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  1. @bjbest60 - I recently stumbled upon your post here. Are you still interested in the Public Brand Software catalog? I have one that I could scan for you.
  2. Tonight at my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I bought Legends Flashback Blast, Bandai Namco Flashback Blast, Midway Classics Vol. 1 plug-n-play, and Ms. Pac-Man plug-n-play. I've read the crappy reviews on all of them, and the reviews are justified, but I paid only $3.20 each. They were on clearance for $4.00 each, and with the BBB coupon, it knocked 20% off each. I could not get the sound to work in any of them unless I plugged them into my older TV. None of my modern TVs or computer monitors would produce any sound.
  3. Thank you. Everything is working for me now. I appreciate all of the work hard work posted here and the help users provide.
  4. Thank you for all of your help. I have done what you suggested, but perhaps I don't have my bios files named correctly. Can you please give me an example of what one of yours is named? Thank you.
  5. I cannot get the Sega CD games to run. My files are located in the GAME folder. I have removed all of the spaces in the file names, and I have updated the .cue file to point to the correct .bin file name, but my Sega CD games do not load. Can you offer any suggestions? Thank you.
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