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    The hbios PAL50 file isn't being accepted. Message on screen 'unrecognised file type'
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    Hi Batari. Any help would be most appreciated. Just one thing to note is that when I put an ordinary cart in the console everything works fine on the new TV which is PAL60. We don't run PAL SECAM in Australia, hence my initial hunch, but more than happy to try PAL50 files. Can you include a quick how to in regards to updating through the menu?
  3. Hello. I am in Australia so run PAL hardware/software. Was using a CRT TV with my Harmony Cart no problem, but now when I try using it with a new digital TV I get a message that the AV channel is running SECAM and the screen appears as in attached photos. I thought I might need to update the driver on the Harmony Cart itself but when plugged into my PC the Harmony Cart isn't recognised. I have followed all previous driver update steps but no luck yet. Anyone else come across this problem using PAL digital TVs before?
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