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  1. Can someone update the link or post the latest version. TIA
  2. Found 3.3 somewhere in the forum. Uses Java. Thanks
  3. I went to the TI99 Forum and the link is dead
  4. Could you provide a link. I have searched far and wide for this and others but it seems all the familiar spots have dead links or the tools just do not work including this website. If you have a copy could you post it. That's the thing about 30 year old system is that the modern tools of today are meant for modern programing. Until I get something it's all by hand like tradition.
  5. I use your editor all the time and I like the 3 tab that you have a screen layout. However, in my opinion, being able to draw within those squares then expand each square for finer details. After that then send all the patterns to the pattern list so it can be output to ASM or C. The way you have it now is too exhausting going back and forth between tabs, no docks for the colors. I am in no way criticizing or ungrateful, I wish I had your abilities and I would make a version that fits my needs.
  6. Bit of a quandary here...So now it comes to THE BRIDGE! I changed the title because it doesn't attract the right attention. In my Adventure clone I am stuck on one of the most ordinary objects in the game namely the Bridge. Mind you it's not the moving through objects, that was the easiest things to solve just by turning off the boundary check. My issue is with the size of the bridge. I have two choices, a) is to leave the bridge thin and just say hey, it's Coleco's limitation or b) make one using the pattern system. I understand they are slower and what not but I wanted to at least try but using the movable object system is almost non existent in the programing documentation outside of the description. I know I used it in SmartBasic with Shape Tables if my memory is correct, hell I don't even know if they were Shape Tables or that was just a feature of SB, no idea what was actually under the hood at a programing level. All that said can anyone give an example of setup and execute even if it is very brief. This would be a tremendous help otherwise I am going to do a third option that I cringe which is chain sprites together. This will work but limits to what I can do on screen being 4 sprites per line. TIA... A few more things and then it is bugs and polishing then release.
  7. I just got back from visiting my 108 year old Aunt up north. Oddly enough she looks like she will make 109. It seems I missed out on the new ADE Pro from John Lundy so I decided to make my own by ordering the parts on Amazon. I have a complete set of parts for 4 units which costs under 90 buckazoids. Hats off to those who make and sell them for $130 a piece. I own two MicroFox VD's which if my plans work out I will end up selling on EBay. I also picked up a Mean Well RQ-50B power supply to replace the printer and all the extra parts to recap my R80 board. Also a new Capacitor tester. So my new plan is to completely replace the second DDD drive space with a drop in replacement that goes off the connectors for the digital data drive. At least the power supply. I looked at the schematics, and I may be wrong, but if I can use that header for the ADAMNet I will do that too. I don't need the data sense or motor control but if it works then it works, if it doesn't it doesn't. I also plan to print out a custom frame and bevel but you get the idea. This stuff is fun. Being it's an Arduino based system I plan on future improvements to use a USB based transfer system being as no one else will and I just think the SD Cards are outdated. Anyway, that's a second project that I will keep you guys up to date on. All my other projects I will be working on. I have 3 other games in the planing stages, 2 have shell outlines. Super Venture with the completed levels, treasures and what not had to be scrapped because Collectorvision wants to release their own version as they own the rights. So I only seen one picture which looked like some 3D where as I just wanted the completed game to match the Arcade. No matter, there are plenty of other games and surprises from my camp that makes us all winners. So anyway, nice to be back home and on my couch instead of driving 18 hours straight like I used to when I was 20. Later guys...
  8. For some reason I can't wrap my head around the 90's and 2000's as being RETRO or Nostalgia. Coleco, Intellivision, Atari 2600, Odysee and maybe the Vectrex but the 90's was garbage glut of Nintendo LJN and the hardest and most unfulfilling games on the Sega Genesis. Maybe I am biased because I was at the birth of it all. I still rock my Merlin and still play my I took a lickin from a chicken.
  9. Thanks, I think I have it now or a basic understanding. When I really take a close look it seems to just be a register that handles one extra step that I can already do with DE or HL. I am really finding out that my only limitations on the Coleco are speed and the tools to create stuff. It would be nice if we had a modern paint program that breaks your image into 8x8 tiles then converts it to assembly language. I looked in MSX forums and around but nothing that will do the job. The game was challenging but in it's final stretch but the title screen and maybe a tune??? Is the most time consuming. Thanks brother....be back sometime next week
  10. Don't feel bad... I have one follower of the game I am making and one that keeps an eye on me looking for me to screw up. Do like I do... Program for yourself and the fun of it. I am over 50, retired, been all over the world and have to deal with infants who think they are all that. Do it for yourself because your not going to make a ton of money or an ounce of respect and power for all your hard work.
  11. This is a basic programing in Z80 question that I hope someone will answer by the time I return on the 15th. All I really know about the IY and IX registers is that they take more cycles but them being index registers exactly why would I need to use them outside of an array or some similar deal. Why even use them unless you run out of other registers... I've seen them used for moving sprites, I've seen them in Joystick routines but I only see them being used just like every other register. Do they hold some special power, can someone elaborate because on the flip side, I can look it up in a Z80 manual but then I have to decipher the jargon.
  12. I see how you set that up but I still have to figure out some timing issues such as when opening my gate animation pauses everything else.  Slowing down the bat flapping causes pauses.


    Either way, I'll fix all those issues when I'm almost at game completion.


    At present I am adding the finer details, title screen, game select screen, audio...  Basically polishing and working on the Super Game level.

    At this point when I look at my comment section it seems that I am the only one that cares about my project so I am in no hurry and I am not under any contract.

    Originally I was contacted from the Coleco License holders about my hardware project.  I think they were just looking for a payout.
    Another back burner deal which is why I asked if you were for hire because I have no time to write the operating system.

    Of course that is another project for another day having to deal with real life.


    It would have been nice if you gave me pointers on my game but we all have priorities.


    Other than that, you are all caught up.


    1. Tony Cruise

      Tony Cruise

      Yeah I got contacted by the Coleco License Holders at some stage too, asking about pricing for me to develop something.  I basically asked them a question about proposed distribution size and they never answered me.


      May have been poking around due to Berzerk, but we have arranged an official license for that now, so I can proceed.


      Sorry I haven't had much time to look at things, family life is still hectic, and I still have some more to finish off on the NES Sydney Hunter game.  Once that is done I will be completely focused back on all things Coleco and MSX :)




  13. I dig this and would like to get one. I have two VDD's from MicroFox and although they do the job there are shortcomings. Personally to do what I want it's just a hassle with the MF VDD's and my emails just to put it frankly is there will be no updates or improvements. So, I have no issue buying at least one of these and use the MF for backups or sell them. If I had a wish list it would be one that you can literally place it in a DDP drive space and plug it in to the DDP connectors. Powered by ADAM and a direct connect to ADAMNET. I really wish I took electronic engineering in school instead of puzzle and game theory. Someone PM me who is selling these things. I seen it a picture on FB but no address or links by someone named John Lundy but I deleted my FB account a long time ago because of their security issues.
  14. You would think making barriers would just be a single line going up and down in Adventure but noooooooooooo. So, me over engineering things updated my barriers to be more wide and change colors per objects in the environment. I suspect that down the road in the A2600 world and limitations this may have been a byproduct and not just to have a gold key and secret dot change the secret barrier to clear but in keeping with my perfection I rewrote a portion of my barrier routine. Now it is just one routine for left and right sides. Objects now change the color which I have to match the original because it seems certain objects have priority. I observed starting out black, I hold the sword so the wall turns yellow but when I killed a green dragon the wall turned green. So, this will be my next focus as well as setting up the magnet to attract objects and more Bat AI. The level select screen has been updated as well. Cleaned up a pile of code so now the rom is back down to 14.9k Anyway, as previously mentioned I will be going on vaycay to see my 108 year old aunt so this may be my last entry for the month. In a dark way, at 108, this may be HER last entry for the month. Next rom release may actually be worth looking at. Cheers...
  15. I want to post a new rom but there is more under the hood than to play around with so I won't bore you. Now up to 16k with 99% patterns, sound place holders and logic. I have yet to optimize, remove redundant test code or fix bugs. Still adding little touches. After all we have to widen lines, have them change colors depending on object carried. Secret rooms from original game. I mentioned in my last post was animating and moving the bat. Well, I have successfully set up the NPC mapping which allows it to go through walls and loops where you can't go without the bridge. The Dragons will use the same mapping within respect to their own paths and AI. So, continued success. Update, merged the maps into the main map which reduced the ROM back down to 15.1k This also saves issues once I get the bridge up and running.
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