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  1. Thanks! The reason I asked was jrhodes mentioned finding blank disks. I was wondering if they were truly blank or if they were just formatted differently than the computer he was using was expecting.
  2. What would a ti disk look like to a non ti OS or disk system?
  3. So to be clear, you are saying it is unclear,🥴
  4. I am retiring in two weeks and hope to set up a retro computer room at home. I have a couple of qi and several original 4a's that I can test in then. This was a fantastic effort on your part. Thank you for your hard work!
  5. This is buttful, er, I mean beautiful!
  6. I have never heard any recordings of forti output. Is there a resource where I could listen?
  7. I believe that listing deserves a comment but I am at a loss for words.
  8. I think it would be 7:30 for you if you are on Pacific time. Chicago is on central and I think there is a two hour difference.
  9. Well, my wife is with me so I'll have to stick with the non-whorehouse attractions.😉
  10. I am not a programmer but I couldn't see where you defined DEF$.
  11. My family and I will arrive Friday afternoon. I will probably be the only one attending events.
  12. Thanks! I'll keep an eye here. I'm really looking forward to this!
  13. I have booked for Friday and Saturday. Is there any gathering on Friday? Not looking to push my in to any reunions, but I would like to meet some of the people I've interacted with on this forum. Also, I'm assuming there is no preregistration required for the fair?
  14. You mean there is misinformation on the internet? Someone must inform the authorities! Sorry for the false lead.
  15. https://www.datasheets360.com/part/detail/tms2532a-35jl/1033942136506325968/
  16. When I first got my Finalgrom, I only had a working QI machine. The FG didn't work, but as I tried it over and over, I occasionally could get several levels deep in the menu and once, just once, I got a program to run. My first thought was that I was doing something wrong, but then I was set straight by others on the forum about the QI and bought several nonQI machines. As I've thought about it over the years, I have come to the belief that it is a timing issue. Just passing my experience on the off chance that it helps.
  17. Yeah, but I stupidly thought it was funny. Looks like I went too far. I’ll try to be better in the future.
  18. If there are no stupid questions, what do stupid people ask?
  19. I work for the Navy. We still test stuff to a one meter drop. It is supposed to simulate a drop off the edge of a table. Most of the stuff I test is dropped in five orientations and I usually just drop the same unit five times. It has to be safe to handle and use. We do a 10 meter packaged drop in which the item has to be safe to dispose of.
  20. I had a similar issue with mine. The FG works with original and V2.2 roms on original boards but not QI system boards iirc. One of my beige units came up as 1981 but somehow had a QI board and wouldn't work. The LED issue and the reset does sound like a bad board though.
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