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  1. There is no way I would pay $200 for a keyboard for a Mega ST, I Only paid $260 for the Mega STE I bought recently and that included a keyboard. I know the Mega ST keyboard is supposed to be nicer but I see Megas going for decent prices with a keyboard. The same thing is happening with prices on Amiga keyboards too, just have to wait for a decent deal and grab it as soon as it lists. I see lots of keyboards being parted out with individual keys getting sold too, I really hope people are not just buying working keyboards to sell keys one off.
  2. I hate Windows 10, I just like that people are stil making new software for old computers or to emulate old computers. I never bought Gemulator but I remember seeing and Talking to Darek at the old Atari computers shows in California.
  3. The big box Amigas, like Ataris higher end models could use video cards for higher resolutions, the software market was gone for both Atari and Amiga and the PC market steamrolled over everything else. Mac only survived because Microsoft saved Apple back in 1997, now Apple is bigger than Microsoft thanks to the iPhone.
  4. He worked for Microsoft back in the Windows 3.1 days, so what. I just was using his softmac program to create a drive image and decided to check his webpage, I saw he is releasing a new version, if you had just looked you would have seen he posted in May that version 10 was coming of all his emulators.. http://emulators.com/secrets.htmNow if you dont care then fine.
  5. I see Gemulator mentioned is this thread, I noticed that Darek is still around and has been working on updated versions of his emulators.
  6. Very cool, always nice to see new stuff to keep our Ataris alive.
  7. I believe you are seeing prices with VAT added for Europe, when I log in it shows a price of $231.23 U.S. dollars. I believe my mist was $192 back when I bought it with about $30 more for shipping.
  8. My brother made a hardware interface for an Atari ST, added stepper motors to a manual mill and built an Atari ST controlled CNC mill. I used to do a lot of flyers for people in Pagestream on my Atari ST.
  9. I had problems with mine when I first got it with one of the Amiga cores on some monitors but the AGA core always worked for me, I have a BENQ 702A and an old Samsung Syncmaster 914V. i also had issues with some other non Amiga cores, Atari ST and Mac core work fine although I sometimes have to adjust screen positions when changing cores. I bought my MiST a couple of years ago and I am not sure what the newer version differences are. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 setup with Ambian and while it is impressive for a $35 computer, it doesnt feel like real hardware to me, the MiST does seem almost like a real classic computer to me. I also have the FPGA Arcade board, it does RTG graphics but it is seriously lacking in cores compared to the MiST.
  10. There was an A600 up on Ebay a few days ago with a buy it now price of $175, I have a couple of Amigas already so I didnt jump on it. I dont imagine it lasted very long.
  11. It was not listed for long, it also shows a bid was placed for the $926 buy it now price, he had at least one other A3000 he sold also.
  12. I never used Ebay before last year, I did look at prices a couple of years ago and it seems they have gone way up. I bought an A500 off Amazon for $39.99 back in August of 2015. I bought an A2000 Ebay last November and paid about $100 more than I wanted to, I set a crazy high max bid because I got tired of getting beat out at the last second, someone jumped the price way up with just seconds to go.
  13. The guy I bought my A2000 from has sold a couple of A3000s for about $900 recently, his machines look great inside and out and have had the battery replaced with a coin cell. Here is one of the sold listings. Prices shocked me too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Commodore-Amiga-3000-Computer-030-25Mhz-2MB-Chip-4MB-Fast-SCSI-730MB-HD-More/332470662101?hash=item4d68cbb3d5:g:v0sAAOSwv~1aIu8G
  14. What I think Atari needed to do was make a push for the schools like Apple did, an Atari ST was a superior machine to the Apple II computers schools were using. Kids would tell their parents they wanted a home computer like the one they would use at school. I liked Federated Group as a store, I understand why Atari wanted a guaranteed distribution chain but they chose to buy into a very competitive business that failed due to tremendous competition. The store that replaced Federated where I shopped also went bankrupt(Silo) and the business that came after that second failed business also went bankrupt (Circuit City) Atari lost a ton of money when they owned Federated, it was a terrible business decision to buy them but it was not like Atari was very well known anyway. Had they pursued the education market they would have had much better name recognition as kids would be begging their parents for an ST. It is also a shame that Atari didnt try and market an expandable system like Commodore did with their big box Amigas, the Megas and TT were nice but they needed a much more expandable machine to target businesses.
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