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  1. Thanks for this guide! I was doing this conversion - from .car to .bin - manually, using the HxD hexadecimal editor, by removing the first line of the file. But using Altirra seems much more easy! Regards. Igor
  2. Bumping because it would be a great shame if this game couldn't be completed! Any news? P.S. Please don't misunderstood me, I don't want to force anyone do to this.
  3. This looks very PROMISING! @shanti77 is a master of the A8, can't wait to try out this game!!
  4. I got the same cable with my NUC, I discovered - from trial and error - that the RCA connectors are laid out like this: yellow - composite video, black - audio (mono), white - Luma signal (Y), red - chroma signal (C). I've had to build a cable to get the Y/C signals from RCA to a standard DIN 4 connector to use S-video.
  5. I think emulation is the way to go if you want to know more about the system. Then, if you're really interested, I would suggest the 576NUC+ as the best hardware choice, considering its small size, new electronics, and good cost.
  6. Peruchi


    I'm trying to run this game on the 576NUC+, but none of the keys work. I understand there is no joystick support yet.
  7. I think that would explain - partially, at least - the "dingy" colors.
  8. These games have that characteristic "made in japan" feeling, very nice!
  9. I am currently using this adapter, as suggested by @tschak909 on the FujiNet Discord chat : It is working with a wired USB keyboard, but I never tried it with a wireless one.
  10. As @Mr Robot stated, I don't have the cart expander board for the NUC, so I can't properly test the 1MB image of the game "Hawkquest". It seems that @playsoft got the right answer to the problem, maybe the file should have a .car extension, not .xex, and an update on the github page would be applicable: I tested on my NUC the original 4-disk version, as mentioned by @Bobo Cujo. I wish I could understand all the machine language code he provided, but, alas, I'm just an enthusiast of the A8, not more than that 😉
  11. The game Spy Hunter from @Mr Robot TNFS server is booting from my XEGS with SDrive-MAX. The two button-thing doesn't work, but aside from that the game runs fine.
  12. I'll try that tomorrow with my XEGS and SDrive-MAX.
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