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  1. Thanks! So for example, if I wanted to run the signal for just the fire button on the Wico Trackball to the arduino for testing, I would want the track ball plugged into the wall, and I'd send the signal out of Pin 4, say into a bread board, then have the signal go through a 1N914 diode and then go into the arduino? Or are those diodes only used for the atari converter? I'm still new to electronics, so if this involves more work than I can accomplish in the week before my project is due I'll just do something else. Appreciate the reply
  2. Hey all, I'm working on a project for one of my graduate classes, just making a little game on the PC and I thought it would be fun to use the Wico Trackball to control it since I have on lying around, and an arduino (which can communicate with unity). I have one of these and can get a Sega Genesis controller to send digital signals to an arduino just fine using the pinouts I found online. I can't find any pinouts for the Wico Trackball, but it seems like people think it works the same as the TI's Joysticks. But when I look at the pinout and follow that, nothing seems to register. I even tried using the TI's Joysticks but that didn't work either. Looks like the TI handles it's inputs a bit differently than the genesis, as it doesn't seem to have a 5V in or ground pin. Any thoughts on this? Is it even possible to get readings to send to my arduino? Should I just give up? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Good to know. I'll probably make a separate post when I actually get that far. I know Parsec has speech in it, so I assume it must be possible to do since that game just runs from a cart
  4. Thanks, this is super duper helpful. I think the commented source code will be especially helpful for me!
  5. Hey all, Not sure if you remember me, but I used to be on the threads here a bunch 2 years ago. From what I understand I'm quite a bit younger than most of you (early 20's) and life kind of got in the way (finishing college finding a job etc.) so I didn't have time to play around with old computers and such recently. However I am feeling incredibly ambitious now that I have some more time and I was wondering how you all would recommend learning assembly? I played around a lot with extended BASIC and I really want to have full reign now. Are there any specific books you recommend? I have the editor assembler/nano PEB and voice synthesizer. Another question I have is: If you are programming in assembly, can you access the speech synthesis without any extra disks or carts? Or do you need a program (or perhaps to create a program) that can synthesize speech? Thanks so much all!
  6. Hey all, A little under a year ago my friend and I were working on developing a game using TI Extended BASIC, a nano PEB and Barry Boone's speedy loading speech synthesis disk code. Unfortunately the best working build of ours got corrupted and we were pretty discouraged from continuing. We've moved onto other things, but I managed to find a bunch of the files scattered on different locations across my computer and decided to compile all of the footage into one place. The video is just any material that we had used before we gave up. We're thinking about making a similar game using something that's easier to program on than a TI99/4a ahaha. Here's the link if you want to watch it: LIIINNKK The footage is recorded using a capture card from my real TI, no emulators. We coded a lot of it on the TI itself until we realized how much easier it was to code on a modern computer then upload the code using the nano PEB. I just wanted to share our progress with someone and I figured someone on here might appreciate some of the work we put in (hence why the video is unlisted). Don't feel like you have to watch the whole video, it's pretty long, I just wanted to put everything that we had done into it. We won't be pursuing this project any further, I just didn't want our progress to be lost to time. Thanks!
  7. OMG I feel like such an idiot AHAHA. Thanks SO MUCH! EA#5 was it!
  8. That's where I'm running into issues. Even on an emulator I can't seem to get that to work. It is a PROGRAM file, and I can save it to a .DSK file, but I can't load and run it. Both the PROGRAM and DSK are named CENT and doing any combination of DSK3 and CENT, or DSK3.CENT won't work.
  9. Hey all, I haven't been using my TI much as of late, and I wanted to get back into things with a nice game of centipede. I don't own the game, but I have a ROM of it and in the past was able to play it using the editor assembler cart along with my nanoPEB so that I could assemble and run the game from my CF card. Unfortunately, I cannot remember how to do it now. Everything is set up, I have the editor/assembler diskettes on the CF card as well and they are working just fine. I can load the assembler and everything, I just can't figure out how to get this centipede assembly file working. From what I remember I need a .DSK file, and to copy that to the CF card, then I need to mount it on the TI into disk 3, then I need to call something like DSK3.CENT, but that doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas?
  10. Wow, this method works so well. Thanks so much! This is definitely what I'm going to use
  11. Wow, thank you all so much! I love how fast getting a response on this forum can be. I wasn't expecting anything until at LEAST later tonight when it would be later on the West Coast. I'll try these methods out and figure out what works best.
  12. Hey all, I'm trying to make a really long program, so instead of actually wasting all my space with one program I have several programs daisy chained together in extended basic. So far I've had no problems, but things would be a lot less tricky if I was able to send variables between the programs. From what I understand, whenever you start a new program, the variables are all wiped to zero, but you can save values in specific locations on the expanded memory (like 8199 or something like that). I also believe that you are supposed to use (in some combination) init, load, link and/or peek in order to do so, but I cannot figure out how. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  13. My only issue with using RXB is that I want to be able to run my programs on my actual hardware and let other be able to run it on actual hardware easily. It seems like RXB is like another cartridge?
  14. How does one go about using that? ahah
  15. Hey all, I recently got a Wico Trackball for the my TI and I was wondering what games are good for it. After doing a quick google search it doesn't seem like many people use it or at least write posts about it. I've only got to games at my house (I'm on vacation right now): TI Invaders and Parsec. I thought TI Invaders would be awful with the ball, but it actually makes the game shockingly more accurate (at least compared to the default controllers) I figured that Parsec would be amazing with the trackball given the full 2 dimensional movement (x direction and y direction) but it really isn't good. I can't move up and down fast enough in that game to dodge enemy fire. Any suggestions? I know centipede would be really fun, but apparently its pretty rare.
  16. This is super cool, but I can only get it to work some of the time. Do you know why that might be? Sometimes it loads up no problem, other times it says that it can't find the subprogram "sload." Have you had this issue too?
  17. PERFECT! That worked great! Thank you so much!
  18. Hey all, I just got the editor assembler cart with the manual. However, I do not have access to the diskettes. Does anyone know where I can find a link to a .dsk file of the files on those disks that I can run off of my nanoPEB? Thanks!
  19. Thanks, I just picked up extended BASIC, and I'm also trying to get a hold of the Editor/assembler and start learning assembly
  20. Hey all, I just acquired a side car floppy drive, but I don't have a 32k RAM expansion for it and I'm looking to mess around with assembly language. I do however have a nanoPEB. Now, as silly as this may sound, would it be possible to set up the floppy drive, AND the nanoPEB so that the nanoPEB would act as the 32K expansion, or would having the 3 emulated floppy drives and the real floppy drives make something go wrong? In addition to that, now that I have a real floppy drive, what are good floppy disk games out there? Thanks!
  21. I was just curious if any of you 99ers had any experience programming on TI's calculators in addition to the 99. It could be because of my age, but my friends and I held these things dear and made all sorts of fun things on the calculator version of BASIC in high school. I'm curious to hear what y'all have to say!
  22. I don't have any physical floppys, I'm more just really into how cool old storage media is. I LOVE using cassettes to store BASIC code, and I figured having a real floppy would be pretty fun too, but since its so expensive to aquire a drive I'll just go the more modern route
  23. Haha, it seems like everyone is out west. I'm all the way over in Massachusetts, but thanks for the offer. Its looking like I'm probably going to go for a nanoPEB
  24. Yup! I read through the whole pinned post and no I do not have a PEB. They go for so much on eBay right now
  25. Hi all, I'm looking into getting a floppy drive for my 99, but I don't want to break the bank for one. Is there anywhere (or any other type of drive) that I could get? What are all your suggestions? Thanks!
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