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  1. Ppease include me on the production list. Thanks., Wonder007
  2. Nice protos there.... 😀👌 Are you planning to sell them?
  3. Can't wait. Always have a great time.
  4. Mangia, can't forget that.
  5. That is what I was thinking.
  6. The Monkey Music proto is the first version of the Grover game as documented on the Atari Protos website. The other two protos are the same versions as indicated on the aforementioned website. The Atari 2600 unit and its accessories including the proto carts were owned by Laura so all of the items from the eBay auction are more valuable if kept together.
  7. Hello Everybody, the image below comes from the color palette cart. What do you think? It is the only image that appears after playing around with the joystick.
  8. Yep, I acquired that. I even took it to CPUWIZ's house so that he can have a look at it.
  9. I need to recheck my BitCorp unit to see if there is anything connected to Cat Trax. I know that the seller of the unit I bought a few years ago supplied an ad for the Bit Corp games but it did not have Cat Trax on it but I believe there was other pieces of documentation that was not scanned. I am going to check it out after I finish my remodeling project at home.
  10. Not sure about that in my opinion. I have seen some excellent repro work before. And, this guy in Australia happened to have at least two ultra rare items, not sure. I've also been in similar situations where ultra rare items are offered to me and as I dug for details it ended uo being fake stuff. Just my two cents.
  11. The one that I have is the one that Atari Age used to release the repro Cat Trax game a number of years ago.
  12. Having the only known Cat Trax, in my opinion, the one found in Australia is a pirated cart. It does make sense considering it was found in Australia where many pirated carts have been located.
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