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  1. Congrats Bob! So deserving for someone who has done so much to contribute to the videogame community.
  2. Ball stuck on top of bumper! Somehow I bumped the table and got it rolling again. 20190611_121311.mp4
  3. Got the game yesterday. High score on Classic AI with 5 lives. Love this game! Thanks again to all who made this happen.
  4. Payment sent! Thanks to Bob, Al and everyone else involved in getting this game released.
  5. 12 Glow in the dark.
  6. Received mine today. Looks great! Thanks again for making these Shawn
  7. Glad to see you back Bob! Take care of yourself and get better my friend .
  8. Congrats on the new job! Game looks amazing Bob!
  9. So why not just buy from Al and support AtariAge instead of paying more for the same game off Ebay?
  10. Received my joystick a week ago today. Very lightweight and both the D-pad and the buttons are very responsive! Got over 20k on Ms. Pacman and nearly 100k on Robotron using it the first time. Great job DanthWader!
  11. That looks sweet! I want one!
  12. Received mine yesterday, will try it out soon. Thanks to CPUWIZ and tep392 for making this available!
  13. Been playing alot of Millipede, Super Pacman and Donkey Kong. Also alot of time with Ms. Pacman and Pacman Arcade. All of my Activision carts work(River Raid, Kaboom, Keystone Kapers etc), but Pitfall doesnt. I believe Pitfall's one of a few that don't work on the two port 5200?
  14. Everything has been sold. Thanks for your interest and purchases.
  15. Alpha Race has been sold.
  16. All games listed are still available. Thanks for your interest!
  17. Items sold have been removed. Thanks for your interest.
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