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  1. I know I cant win this one but I wanted to play since this is such a fun game. Congrats to everyone!
  2. Only half an hour left and I have to go get groceries for the week. I will have to concede. I peaked to early, couldn't even get +4 for this one.
  3. I haven't given up yet. But I will probably need to keep going till the end. Here is my best so far:
  4. I had over 800 in the 1BB and somehow lost the picture. Didn't affect me because so many people improved their score.
  5. Canyon Bomber 1BB: 699 Canyon bomber 7BB: 1000
  6. Basketball: 54-50 = win by 4. Hockey: 15-5 = win by 10.
  7. Holy smokes! Almost forgot to post. Dragon: 1694 Pac 4K:13280 Seaweed: 1235
  8. Ooh, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I would wish for better controls and probably no diagonal bombing runs from those ties, but other than than pretty good. Favorite Star Wars Character: Wedge Antilles. Granted, this has a lot to do with the excellent X-wing series of books which flesh out his character more. It is awesome. Some would say even legendary now. Here is my game: Star Wars Trench Run. You play as either Wedge or Biggs (could also see this as a two player game) protecting Luke's xwing. Below the three fighters are three Ties. They fire up at all the rebel fighters. You must avoid their fire and protect Luke's fighter by crashing into any fire that targets him. I am thinking this needs to be paddle controls for precision. Each fighter can take 10 hits but as time passes, their shields will repair. From above, from time to time turrets will fire at Biggs and Wedge. If you press your button, you pull out of the trench run and if you have kept Luke alive long enough, he will blow up the death star.
  9. Might have a chance for one more shot. Here is what I got.
  10. Games that are easy: Air Sea Battle - it's basically pushing one button in some variations Bowling - button and one direction change Kaboom - no buttons even!!! Indy 500 Surround Pole Position Basketball Games that are not easy but my son (4) loves: Bump n Jump H.E.R.O Princess Rescue Zippy the Porcupine Stampede
  11. I would also be interested. I love a good 4 player game. I am thinking some clever new obstacles and maybe an option for special skills. Maybe something like best top speed, best acceleration, highest jumper, furthest jumper. Classic games with new life breathed into them is always a win. If you do betting, might be best to call your own horses place with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd being the only options. Betting on yourself to lose is probably not a good idea.
  12. New score: 62947 Not quite as good as the last one but now with twice as much "not cheating". FYI: I must have hit F1 on stella, F2 is reset. Total accident. Funny thing was, I didn't identify it as a teddy bear. I thought I had unlocked an award ALA Enduro. I thought it was a centepede.
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