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  1. I'm glad you mentioned this, I made a one digit typo in my post. Unfortunately I can't go back and edit my mistake, but it's SW-4621-5929-3497
  2. Certainly, along with TPA and Stern.
  3. SW-4621-5929-3497 Mostly play pinball games and retro releases, would love to have some others to compare high scores with.
  4. Both of the original Xbox Battlefront games are backwards compatible with both the 360 and Xbox One, so there's that... I can't speak for the 2nd one, but I bought the first one a year or two ago on sale along with all the DLC for like $5 USD. For that, it's worth it. Not many people play it online anymore, and the way the DLC maps are splintered from the base game you'll likely never use them. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the original games, but for a fiver I couldn't argue against it. Too many game types that nobody plays, gameplay is too grindy, vehicles are few and far between compared to the originals.
  5. You are correct. Also the Tototek SMS/Mark III converter works as well. I had a pre-order launch model that eventually died within a year or two and it didn't have very many hours on it at all. The rechargeable controller battery also leaked out all over the unit while sitting in its cradle which might have caused the issue. Found a cheap used one and still have it plugged up but don't use it much at all. I like having an automatic per cartridge save state, which is a big deal for high score games, and I also like the simple and easy any controller/any system setup. If being able to use the original controllers (and freely swap setups with ease) isn't an issue there's little reason to pick this versus any other Android or Linux device with a small footprint.
  6. Are you sure about that? Looking at it side by side with the other cocktails it appears to me to be the same 4:3 monitor size as the rest.
  7. So what the hell exactly is going on with that SFII cocktail? A vertical 4:3 monitor playing a horizontal game, smooshed to half it's intended height?
  8. I've had the same problem, I just bypassed the blown fuse and ran a wire straight to the point on the controller port.
  9. Silly question probably already answered elsewhere, but there is no way to get this to save high scores in MAME games, correct?
  10. For older, launch-title simplicity I'd say either Choplifter or Black Belt. Both are graphically impressive titles that are far beyond anything on the NES at the time. Following those two would probably be Kenseiden; nice tunes, colorful visuals, solid gameplay, and a distinctly Oriental flavor.
  11. It's hard to get excited about this thing when Sega themselves have devalued their own properties so often. Having 3/4 of the included games being the same old stuff is one thing, shoving a 3 button controller on Westerners that nobody wants is another.
  12. 2-3 weeks ago I noticed my local Walmart had these reduced to $199.99, had 5 units in stock but only 2 different titles (Tempest and Galaga). I decided to keep an eye on them to see how deep of a price cut they would eventually have. Walmart in the next town over had them priced at $200 even and had the same units along with a SFII cabinet. I noticed today both stores have more units in stock, and have raised the price on all of them back to the full $299.99.
  13. Do you still have your original SD card? If it's an authentic board and you don't have a backup of your original signature file a replacement image won't work.
  14. I really like the way they implimented the control scheme for the rotary stick shooters, especially on the DLC games (which has one slight tweak). Beast Busters' light gun cursor though? Yeech. Having the recticule Auto center and relying on hair sensitive analog controls makes me not want to play it at all.
  15. Buyer could have just snapped your cart in half, claimed it arrived broken, then stuck you with a return. Count your blessings and eat the loss.
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