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  1. Now that we have the answer, what was the question? I'll have to go back and read the books I guess.(bad Douglas Adams reference) I am really looking forward to the Forti-2.
  2. You are not the only one!
  3. I don't want you to lose focus on Tilda, but I agree Metroid would be amazing! I'd like to see TImpest also.
  4. Onlyoffice is free and reads office files as native format. It has done a good job for me when I brought in word files from work.
  5. At whtech there is a press.dsk under word processors. Is this the Press you are referring to? There is a manual as well that really makes the software sound great. I think maybe RXB said he has the source?? Edit:beta, not source.
  6. Wow! This is beyond what anyone could have reasonably expected. I mean RXB has been dreaming of something like this, but I can't imagine that anyone thought it would happen. I am really excited!
  7. http://ftp.whtech.com/Cassettes/ There are some wav files in the mini mem directory at whtech. I don't know if they would work or not.
  8. Turboforth works from the FinalGrom which is the successor to the Flashrom. I don't have a Flashrom, so I can't help you out there. If it's possible, the regulars here will be very quick to respond! I'm pretty sure you need the 32k expansion as well.
  9. The flashrom github page will answer your questions i think. Some ROM files do require a 32k expansion. The fg files refer to the FinalGROM cartridge from the same person who developed the FlashROM. https://endlos99.github.io/flashrom99/
  10. Probably won't be able to go, but I sent payment to help out. I figure this event will be documented, so I'll benefit if I get there or not.
  11. I have 5 silver and two beige consoles. Right now, my favorites are the silver ones, mainly because the FinalGROM works with them.
  12. I recently picked up five 4a's on Ebay that had issues. Two were key board issues that were easily fixed. They were missing keys. One was fixed by taking a key from the other keyboard that was missing keys. The second one was fixed by replacing the keyboard from one of the non-functioning keyboards. I also had to replace the internal power supply in that one. One was listed as having a bad cartridge port. Cleaning the port was all that was needed. One of the other ones had a bad internal power supply. Replacement fixed that one. The two bad power supplies had different voltage readings. The first read -5v, 12v, gnd, +3.6v. The second read -5v, 12v, gnd, +11v. I also had a problem with the 32k sidecar working on 3 of the consoles but not on one. That ended up being operator error on my part. There is a switch on the sidecar that switches between the ti for power and an external power supply. I had it set to external but had no power supply going to it. Apparently there is enough voltage leakage to somehow power the sidecar regardless of switch position sometimes even through the speech synth. I am still working on fixing the last one from that lot but I ended up better than I had hoped to when I bought them. Hope this helps!
  13. Thanks, Helocast I had seen those- They are a great resource! I guess my real question was about signals and timing. I am a mechanical engineer,so the only thing I know about this electrical stuff is to try to keep the smoke in the little wires. Right now I'm up to five of my seven 4A's working. I have one QI and four silver non-QI's functional. I have two non-QI's, one biege and one silver, that beep with a continuous tone and present no video signal. They have different sounds. One has a deep sound at start that changes if you turn the computer on and off quickly. the other has a high pitched sound that stays constant when you turn on and off. I have swapped out the groms, video chips, and the sound chips between the two. I have not tried to swap chips from one of the good boards yet.
  14. Interesting! Chipwise, how different is the QI from the original board? So far, I've noticed differences between the two types that affects the FinalGROM and the unpowered 32k(sometimes), so I suppose that the cartridge port and the expansion port are both treated differently by the Q? Did I see that the 99/8 also couldn't use the FG? Timing Issues?
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