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  1. Nice knowing you Albert
  2. Of course...moderation now. You guys enjoy.
  3. It didn't start out as a fight and I don't care who buys their crap. But the more you dig into their system the more you find out how they ripped off the community. Either way, not my dance and As I said I have way much more to do that is more important. At the moment of I have my attorney putting together a patent package because I have a deadline for next years release of the **********. So I'm kind of indisposed to be putting on a show for Atari Age. I don't hear from you much, why the special occasion.
  4. OR...It might be possible that they like to shoot the messenger and it hurts their business model to be called out as THIEVES.
  5. I took that out. It was meant towards Collectorvision. But either way I have way too much else going on to be bothered. Some of us actually have real life to deal with.
  6. This seems to be the end result when calling people out. Is it vulgar language. NOPE Is it personal insults. NOPE Call people out for the truth and you get banned. This was the case for the ColEM area and now the Collectorvison Phoenix Next it will be the Opcode Area. You people are a bunch of entitled, Millennial assholes that can't handle the truth. It doesn't matter the contributions, the help or any other things I do around here but as long as you aren't triggered.
  7. I'm done ranting... I know I will lose cred and I don't want to piss off my friends. In any case, lets hope I don't get banned for expressing what I BELIEVE to be the truth.
  8. Great job.... I am pretty sure that everyone out there is using it for original and physical cartridges and not just a rom off an SD Card. Go for it.
  9. Being as I wasn't there I can't prove you wrong. All I know is I paid for all my dev kits, parts, cases, chips...out of my pocket and I owe nothing to nobody. All source code in Verilog is mine, the operating system is mine....IMPROVEMENTS over products, mine...the new, experimental and prototype CPU and graphics chip 100% mine. The 16 bit bus is mine... Maybe I am just comparing Apples and Oranges and should just congratulate you on your successful nice try.
  10. Does it matter, defend the bullet points. Here is a great article, which IS NOT mine. http://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-collectorvision-phoenix-fpga.html
  11. And there is no argument there. Phoenix owners bought, paid for and backed the project. The usual formula.... Pay yourself a hefty paycheck with backers money and use off the shelf parts with Open Source MisTER cores aside from the F18A. Then sell it for a small fortune despite 50 other products that do a better job. The only thing unique about the Phoenix is the case and that it can use original Colecovision controllers which aren't included. BTW, I say the same exact thing about Opcode...The SGM was nothing but a ploy to use MSX games games on the Colecovision and sell their ports. I'm not mad, jealous or anything of the sort...everyone knows this, it's all across the internet if you look for it.
  12. You are 100% correct, I don't. And neither the Coleco or Atari 2600 cores came from the MisTER project and is just speculation.
  13. I've often joke that you will never see an ADAM version of Phoenix until someone over at MisTER makes one.
  14. Verilog is a pain and by the time I'm done the patent on my life will probably be expired.
  15. Your correct. Sound would still have to have a separate cable like a VGA anyway.
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