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  1. Thanks @Stephen Moss that explains it!
  2. Hello masters of Atari hardware, I have had a product idea that's been kicking around in my head for ages, and I wonder why no-one has built this product. Perhaps you can offer some insight? Scenario: a product that enables me to play h2h Atari games on real hardware on a real CRT where the other player doing the same thing, but over the Internet. I was imagining a bluetooth device you could plug into the DE9 on the back of the Atari that syncs with an app to send/receive control inputs from the other player, who also has one of the same on the other side. Video/audio is outside the scope of the product and is well handled by other solutions: Point the camera at the screen and use Teams/Zoom/Jitsi/Facetime/etc. Why does this not exist? Ed
  3. @-^CrossBow^- your kind help inspired me to push through and make a video of the installation. Thanks again.
  4. Hello @batari, just wanted to make sure this didn't get lost in shipping. Any status on order 650602503 ? Thanks, Ed
  5. Hello @batari, does this mean the Harmony cart supports Supercharger games? I just bought one now that @-^CrossBow^- helped me complete my AV mod on my Jr. I am looking forward to playing four way party mix for Ferg's podcast.
  6. Gentlemen, thanks for your help. It works now! You made my day! Ed
  7. Thanks for the thoughts. I will move the red wire from the collector to the emitter and report back. I had never heard of a UAV before. But I found this excellent video here. As this is my first attempt at modding, I am glad to see the endorsement in the video of choosing a cheap simple mod first. If I am able to get this going, maybe I will get another system and try the UAV mod with it. Thank you so much for coming along for the ride.
  8. Do you offer AV mod analysis services?

  9. That would be ideal. Yes, I am at the step where you are supposed to adjust the pot, but because the video doesn't work I can't perform that step. I would love to be able to send it to someone to take a look. I'm attached to this hardware as it's the same unit I had from childhood. As I showed in the YouTube at the top of the thread, the audio works, and there *is* a video signal. Do you have a recommendation for such a person? I was willing to spend $60 on an auction (but was outbid), so that gives a pricepoint. Thanks? Ed
  10. Hello everyone, given that my AV mod failed, I would like to buy a pre modded jr. Rather than just going on eBay, I would like to ask here. Does anyone have a recommendation for how to buy a pre modded 2600 Jr that would benefit our community?
  11. Absolutely! Thank you for your prompt response. I will post what I have, but I fear a synchronous Zoom or teams or Google meet session will be what I really need. You cannot see the A3 next to the TIA, but I would think that's okay given that the audio is fine. I have a multimeter, but I really don't know how to use it to diagnose the problem. In any case thanks for anyone who replies to this.
  12. Hello fellow at Atarians. I tried my hand at installing the AV mod on my original Atari 2600 jr. After wiring everything up I observe that the video does not work. Has anyone here successfully done this mod? Perhaps I could get some hand-holding in the form of a zoom or teams or Google meet session. Attached is is a photo of the actual mod kit board I used. I expect it is just crappy soldering on my part. But before I go and undo everything, I would like to have some reassurance that there isn't something else I've done wrong. These are the specific Instructions I followed. https://vintagegamingandmore.com/installation-guide-jr/ A little help?
  13. The Christmas Spectacular episode is out! I haven't even listened to all of it yet. I'm saving it like a box of chocolates. Ed
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