say second Pre-sale on the E3 2019
  6. nop, the message is still there
  7. yep I was in Punta Cana during 2 weeks and I have open my eyes ... Atari play with us ... and I'm tired ... always soon, very soon, pretty soon, but Nothing ... No Atari Token, no Games, No blockchain Virt-U ... ... I'm shareholder and I'm boring
  8. ? We don't know yet, so wait the 19th march please ;0) 9 days ...
  9. if nothing about Atari during the GDC 2019, I will sell my share ( Atari ) and quite this forum and apologize for my madness ;0)
  10. ok merci for your answer so you believe in the google project, it's interesting the Yeti project seems solid and reliable, so we'll see March 19th what they offer as a console
  11. it's not because Google can do it that Atari can do it too the 2 companies have a completely different size, do not compare please
  12. racer ok I understand that you do not believe in the Atari VCS project, but my question is : do you believe in the project Google Yeti (project Stream) ? ( and simply answer the question thank you )
  13. Google and Atari are not the masters of the game they are united to finalize a project I think that Infinity network has united a lot of people to achieve their platform finally we'll see
  14. I'm not worried, personally I think Google is the Leader industrial partner and we will be the march 19th at 10 am :0) for information the project is complex and it's normal to have deadlines, secret things people are impatient and do not even do research before talking, I drop and come greet you the march 19th :0)
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