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  1. Here is my best so far. 27220 Also, the number at the bottom is how many times you have hit the snake. I feel that is useful to know as well since if you can take the snake out before it's shot kills your commando, sometimes that is better than hoping you can make it all across the screen for the save.
  2. Just because I always appreciate the tips people give. Right now I am just over 19k. 1. Pressing the button stops the shield. This is particularly useful when trying to block the energy beam. It simultaneously fires so, while I have never successfully done it you could block and attack in the same movement. When you release the button it will take the current pot level so you can come out of that state really fast or slow depending on how far you've turned the paddle. 2. Bigger implication for points. There is a tone that is played randomly during the game. If you hit the snake right after the tone you will instakill the snake and get 10k. Ironically the only time I have done it, I had the audio muted.
  3. Got some time early this week. Might try again later in the week.
  4. Fun week. I've been playing a lot of bowling with my 4 year old. I can't use the method I found for higher score :(. For my it was about making a shot that I could duplicate over and over. Less fun that way anyway. Bowling: 268 Kaboom: 1306
  5. I feel like I could get a couple hundred more points but I am out of time.
  6. I don't think I have ever worked harder for a valid score.
  7. This might help. It is a bowling score calculator. You can test your real work questions. Excited for your game. https://www.bowlinggenius.com/ I input your board-state and it did change frame 2.
  8. Best I can do now. Loved the game but Pneumonia and my term paper are taking it out on me.
  9. Best I can do this week. My goal was to make it through 3 times and I never quite made it.
  10. If you still have variables available, you could keep track of the number of hands played. For people who love to get high scores that could drive future play-throughs for a better performance.
  11. If I may suggest a potential reason for fewer downloads on you final product. It may also be that people are waiting until they can get the full experience with a cart release. I know I, for one, can't wait to play 1 vs 1 and Kung Fu combat with family.
  12. Unless some miracle allows me more time, this is my final attempt. Well done everyone! Thank you Vocelli for your work in making this a wonderful experience. 2nd place loser is still a losing battle.
  13. I also made it past 1000. I didn't pass nads but I feel pretty proud of myself. I will keep trying but I this stands as my personal best. 1063
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