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  1. I can see 8bit and lower but i really doubt 16bit. if they do id be so happy. Maybe they can put the gameboy cores on the super nt to give it a more selling point.
  2. what are your guys thoughts and more could be, would be cool for NES, SMS (if a jailbrake will exist). nice that it has 4 buttons on the face but the Gameboy's have 2 buttons, guess it's for the other systems. My wants are..... Link cable support (hoping with real hardware also.) Nice Color Screen Possibly a HDMI output to put on the big screen. would be nice
  3. It's been a very long time. Im wondering if there is any news on a super nt update. Thou im happy what we have now it feels very compleat and some company's don't even put out firmwares like some other company's do. Meh I am hearing he working on a secret new project that he can't talk about. "mega nt most likely" So he busy.
  4. I fixed my post im sorry i ment to put hyperkin and it totally didn't kick.
  5. Thanks guys you guys saved me a bunch. It does rgb without modding right. hyperkin Bluetooth solutions controllers for your SNES and NES on displayed at E3 booth
  6. the super sd system 3 runs everything the pc engine/turbo graphics has. Also runs the cd games more efficient. So will I be good with a regular turbo graphics?. the device does rgb so no mods are necessary. I need to start saving cause i gotta get a mvs with a super gun also. recapping is my mane consurn. i don't really know much places to look. I know a place and they told me they will do it for me if i provide the caps but they're expensive. ALready bought a framemister and all the cables for my other systems.
  7. I need it to attach to the sega cd somehow. Or just be able to play cd games and 32x off a sd card if jailbraked which is already known to be hard and will need better and more expensive hardware. Im kinda happy with the framemister and my rgb genesis thou. I really need turbo graphics in my life i don't own one yet sigh. I love shoot em ups and that system has a ton of them. im saving up for one but I hope a FPGA will take that money by then. it's kinda a costly expense for me after recaping, fixing and that attachment.
  8. He is prob doing something big. Prob that overholl of the scanlines. He did say if he would make a core it would take a couple of months. it's been a couple of months so maybe.
  9. I am waiting on a better version. Hopefully he can bring a fixed version with more stuff working. I hear disk games give a error now or something. I shouldn't be to worried cause i don't play those. I hope he does a fix soon. Thou more games run now cause of the updated mappers. For the ED n8
  10. wonder what analogue is bringing in the next firmware. It's been awile. hopeing for a core soon.
  11. You need to open it up and see what version it is, top right on one of it's sides. If it doesn't play a msu rom then it is prob fake.
  12. I don't think you have to worry to much. Most likly your 1080p is a bit older. So a newer 4k would be better depending you get a brand cause the other specs are just better. 4k tv will scale the image. If you want good scaling stick with 720p setting. It's ether the same or better depending on the tv.
  13. Wondering when you guys are releasing the review units out. I am eager to see a review before my purchase.
  14. As long as there is a way to do it on windows. DOn't want to get another computer.
  15. The likely hood of the special chip snes games to work with jailbreak firmware on a sd card is unlikely. Even the person who made the sdsnes cart is having trouble figuring it out but is working on it soppositely. Then again kevtris is a genius.
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