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  1. From what I've read, this thing is supposed to be plugged in the PBI interface. Anyone who has a XE-line device won't be able to use this (I have a XEGS), am I right?
  2. Hi mr-atari, excuse me for the complete noob question... I have a XEGS running the UNO Cart and the SDrive-Max. I would like to create an .ATR image with your LiteDOS, and possibly utilize it to save some - quite basic - BASIC programs. Could you give some advice in accomplishing that? Again, excuse me if I'm asking some stupid question... Thank You!
  3. Beautiful graphics! This could be a hell of a game!
  4. It all depends on your budget. For me, the simplest solution was to order the UNO Cart from McRorie. But now I've just built the SDrive-Max (or UNO2SIO), which is showing to be the best solution so far. And it's dirt-cheap!
  5. Loading fine from my SDrive-Max to the Atari XEGS. Great game, I`m enjoying it!
  6. Any news about the development of this game? Or is it dead?
  7. If there`s any chance that this device would be produced as a cartridge, I`m very interested!
  8. It would be possible to have this game in .atr format? So that I could run it from the Sdrive-Max with my XEGS...
  9. I've just built a SDrive-MAX to load .ATR's to my XEGS! It was really fun to learn something about the Arduino and the Atari's SIO port! And now I can play more games than I did with just the UNO Cart!
  10. I want to send a BIG THANKS to FifthPlayer, a8isa1 and Mr Robot for the amazing collections they kindly supplied us with. I'm having tons of fun with my stock XEGS loaded with the UNO Cart from McRorie!
  11. That's all very promising! I'm eager to play H.E.R.O. with graphic improvements!
  12. I recently bought five cartrige games from Video61. Lance is very helpful, kept contact with me via email. No complaints at all! BTW, I`m in Brazil, and the shipping was fast and easy.
  13. I wonder if there is some incompatibility between the XEGS ROM and the XL/XE ROM.
  14. No luck on my XEGS with the UNO cart. Can't get past this screen....
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