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  1. Cool , I really like it . And this opens the door for more features. Maybe CAS Images can this way also supported @tmp do all hardware revision support this extensions or do we need a specific one?
  2. I am interested in 1-2 pieces regards Thomas
  3. I find out that version V0.8 of the firmware are out and is downloadable from the home page of the project.
  4. works here with firmware a014 test on 800XL Ultimate1MB (newest FJC firmware)
  5. I finaly made it after i had to order new diodes. My SDRIVE-MAx runs with a shottky diode of the type 1N5817 in the 5V line and a BAT85 in the Data Input - TxD line. I test it with my 800XL with Ultimade1MB with a power converter from the Abbuc the SDRIVE-MAX was directly connected to the computer. I test it with ATR images like RealDOS up to POKEY divisor 0 , BIBODOS,... and with .CAS file like GREENBERRET,AIRWOLF,TRUST and THE DOMAIN OF THE UNDEAD.
  6. It will work without the diode if its the only device that is connected to the Atari, but you or more audrino get in trouble if xou connected together with other devices like Diskdrives. I suggest to use the SIO2SD modifications with a shotky diode like BAT50, that have only a voltage drop of 0.2V. An a powerup Resistor on the audruio side I will test this in a week because i an now on a vacation trip.
  7. I test again with the version i downloaded yesterday. Same result pdm.exe loader screen get overwritten in parts over the only part thats still is ok is the upper part with "PDM PLAYER". during the search you can see that the clock symbol get updated. I am not able to select a entry and it not matter if i start it form the SIDE2 loader or the Ultimate1MB loader. Sorry at the moment i am not able to make a screenshot.
  8. H i test it on real hardware an it works great. But if you press a key the auto search function starts and the screen get overwritten with data and the loader crash. Regards Thomas
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