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  1. Ugh, sorry, I'm a moron. Didn't see this posted before. Feel free to delete this post.
  2. Hi all, I'm usually a lurker here and in the TI-99 forums, so I really hope my first post doesn't break any rules. I was wondering if you'd seen this Indiegogo campaign to produce a replica Apple II case that can house an ATX motherboard and power supply: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/raadition-apple-ii-in-back-retro-computer-case/x/17948111#/ It's been running for a while now and doesn't seem to have gotten much traction. I don't know if this appeals to you since it's not classic hardware, but in case some of you might be interested in making your modern computer look like your classic, I thought I'd spread the word. No affiliation, just a backer. And I honestly don't know how it'll get made without someone being sued, so take that into account. It might be a risky gamble. Still, I think it looks cool and would love to have one as my main computer to confuse my friends.* *Disclaimer: I may or may not actually have friends. YMMV. Void where prohibited, yada yada.
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