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  1. If you still have variables available, you could keep track of the number of hands played. For people who love to get high scores that could drive future play-throughs for a better performance.
  2. If I may suggest a potential reason for fewer downloads on you final product. It may also be that people are waiting until they can get the full experience with a cart release. I know I, for one, can't wait to play 1 vs 1 and Kung Fu combat with family.
  3. Unless some miracle allows me more time, this is my final attempt. Well done everyone! Thank you Vocelli for your work in making this a wonderful experience. 2nd place loser is still a losing battle.
  4. I also made it past 1000. I didn't pass nads but I feel pretty proud of myself. I will keep trying but I this stands as my personal best. 1063
  5. I am glad I was able to repair my 2600 to use actual paddles. 666 #notademon
  6. Well done Lauren, I concede at this point. I don't see anymore points on the table for me. Well played.
  7. I suspected you would be ready with a counter attack. Luckily I thought there were some points left on the table. I will have one chance tomorrow.
  8. Wow, that was hard. I have an improvement for Demon Attack: 17935
  9. I am still working on beating scores. Just havent made it yet.
  10. Al, for those of us who experience the atarivox issue on wizard of wor, will there be a way to fix it on our devices or should we plan on buying another?
  11. I will say that Demon Attack 5 A/A is no joke
  12. Improvement: Demon Attack: 8030
  13. We have doubled our room of doom scores from earlier!!!
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