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    Joystick 'fix'?

    Thanks - did finally get a quote for 6 to be 3D printed... quote came to over $200 when tax is added in. For that price I could just order a couple Best Electronics Joysticks.
  2. WesSco

    Joystick 'fix'?

    Any ideas of the 'other places'? I agree that the original plastic seems to be the more durable. I've got a couple Best CX40s, but just looking to replace these parts in others that always seem to either break, or be about to break when I clean them. The way I see it the thin ring was a bad design, and the solid version (green in the link) would've been more durable.
  3. I'm new here so please be gentle I did a search for my topic but nothing really showed up. Does anyone have a solution to the small 'white-ish' plastic ring breaking on the plastic 'stick' core of the CX40 - and other 3rd party joysticks (like Cirka). Right now what I've done has been to superglue the broken area with a generous amount, and then immerse it in baking soda which then hardens it up nicely. I did see a plan online to 3D print a solid insert (HERE) - but I can't get anyone close to me to produce it (probably not worthwhile). Thank you for your help - and again - I'm sorry if this has already been addressed.
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