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  1. Yeah, but I stupidly thought it was funny. Looks like I went too far. I’ll try to be better in the future.
  2. If there are no stupid questions, what do stupid people ask?
  3. I work for the Navy. We still test stuff to a one meter drop. It is supposed to simulate a drop off the edge of a table. Most of the stuff I test is dropped in five orientations and I usually just drop the same unit five times. It has to be safe to handle and use. We do a 10 meter packaged drop in which the item has to be safe to dispose of.
  4. I had a similar issue with mine. The FG works with original and V2.2 roms on original boards but not QI system boards iirc. One of my beige units came up as 1981 but somehow had a QI board and wouldn't work. The LED issue and the reset does sound like a bad board though.
  5. Do you think it would help using a smaller diameter nozzle? I’ve had some success at the expense of speed using small diameter nozzle on thin walls.
  6. I was going to “where was the love for Zero Zap”, but then I found it in the second version. That global pandemic game sounds cool but nobody would believe it. I prefer a realistic game like Munch-man. seriously though, this thing could blow up enormously (in a good way) if you include the new stuff.
  7. I have 1 setup and 7 total. 2 of those are screechers so 5 functional. I will be retiring in a year and a half and hope to fix the two screechers then (or sooner if time opens up).
  8. Did Cars and Carcasses get converted? I have memories of loading that in via cassette back in the day and if I remember it correctly, it would be quite challenging when compiled. Sorry if I missed it somewhere.
  9. I think you nailed my point🙂! The OP was trying to run demo which should have been runnable without the cartridge. You and Senior falcon then explain that to develop the programs, one needs to write assembly. Thanks for saying it much better than I! And senior falcon’s clarification should help the OP when/if he wants to develop in playground.
  10. I must be missing something. Playground programs run from console basic. Is this an attempt to convert to regular assembly?
  11. Is the scratchpad limited to 256? I seem to recall that it could be expanded but I don't know if there would be a benefit to doing that. Although, if you had a larger scratchpad, that might make Playground more interesting.
  12. I have been looking forward to this game for quite a while. I would consider the purchase of the material as an investment in encouraging people to do this lind of massive development. Plus, it looks fantastic. Put me down for one. I know you won't be making a lot of money, if any, from this, but a few dollars can go to show our appreciation of your efforts
  13. I got something September 28 saying I am on the list. That was when I indicated my interest. Nothing since. on the web page it didn’t say what shipping was to North America. Any idea?
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