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  1. When I removed C109 and added the 2.2 uf capacitor, my printer still behaved the same (not starting or continually advancing the paper). When I removed the 2.2 uf capacitor described in the fix (C109 is also still removed), the printer starts up normally and the paper advance button works properly. I need to test the printing function now.
  2. I'm trying to revive an old 820 I found that had a broken fuse holder. I have replaced the fuse holder. I'm wondering what is the proper polarity of the capacitor in this fix? I am experiencing the symptoms you describe, and also sometimes when I turn the printer on it will keep feeding the paper over and over until I shut off the switch. Sometimes the paper feed button won't work and the printer won't print. Other times the printer will function, at least for awhile.
  3. Yes, I had it set to analog RGB, but no luck. I tested the composite RCA input, and the monitor does function, but unfortunately there must be something wrong with the RGB input. Thanks!
  4. I had no luck in building a cable. Perhaps the RGB input on the monitor is not working.
  5. I'm not using any converters. My understanding is that a DB9 cable with the right pins connected should be plug and play.
  6. I went back to look at the VBXE instructions, and they show CSYNC going to pin 8, not pin 7. I guess I'll try 8 and then 7 if 8 does not work.
  7. I found the pinout for 1084s NTSC, so hopefully that also applies to 1084s-d1. I'll answer back when I have built a cable and tested it.
  8. Thanks for the info. I have DB-9 on both ends, so I don't need the HDA 15 VGA. I use the scan converter I mentioned for a VGA monitor, and that works just fine. I have tried some DB-9 cables I had lying around, but I don't even know if any of them are monitor cables. They are probably serial cables, and I'm just getting a black screen. If I can find the pinout for the monitor, I can make an appropriate cable.
  9. I would like to connect my 130XE VBXE NTSC to a Commodore 1084s-d1 NTSC monitor. I have a female DB-9 connector installed on the 130XE. I currently use a GBS8219 RGB to VGA scan converter, and that is working great, but it must have a different pinout than the Commodore monitor because I get a black screen on the Commodore monitor when using that cable. Does anyone have the pinout for this monitor? In my searching I have only found PAL information so far. If you have already done this and have insight I would love to get your input. Thanks!
  10. Anyone know of an A8 calendar program or PIM that works past Y2K? Has anyone written something new? Thanks!
  11. Turbodos is working great for me. I started this project because I wanted to have one system with real 1050 drives and no modern extras, but I did want the high speed sio for the drives. Everything is matched from the 800XL days, i.e. two 1050 drives, a 1010 cassette and a 1020 printer. The 800XL was the first Atari I ever used. It all looks very cool together. Very nostalgic for me. I have done the same thing with my 130XE. Two XF551 drives with Hyper+XF and an XMM801 printer, so everything matches, but the XE has Ultimate 1MB, VBXE, Stereo Pokey and P Covox upgrades. It is very tempting to install an Ultimate 1 MB in the 800XL Thanks for all the help!
  12. When considering all the power bricks needed when powering an A8 computer, drives, printers etc. I'm wondering if anyone ever built (or considered building) a custom unified power supply? My idea is to build one device that would power the computer and multiple floppy drives (maybe other devices) without all the many power bricks. I'm developing a crazy amount of power bricks on my floor! Just curious what all the BBS veterans, etc. will say.
  13. I should have mentioned that my intended use is a stock 800XL, but I suppose all replies will be interesting
  14. For those of you who have this upgrade, what is your preferred DOS that will take advantage of the upgrade?
  15. I recently installed a P Covox together with Ultimate 1 MB, VBXE and Simple Stereo. I wanted to play some music with Neotracker, and I had a very difficult of a time finding any information on how to use the installer, so I thought I would share what I discovered. I'm using Neotracker 1.8. In the installer program: I needed to set my Covox to $D700 to avoid conflicting with VBXE. I finally figured out that you have to press the space bar on the address field to make that change. Also, if I used the Extended memory as was defaulting in the installer, files would not load. I would get an error 173. I pressed the space bar on the memory bank fields to disable all the banks on the first three lines, and then I could load files after that. I was just guessing that this would resolve a memory conflict that may have been happening. Operation: For the operation of Neotracker there is a help screen when you press "help." Ctrl+L will bring up the file directory. Return to load and Return to play. Space to stop. Shift+Ctrl+Esc to quit to DOS. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone.
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