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  1. Thanks for the info! I’m really excited to get back to FORTRAN- it has been a long time. I would like to try some programs in different languages to gauge size and speed of the compiled program. I’ve got a bit of a learning curve ahead!
  2. Sorry if this was asked before, how does the speed of the compiled program compare to other languages like c99 or xb(compiled)? (Edit) I’m not asking about a specific program on this thread, just in general, how does FORTRAN compare to the other commonly used languages in speed? I knew there was FORTRAN for the TI but I didn’t realize how complete it was.
  3. I quite enjoy reading ninerpedia. I seem to find myself consulting there and mainbyte and Thierry’s page frequently. And whtech as well. Thanks to everyone who maintains those and all the other sites devoted to our hobby.
  4. Thanks! My boys moved the task bar over last week and I was seeing something similar- I didn’t connect the two until you said that.
  5. I have a Craig LCD that was in my parents camper when I bought it from them. It accepts composite input and displays beautifully with upscaling or HDMI conversions. The letters show up crisply and the colors come through like they are supposed to. The text based games look amazing on it compared to my previous video solutions.
  6. Thanks! Unfortunately, when the program runs from minimem or minimem+ it is just gibberish flowing on the screen. Believe it or not that is progress. If I run from XB (there is a LOAD file in the disk image), the program starts but says a Supercart is required and to start from E/A option 5 with filename DSK1.LEATHGODDS. There is no option 5 in minimem, so I used load and run. I also tried run. Sorry Weird, i didn't see your second reply before posting. That explains my result. Thanks for your efforts!
  7. I guess I don't know what I'm looking for in the FG. I've got the latest image loaded from whtech. I've looked through the dev folder and I don't see a Supercart choice on either page. Ditto in the tools folder. What should I be looking for?
  8. Is it possible to play Leather Goddesses from a nanoPEB and a Finalgrom? I was hoping the Finalgrom would take the place of the supercart.
  9. Help! I am trying to copy a DSK image that I downloaded from WHtech. I am using TIdir. When I copy the file from the hard drive to the CF, I choose a volume number and hit copy. The progress bar progresses but when it is done the volume label is blank and there is nothing showing in that volume. What am I doing wrong? I got one volume done after several tries (I don't know what was different about that effort), but no joy since.
  10. That looks amazing- I really need to make it to the event sometime. Thanks for the info! I was hoping Fabrice would have his Ti (ny) done, then there is this or stay totally retro-original with the PEB- so many options!
  11. Looks like I'll have to invest in a SAMS card😆... and a PEB. Too bad for me there's not a SAMS version of the nanoPEB. Really amazing looking!
  12. My prayers are with your family. My mother had the same surgery 2 years ago to correct NPH and it was a miracle for her.
  13. Welcome! I would say that that there is a lot of utility in getting a Final Grom. It greatly reduces wear and tear on the cartridge port and gives access to lots of great programs easily. Just make sure you don't have a QI version of the console.
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