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  1. Dolphin: 56230 Dolphin Lives: 5
  2. Man, got caught in baby bedtimes and missed last week's post. Swore to practice this week and had only 45 minutes to make this work. Pretty happy with my results. Stampede 1 BB: 2251 Cattle Baron 8 BB: 439 What is this madness?
  3. I had so much fun. Usually play this with the excellent two player hack on this site. I usually use the smart bomb on those pesky purple polsars but this challenge taught me how to deal with them. Looking forward to better scores with smart bombs. Also, it was a thrill to be on real hardware. Found out the reason I was getting so much interference on the RF channel was because the power chord was wrapped around the RF cable. I work in IT...this is embarrassing. 41600
  4. Sir Lancelot 5 things with wings 4 dragons and one "winged horse"...I am going to have to check the original legends on that. I dont think that is why Lancelot is famous.
  5. No time for more practice this week. Ms Pac man: 5430 Pac Man: 2712
  6. I know I cant win this one but I wanted to play since this is such a fun game. Congrats to everyone!
  7. Only half an hour left and I have to go get groceries for the week. I will have to concede. I peaked to early, couldn't even get +4 for this one.
  8. I haven't given up yet. But I will probably need to keep going till the end. Here is my best so far:
  9. I had over 800 in the 1BB and somehow lost the picture. Didn't affect me because so many people improved their score.
  10. Canyon Bomber 1BB: 699 Canyon bomber 7BB: 1000
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